Reusable Microwavable Smart Notebook

This Reusable Microwavable Smart Notebook combines the satisfaction of making notes on paper and having them available at any time on a cloud service of your choosing.

There are people, who prefer having one notebook for everything, especially students. But when it comes to sharing those notes, the burden of copying, scanning, and sharpening them is just a tad too much.

This notebook not only comes with a free app that will allow you to make high-quality enhanced photos of your notes.

It will also instantly send them to a cloud. Even better, you can categorize them by simply marking a symbol on the edge of the notebook that you can configure to mean “send it my Google Drive”. Pretty neat, huh?

Additionally, when you want to erase all your notes from the notebook and start over, you have to do one thing. Put it in a microwave with a cup of water, set the time, and wait. You’ll get an empty notebook in no time.

That’s something spies would use in movies, if they had spare microwaves lying around. 

Reusable Microwavable Smart Notebook

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