Easy To Open Lid Opener

This Easy To Open Lid Opener is a simple device that will save you a lot of trouble and pain when struggling with opening a jar or a bottle.

You are obviously familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of trying to unscrew a lid from a jar. It leaves you with hurting wrists and palms even if the lid is still unopened.

You could always try banging the jar on the edge of the table, but that’s just dangerous and doesn’t guarantee you anything.

This simple yet ingenious device is made out of aviation-grade tough materials which make it virtually unbreakable. 

Easy To Open Lid Opener

It is extremely easy to use for opening jars and bottles of almost any size. Just slide it onto the lid, tighten and turn. Save yourself the frustration, pain, and headache with this little guy.

Easy To Open Lid Opener

Additionally, this product is assembled by Veterans and the Disabled which gives them real jobs and life skills.

That is an admirable fact and deserves recognition. 

Easy To Open Lid Opener

Easy To Open Lid Opener

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