25 Best Mermaid Gifts for Girls

Mermaid, the half-human half-fish creature, is actually very popular worldwide. Different folkloric traditions have their own mermaids. In fact, you can find them in ancient Greek sirens, Brazil’s Lara, Indonesia’s Nyi Roro Kidul, to children’s bed night stories, including Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid’ The popularity has made mermaid gifts become a staple when you want to exchange presents.

These stories are loved by kids and adolescents, especially little girls. Nevertheless, adults also love these mermaid tales. Now, you can find “mermaids” or humans in mermaid costumes all over the United States at popular attractions and festivals. 

So, here we have listed the 25 best mermaid gifts for girls that they’ll love. You can personalize some of these gifts, especially for children under ten years old, as well as for adults who really love this mermaid tale. Some of the items can even motivate them to be creative. Shall we take a look at the items below?

1. Personalized Mermaid Story & Coloring Book

 Personalized Mermaid Story & Coloring Book

This mermaid book will open a new world for the girls as they get to meet their favorite magical mermaids! It features a special page for short messages, and each page has a beautiful design with the customized child’s name both in illustration and text. They get to find out more about mermaids and what they would likely do with the stunning book.

To keep the children entertained, this book also includes educational activities, such as coloring the illustration. Gift-wrapping is also available to make it look proper when you want to make this book as a gift for the girls. 

2. Ocean Candle

Ocean Candle

This ocean candle will invoke your mind to imagine what the mermaid would look like. It uses natural soy wax and is carefully hand-poured into a glass fish bowl. There are 3 scents available you can choose from, including sweet pea, hibiscus, and plum. With these scents option, you can just imagine how relaxed you will be while you watch the beautiful mermaid inside the glass bowl. 

3. Giant Mermaid Plush

 Giant Mermaid Plush

As a mermaid lover, this giant mermaid plush will be the right gift girls will love! From kids to adults, everyone will love this plushie. It’s ultrasoft, so you can feel the fluffiness when you hug it. After all, it utilizes 100% cotton and is available in 4 colors. You can also choose one between 4 size options. 

4. Mermaid tail adjustable bracelet 

Mermaid tail adjustable bracelet

It looks pretty, right? It features an adjustable open bracelet design, so it fits most people. Not only that, it uses a high-quality material alloy that has been silver plated, so it will not easily fade and be durable. This mermaid bracelet is also handmade and easy to pair with your daily wear. Since it clearly features a mermaid tail design, mermaid tale lovers will love this. 

5. Mermaid Mystery Box

 Mermaid Mystery Box

How about sending a mystery box to your beloved ones, especially the mermaid lovers? A surprise is always a fun thing everyone is waiting for! So, this mermaid mystery box will be the right gift for any ocassion.

Choose 1 out of 3 styles you want to choose. Gift-wrapping is available too so that you can give this mystery box more properly. Each box includes a selection of hand-picked stickers, small items such as seashells, abalone, crystals, small charms, and a beachy terrarium in a vial. 

6. Personalized Mermaid Tumblr for kids

Personalized Mermaid Tumblr for kids

Make this unique tumbler yours! This unique mermaid tumbelr is definitely among the best gifts for girls. After all, you can customize it with the receiver’s name with custom font and color. It features BPA-free and is perfect for hot beverages (up to 12 hours) and cold beverages (up to 24 hours). There are 6 unique colors you can choose to make it look prettier! 

7. Mermaid craft kit bag

 Mermaid craft kit bag

Find a little surprise in this little organza gift bag! This craft kit bag is perfect to entertain kids, add new activities for them, or as a little gift. Each set includes a mermaid tail, magnet, brush, gems, glitter, and paints. For mermaid lovers, this box contains entertaining knick-knacks they can enjoy after work! 

8. Ariel Voice Necklace

Ariel Voice Necklace

Remember Ariel, the little mermaid in the fairytale story? Now, you can wear this original Ariel voice necklace too! You can choose the length of the necklace up to 4 options, and there will be a free gift box for the necklace. It is from high-quality brass with 14K gold and is handmade! 

9. The Little Mermaid Decorative Shadow Box

 The Little Mermaid Decorative Shadow Box

Let’s get something new for your home decoration! This handmade mermaid shadow box features pretty led lights when they are turned on at night, a wood frame, layers of 80-pound cardstock, and glass to make it look elegant. You can also choose one power source and frame size according to your preference. 

10. Mermaid Paint Kit

 Mermaid Paint Kit

Another fun activity is painting! This painting kit includes six paint pots with acrylic craft paint, two paint brushes, one laser-cut letter keychain cutout, keychain hardware, 1 accent charm, and perhaps the most favorite one, one laser-cut mermaid name cutout.

You can personalize the laser cutout so that it can print a custom name. Whether it’s for kids or adults, especially those who love mermaids so much, they would adore this gift.

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11. Classic Fairytale Pop-up Book

Classic Fairytale Pop-up Book

Ever find a more unique gift than this one? Watch just how the classic tales of imaginary lands come to life as you open this pop-up book. Each artful book offers a new way into a classic story for its reader. This book is not only offering a Little Mermaid story but also other fairytale stories for the kids. In fact, even the adults would love it.

12. Foaming Fantasy Bath Cupcake

 Foaming Fantasy Bath Cupcake

Bath time can be sometimes really dull not only for kids but also for adults. But, this bath cupcake can add a little fun magic to our bath activity. In the form of cupcakes, this bath soap contains coconut oil, palm oil, oat protein, safflower seed oil, and other beneficial materials for our skin.

Not just these beneficial materials, but the soap also contains an ultimate blend of floral and fruity aromas, such as apple, peach, and grapefruit blended with nectarine blossoms, cherry, and hydrangea. Bath time cannot be more fun than this!

13. Mermaid Lawn Sculpture

Mermaid Lawn Sculpture

This hand-crafted lawn sculpture will make a splash in your garden or lawn. It is made from mild steel, and you can position the three sections of the sculpture to create an illusion that a mermaid is swimming through your landscape. Since it is hand-crafted, it will make an elegant and natural look when placed in the garden. 

14. Gold-plated Mermaid Necklace

 Gold-plated Mermaid Necklace

If the Ariel necklace may be too ‘childish’ for adults who are mermaid lovers, then this is the right option. This mermaid necklace features a minimalist and cute look, stunning to be given as a gift for girls. It is made from stainless steel and as long as you keep it away from chemicals, sweat, and baths, the steel won’t fade away. 

15. I Am 32 Mermaid Journal Book

 I Am 32 Mermaid Journal Book

Who says that a person in their 30s can’t hype over mermaids? This journal book will be the right gift for girls in their 30s, especially when they fall head over heels for mermaids. This journal book will provide a lot of space to make sketches, drawings, or speeches. It is indeed made to meet your needs, whether you want it for home or work. 

16. Mermaid Blankie Tail 

Mermaid Blankie Tail

For mermaid lovers’ kids, this mermaid blankie tail will be the best gift. Mermaid lovers usually imagine in their head how to be a ‘real’ mermaid, so we recommend you to give this blankie as a gift to your mermaid lovers’ kids. Come from the award winning makers of The Original Mermaid and Shark Blankets, this blanket is made with 100% hypoallergenic polyester, so it is safe and comfortable for kids. The unique design allows kids (up to 5ft) to put their feet all the way to the tail. 

 17. ‘Forever A Mermaid’ Typography Artwork 

‘Forever A Mermaid’ Typography Artwork

This artwork is different from the others. It is a real photographic print! Perfect to be given to your mermaid-loving friends who adore mermaids and home decor. Since it is a real photographic print and printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, it can be enjoyed for a lifetime. 

18. Charm Bracelet Making Kit

Charm Bracelet Making Kit

Other than craft and keychain painting, this bracelet-making kit will make a fun and entertaining activity to do for kids and adults. Each kit includes 28 pieces of colored beads, 28 pieces of charm and pendants, crystal beads, one necklace cord, and, lastly, 2 bracelets. Since it is simple to use, there will be no need for glues and tools, so there will be no mess to make. 

19. Mermaid Shot Glass

Mermaid Shot Glass

This item is not for kids, but for adults who love drinks and mermaids. The uniquely-designed shot glasses will make the best gifts for them! It features a clear crystal with a mermaid tail shape inside to make you see the color of your drinks. It is made from high-quality borosilicate glass, so it is very versatile and can be used as a mug or glass for a latte, tea, or beer. 

20. Mermaid LED Craft Kit

Mermaid LED Craft Kit

It’s time to be creative! This craft kit is much different than the other kit. It has several unique charms to be made into a figurine, plastic bowl, mermaid, glue, and LED light to light up a room. This kit will boost kids’ confidence in making their own room decor. And don’t worry if they are lost while they are making the figurine since there will be manual instructions, so no more worries and confusion. 

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21. Glow-in-the-Dark Seashell Necklace Pendant

 Glow-in-the-Dark Seashell Necklace Pendant

This seashell pendant might be one of the most unique pendants ever! It features a glow-in-the-dark technology and is made with gold zinc alloy to give it a vintage look.  This pendant can be given as a gift to girls who love mermaids so much that they can imagine becoming a mermaid themselves. 

22. Mermaid Mosaic Kits

Mermaid Mosaic Kits

Want to inspire the artistic soul in them? Let’s take a look at this mosaic kit. It will come to the receiver with detailed and clear directions and everything you need to create this mosaic artwork. The kit itself includes 1 cup of skin color glass, hair color grass, green glass, gems, starfish, green beads, Weldbond glue, sponge, mermaid cutout, and other tools to make this awesome mermaid mosaic artwork. 

23. Mermaid Tail Blanket for Adults

Mermaid Tail Blanket for Adults

Yes, mermaid tail blankets for adults are available too, so don’t worry! For mermaid lovers, you can enjoy becoming a mermaid too. It is handmade from wool and jersey knit, so it will provide a comfortable feeling when you take a nap or sleep at night. For you who want to give it as a gift, gift-wrapping is also available!

24. Mermaid Tail Earrings 

Mermaid Tail Earrings 

There are necklaces, pendants, and bracelets, so it is only fitting that we also provide mermaid tail earrings in this list! It is made of 925 sterling silver with 18K white plating that will not easily get tarnished. More importantly, since it is made with silver, it is an anti-allergic material. Packaged in an elegant jewelry gift box, it will make a perfect gift to be given to girls or someone important in your life who loves stunning looks and mermaids. 

25. Baby Mermaid Statue with Pearl

 Baby Mermaid Statue with Pearl

You can get this exquisite mermaid statue with a pearl as a home decor gift with mermaid-inspired. It has a bronze finish and it is hand-crafted to make it look vintage and more aesthetic. It will be packed in an elegant gift box, so it fits as a birthday, anniversary, or casual gift for your friends and family who love antique as well as mermaid-inspired things. 

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