25 Stylish and Cool Lunch Bags for Adults 

Carrying a lunch bag with you to the office is an excellent method to save money. Being thrifty is a good way of life for a working adult! The old lunch bag covered with your favorite cartoon character might be appropriate before. However, now you need a grown-up-looking one to carry lunch to work. There are many things to consider when you want the perfect lunch bag. You definitely want a container that can keep your food delicious for a long duration. You may also want cool lunch bags with a unique design so you can brag to your colleagues.

And so, we have curated 25 different lunch bags that will be ideal for adults. Each pack comes in unique designs and features. Let’s check them all out and find the one that best suits your style and need!

1. Washable Lunch Bags


The first item on the cool lunch bags ideas for adults list would be these washable lunch bags. This one is made with washable linen and is fully insulated with compartments on the inside. A matching strap is also included so you can carry it around comfortably!

2. Colorful Lunch Bag


Are you looking for a stylish lunch bag to bring to work? The Recycle Fabric Insulated Lunch Bag comes in a handbag-like design, very handy to handle. It is well insulated and comes in 5 pretty colors. 

3. Insulated Bento Bag


Another interesting item from this list is a Japanese-inspired lunch bag: the insulated bento bag. The lunch bag is very well designed because you can adjust its opening size according to your needs. 

4. Canvas Lunch Bag


The canvas lunch bag has a design that looks like the OG brown paper lunch bag! The appearance is very unassuming, just like the one you would take to school before. However, these lunch bags now come in trendy colors. The canvas material makes them sturdy. But, please note that this lunch bag is not insulated. 

5. Insulated Lunch Pack with Straps


Sometimes taking a lunch bag to work is a hassle, especially if you have so many things to bring. This is why we added this insulated lunch bag to the list. The lunch bag is well insulated to keep your food warm and comes with a strap, so you can carry your lunch easily!

6. Lunch Tube for Adult


If your lunch boxes are round, you should get this tubular lunch bag for adults! Your round lunch box will fit perfectly, and you can avoid food spilling inside your lunch bag. It is also insulated and comes with a strap.

7. Lifewit Large Lunch Bags


Lifewit is known to make some nice-looking adult lunch bags, so you should consider getting one of their products. Their lunch bags are insulated and come in a very sturdy shape. If you are looking for a bigger lunch bag, you can go with this Lifewit model!

8. Newell Rubbermaid Lunch Bags


Another well-known lunch bags brand will be Rubbermaid. The Newell Rubbermaid Lunch Bag will provide you with a professional vibe. Moreover, the bag comes in the right size with compartments for your utensils. It is also well insulated and comes with a strap. 

9. PackIt Freezable Lunch Bags


PackIt lunch bag is one of the trendiest models in the market. It is the only adult lunch bag on this that is freezable. You can prepare your lunch the night before, put it in the fridge, and just bring it to work the following day. It will definitely save you some time! Just reheat the food later with your office microwave.

10. Dagne Dover Large Lunch Box


Dagne Dover is a high-end lunch bag brand. If you have some extra money to splurge on your lunch bags, you can choose the company’s Axel Large Neoprene model. The lunch bags come with an organized compartment and insulated interior. Furthermore, it is also waterproof!  

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11. Insulated Lunch Bag for Camping

cool lunch bags

If you are looking for a smaller lunch bag to put inside your backpacks, you can consider getting this camping stripe lunch bag. It is an insulated lunch bag that comes in a smaller size and simple design in stripes. 

12. Thermal Lunch Pack

cool lunch bags

Simple lunch bags are perfect for working adults. This Follure Clothing Lunch Bag is a simple insulated lunch bag you can take to the office and picnics. The lunch bag will keep your food warm up until lunchtime. 

13. Elegant Lunch Tote

Kate Spade New York Lunch Tote

If you are into branded bags, you will want to consider this Out to Lunch Tote Lunch Bag from Kate Spade. The lunch bag has a feminine feel, perfect for female office workers! It also comes with a pretty beige color and gold zipper. This elegant pack includes good insulation and a simple, sleek design.

14. Fluf Zipper Lunch Bag

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Another trendy lunch bag on this list is the Fluf Zipper Lunch Bag. The lunch bag comes in very stylish colors and designs. It also has a special compartment on the inside, perfect for your water bottle or some ice packs. An elegant lunch bag that definitely will enhance your style!

15. Out Of the Woods Lunch Bag

Out Of the Woods Lunch Bag

The Marten Lunch bag also takes the OG lunch paper bag to another level. It comes in a similar brown color but with added straps and handles. It is also well insulated and spacious.

16. Ecokaki Canvas Lunch Bag

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Many times lunch bags are hard to carry, but this does not apply to the Ecokaki Canvas Lunch Bag. It is designed to resemble a tote bag making it easy to carry around. On the outer part, it has two small compartments for your utensils and a self-adhesive which makes the lunch bag super easy to use.  

17. Igloo Lunch Tote

cool lunch bags

Another option of an easy-to-carry lunch bag from this list would be the Igloo Reprove Avery Lunch Tote. If the previous lunch bag tote looks a little too bulky and boring, you can choose this one instead. It has a trendier look with similar features to the Ecokaki lunch bag. This bag is leak-resistant and very easy to clean.

18. Arimont & Co. Lunch Tote

cool lunch bags

Do you find all the plain lunch bags a little dull? Do you also want something simple with no bold color? The Arimont & Co. Lunch Bag would be the best fit for you. This one comes in a checkered pattern with primary monochrome colors. Furthermore, it is insulated and has a small handle, which is very elegant.

19. Portable Adult Lunch Bag

cool lunch bags

The portable adult lunch bag has a very grown-up and fashionable design. It comes in different shapes, so you can choose the one that fits you the most. The bag is insulated, providing you with a stable food temperature. It also comes with zippers and small handles for ease of carrying.

20. Portable Minimalistic Lunch Bag

cool lunch bags

Are you interested in a lunch bag that comes in an irregular shape? This portable insulated lunch bag might be the one for you. It has a design between a tote bag and a regular lunch bag. It also comes with an adjustable carrying handle and several colors you can choose from

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21. Cooler Canvas Tote

cool lunch bags

If you want a lunch bag with a more fun pattern selection, you can consider getting this cooler canvas tote! It comes in fun patterns but still provides you with a grown-up look. This lunch bag also comes with a handle that makes it easy for you to carry it around to your office.

22. Barbour Tartan Lunch Bag

cool lunch bags

If you like flannel patterns, the Barbour Tartan lunch bag might be a good choice for you. It comes in a trendy design that will impress your co-workers. The compartment inside is well-insulated and has an easy-to-clean interior. Hence, this lunch bag is perfect for single working men.

23. SoYoung Linen Splatter Lunch Poche

cool lunch bags

One of the prettiest lunch bags on this list would be this SoYoung Linen Splatter Lunch Poche. It has a lovely splatter pattern and slingback straps. The insulated interior part could be removed for easier washing. It also comes in medium to large sizes. 

24. Waxed Canvas Bag

cool lunch bags

The cool lunch bags for adults list would not be complete if we didn’t include the OG brown paper lunch bag. This waxed canvas lunch bag has the closest resemblance to the brown paper lunch bag! However, this lunch bag is made from canvas, so it is only for single use. It also comes in three different colors and designs.

25. Bold Red Thermal Pack

cool lunch bags

The last option on this cool lunch bag for adults list is the thermal lunch bag from the brand Cuisinart. It comes in a bold red color, and the shape of this lunch bag makes it a rather unique one, perfect for both work and camping trips. The lunch bag is also equipped with handles and zippers

Final Thoughts

It’s always a great idea to bring your lunch to work or campus. It’s not only cheaper in terms of cost, but we can assure you that it’s healthier, too! But of course it won’t be proper for adults to carry lunch bags with princess or superhero designs, don’t you think? Therefore, the best lunch bags to pick is those with simple design, minimalist patterns and neutral colors that will go well with your office attire of formal outfits. To help you pick the best lunch bag, we have created a list of 25 best lunch bags for adults for you to consider.

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What are the best insulated lunch bags for adults?

From this list of cool lunch bags for adults, the Axel Large Neoprene or the Lifewit would be the ones with the best insulation. Since they come from brands that specialize in making lunch bags, their insulation properties would be reliable and proven tested by their producers.  

What are the best stylish lunch bags for work?

The best stylish lunch bags from this cool lunch bag for adults list would be the Barbour Tartan lunch bag or the PackIt lunch bags. The Barbour Tartan lunch bag is super stylish because of its trendy design. Meanwhile, the PackIt lunch bag comes with complete functionality.

What are the best lunch bags for professionals?

Talking about looking professional, the Lifewit Large Lunch Bagswould be the winner. Its design and color really scream professional and very suitable to be taken with you to work.

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