Ollie Shape-Shifting Chair

This Ollie Shape-Shifting Chair is a brilliant example of kinetic furniture design. From a practical point of view, this chair this chair allows you to save space in your home. It’s lightweight and portable, easy to carry around when you need to. But it’s the shape-shifting feature that takes the cake.

When folded it is as thick as a canvas painting, 2.25” (57mm). Do you see where this comparison is going? Yes, you can hang it on your wall for easy storage.

Its elegant minimalistic design allows it to actually be a stand-in for a minimalist piece of art you’d otherwise have to buy to lighten up the room. 

Ollie Shape-Shifting Chair

The magic, or rather engineering magic, begins when you unfurl it and becomes an actual chair. A good-looking chair, too. Made out of tambour and aluminium it meets industry safety standards and is sturdy enough to support people of all sizes.

Ollie Shape-Shifting Chair

Honestly, this is one of the most interesting pieces of furniture you can find out there. If you get your hands on it, you’d probably spend a significant amount of time unfurling it and folding back, just because you can.. 

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