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Aura Spinning Wine Glasses

Wine lovers the whole world over will love these new Aura spinning wine glasses that make it impossible to spill your drink.

This elegant, stem-less glass features a top-notch stainless steel ball at its bottom that not only serves to reduce on tip-over breakage. 

It also makes it easy to swirl your wine for optimal aeration and blending of flavors and aromas. It actually allows for more oxygenation than even when one uses an aerating device.

Regardless of the amount of the drink in this glass, its stability is not compromised because the design takes into consideration the weight of the pivoting ball, the angle at which it rests and its resting height to ensure maximum precision. 

Aura Spinning Wine Glasses

The fact that it adheres to regular glass design means that it can be stored upside down like any other glass.

Aura Spinning Wine Glasses

It has its special type of coaster that features a gap for the pivoting ball for easy placement when no more spinning is required.  

Aura Spinning Wine Glasses

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