25 Cute and Useful Gifts for Short People

Short people often become the butt of a joke. Even though it may seem harmless, someone might take offense. After all, being shorter than average sometimes can make you feel insecure. For your small-sized friends, who may have been bullied because of their height, you can cheer them up through gifts!

Making fun of someone because of their physical appearance is inconsiderate. Of course, if you are close, your short friends may not mind being made fun of. Nevertheless, you should not overdo it. Being short can be disadvantageous, and it might still hurt them if you joke too much about it.

Remind them that they are loved through gifts tailored for short people. You should give them presents that include practical items, funny accessories, or anything that can improve their mood. You choose a gift from our list. They are perfect for your petite friends, siblings, parents, girlfriend, or boyfriend.

Gifts for Short Men

Contrary to popular belief, men are sensitive about their height. If they are sad because of their size, to console them, you can get them the following gifts for short people!

1. Custom Bobbleheads Chibi Figurine

Custom Man Bobbleheads

How about giving your short friend a mini version of himself? It will be a memorable gift for him. The chibi bobblehead looks adorable, so it will cheer him up when he is upset about his height. The handmade bobblehead uses non-toxic polymer clay that is very safe as a gift for short boys. The figure will be based on the best photo that you sent. 

2. Custom Wish Jar

Wish Jar

There’s a saying that “not every superhero wears a cap.” And that exactly describes your husband. Regardless of his modest height, he always tries his best. He can be shorter than other men, but he’s perfect for you.

This wish jar will be an excellent gift for short people, especially your lovely man. It contains a mini superhero figurine and a message label. There are five template quotes you can pick. Furthermore, you can also add your own message to the jar. 

3. Car Seat Cushion

Car Seat Cushion

It’s essential to be comfortable when you drive so you won’t be distracted during the trip. Short people sometimes need an adjustment on their seats.

And so, this car seat cushion will be the perfect gift for short people. It allows people to sit higher when driving. It also gives comfort with the full and thick breathable mesh. The cushion is portable, so you can quickly bring it everywhere or move it to another car.

4. Footrest Cover

Footrest Cover

Does your boyfriend spend a lot of time in his office? If so, try to get him this super elegant leather footrest. It will support his legs, especially if he’s not as tall as the other people. The footrest cover comes with two empty inner bags that you can fill with any material you feel comfortable with. Aside from helping with tired feet, it allows short people to sit more comfortably.

5. Portable Basketball Hoop

Portable Basketball Hoop

If you are looking for a sporty gift for short people, this adjustable basketball hoop can be an alternative. The steel pole is adaptable to a height range between 5.5’ and 7’, perfect for the backyard. It’s easy to move with a wheeled base that can be filled with water or sand for a stable base. The hoop is also perfect for younger kids, who are naturally still short.

6. Standing Desk Balance Board

Standing Desk Balance Board

Sitting for too long is not fun when you are working. To spice things up, you can challenge yourself using this balance board. Stand while you are staffing the desk! The board also happens to be an excellent stool for shorter people. 

Furthermore, trying to balance yourself will count as a light exercise, and it is very healthy. Adjust the height and the difficulty by pumping more air under the board’s rubber nubby cushion. We believe that this balance board is one of the best gifts for short people!

7. Adjustable Computer Desk

Height Adjustable Computer Desk

Desks are an essential piece of furniture. You will always need one for gaming, working, editing, or other things. Now, this adjustable desk is perfect for short people. You can modify the height of the table with a simple twist. Furthermore, the desk also features wheels for portability. The frame is designed to fit the side of your bed, so people can do their work comfily.

8. Wall-Mounted Recycled Ski Bottle Opener

Wall Mounted Recycled Ski Bottle Opener

The unique bottle opener will be an excellent gift for short men! It comes in the shape of a wall-mounted recycled sky. In any case, you can mount it without hassles and adjust it to your friend’s height. It also features a can to catch the cap on the bottom. Furthermore, the can is attached with Velcro, which allows you to put it on and off for cleaning. 

Gifts for Short Girls

Petite girls always look so cute in anything, with anything. These adorable gifts for short girls will be great for birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions.

9. Baggy Hoodie Blanket

Hoodie Blanket

An oversized hoodie blanket will be lovely on a short girl. She will look even smaller and cuter! It is as if she becomes the chibi version of herself. The hoodie uses soft sherpa fleece material, giving extra comfort to your cute girlfriend after an exhausting day at work. Because of the baggy size, the hoodie will be a perfect comfy sleeping dress. 

10. Quote Candle for Short Girlfriend

Quote Candle

Being short is not always miserable. For your proud girlfriend, you can give this jar of candles with funny quotes. It uses vegan-friendly soy wax. You can pick one of the provided scent options that portray your tiny best friend’s personality. The candle can burn for four hours straight. She can use it to relax while sipping on her tea or before sleeping.

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11. Sea Glass Necklace

Gifts for Short People

Beauty can come from little things, including your tiny girlfriend. These small colorful sea glasses make a gorgeous pendant to be a special gift for your favorite short person. It’s available in three colors with various necklace lengths that can be personalized to your petite girlfriend. The necklace will be an excellent accessory for your girlfriend’s summer outfit to the beach.

12. Funny Short Friend Mug

Gifts for Short People

If your girlfriend often jokes around about her own height, this funny quote mug will make a lovely gift for her. It says: I am not short. I am just down to earth. Your girlfriend can show it to people who constantly point out her height.

13. Disruptor II EXP Sneaker

Gifts for Short People

Short girls will look even cuter when they wear this chunky sole sneaker from Fila. It is also perfect for your girlfriend, who feels a little insecure about her height. The thick outsole sneakers can boost short girls’ confidence but are still cozy for a walk or hang out with you. 

Furthermore, the combination of sweet pink and red colors with the love pattern matches every outfit they wear. The ‘90s vibe sneakers will make your short girl a trendy, sporty girl.

14. Best Friend Keychain

Gifts for Short People

An ideal friendship happens when you can respect each other’s flaws and values. Hence, this keychain can be an appreciation gift for short girls, especially if she is your best friend. Add your best friend’s birthstone to make it more unique and memorable. The silver keyring uses thick, high-quality aluminum that will last as long as your friendship. 

15. Couple Split Blanket & Sheet Set

Gifts for Short People

Don’t you feel guilty when your blanket buries your petite wife? This split blanket will be an excellent solution for you two. You can buy the split blanket to celebrate your lasting relationship. The soft fleece will eventually make her smile when bedtime comes. You can choose queen or king size, depending on your preference. 

16. Dollhouse Miniature DIY Kit

Gifts for Short People

If your petite friend has an extended holiday to fill in, this tiny house miniature will be a great gift. She will chuckle as she gets the joke, mini house for a short partner. It needs concentration and patience to build the house. In addition, the beautiful replica will come with LED Light and music to make it prettier than another dollhouse.

17. Teak Step Stool

Gifts for Short People

How do short girls grab something from the top cabinet? This stylish step stool should be the answer. Being small can be inconvenient because there will be complicated places to reach. This item is definitely an essential gift for short people.

The wooden stairs provide two sturdy steps with a sophisticated wooden design. The natural wood and color will match any furniture theme, especially if you have earthy-tone furniture. It also will be a great compliment on the side of her bathtub or become a mini potholder in the living room.

18. Bath Time Wine Holder

Gifts for Short People

Having a long bath in the bathtub will be a wonderful leisure time. Adding luxury to your wife’s relaxing time, you can prepare the unique wine holder as a gift. 

It consists of an ash wood base and beach stone holder with BPA-free plastic wine glass. Place the wine holder next to her, so she doesn’t need to move a lot, especially with her cute short legs. The wine glass is dishwasher-safe, on top rack only, providing easy cleaning after her relaxation time.

19. Hammock Chair

Gifts for Short People

The hammock chair is undoubtedly the perfect lazy chair for short girls. She can enjoy her leisure time by sitting or napping on the hammock. Surprise her by installing the hammock in her living room as a gift. There is no need for additional fabric or a chair for the leg because the size will be well-suited for them.

20. Book Support

Gifts for Short People

Are you looking for a fabulous gift for a short girl who is also a bookworm? The beautiful book support with birch wood material could be the one for her! 

It offers a minimalist design with a low height that perfectly matches her short girl look. It will come as four pieces of wood plate that are very easy to assemble. Not only books, but she can also put her favorite LPs, CDs, and DVDs for easy access or decoration.

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Funny Gift for Short Person

For some people, joking could be their love language. Here is a list of funny gifts for short people you can choose to show them some love.

21. Novelty Giraffe Socks

Gifts for Short People

Here is an ironic gift that will make short people laugh! It is a pair of giraffe socks. The cotton, polyester, and spandex combination is comfy for daily wear. The socks are unisex so that you can give them as a present to short boys or girls.

22. Gnome-Be-Gones Decor

Gifts for Short People

Here is another fun gift for a short friend! It is a ceramic gnome being carried away by goblin-like metal sculptures. Perhaps you have mischievously lifted your petite friend just like the gnome. This item is ideal for outdoor decoration. 

23. “I am Not Short” T-Shirt

Gifts for Short People

This t-shirt will complement the previous mug that we have mentioned. Both feature a similar funny quote about short people. The t-shirt is available in three colors with various size options. Moreover, it uses comfortable fabric, perfect to wear in any season.

24. Interactive Toy Grabber

Interactive Toy Grabber

If your friends often get challenged to get things beyond their reach, these toy grabbers can be an excellent gift for short people. A box includes three pieces of grabber. It has unique shapes with galaxy and robot themes. The colorful grabbers will surely steal people’s attention. It can be used as a game tool during special events. 

25. Dwarf Pendant for Christmas Decoration

Gifts for Short People

Calling a short person a dwarf is one step too far and maybe downright offensive. However, if your friend doesn’t mind and find it funny, you can give them this hanging pendant dwarf painting to decorate their Christmas tree. The wood material and classic design enliven the festive season mood

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What are the best gifts for short friends?

Appreciation gifts like the wish jar or quote keychain will be an excellent choice. It will show them how much you really care about them and be grateful for the immense love that comes from their tiny bodies. A practical gift like a footrest cover can be the best gift for short friends, especially those who sit for hours to work.

What are the best and funny gifts for short girls?

The best and most fun gift for short girls will be the quote candle. It produces a relaxing effect, and the label on the jar is super funny. Oh, do not forget the couple’s split blanket. It offers a funny sight of two people sleeping on the same bed with different blankets, yet it will be a blessing too.

What should I get my short friend for Christmas?

The festive season will be best for treats and toys! These fun gifts, such as portable basketball hoops, a fancy DIY dollhouse, and Christmas tree decoration, can brighten your short friend’s day.

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