27 Weird Camping Gear for a Fun and Unforgettable Trip

There are a million reasons to love camping. Some might argue that they can connect more with nature and mother Earth. Others will treat camping as a way to get out of all the stress and distractions at home and work. Whatever reasons you might have, no one can deny that camping is fun! But before you go out to sleep in nature, you need to have some essential items and gear first. If you’ve done that already, now it’s time to buy some more weird camping gears to add some fun to your experience. 

Naturally, weird camping gears are still essential and useful for your trip. If they aren’t essential, it will be just a waste of space in your bag. However, they do have some unique and weird shapes, as well as added functions that will probably cheer you up. Either way, there’s no harm in adding one or two weird camping gears in your bag! 

Small Sizes Weird Camping Gear

People who regularly go out for a camp already knew that they couldn’t afford to pack large items in their bag. After all, small and compact is the name of the game here! If you’re going to buy a weird camping gear, perhaps you should take a look at our compiled list of small sized camping gears below. 

1. Outdoor Safe Smart Wristband

Outdoor Safe Smart Wristband

You can feel very safe if you have this advanced wristband. At first glance, it just looks like some other cheap wristband with a weird design. However, it has an encrypted technology that will store important medical information such as blood type and allergies. Dope, right?

2. Camping Multi Tool

Camping Multi Tool

This is not your regular sextant tool. In fact, you can do a lot of wonders with this particular item. Cracking open a beer? Check. Measuring something and telling time? Consider it done! We guarantee that this small and weird camping gear will kick your experience up a notch. 

3. Survival Card with Flexible Magnetic Strip

Survival Card with Flexible Magnetic Strip

A survival card is a credit card-size item that is really useful when you’re trying to travel lightly. You can store this adorable card inside your wallet and use it during emergencies. The backside of this cool card also has a sticker! Truly one of the most useful weird camping gears ever!

4. Coghlan’s Survival Kit in a Can

Coghlan’s Survival Kit in a Can

Although this item comes with a cute food can, you won’t find any food inside! As a matter of fact, there are a lot of useful and essential items that you can use during a camping trip, like compass, duct tape, waterproof matches, and pencil.  

5. Dehydrated Essential Bottle

Dehydrated Essenttial Bottle

Normally, we should all stay hydrated, especially when consuming water is hard. However, we’ve got a new breakthrough with this dehydrated essential bottle! If you add water into this bottle, you’ll get infinite gallons of water because of the special formula inside, NOT! Of course we’re joking, and you can prank your friend with this bottle while camping!

6. Frosty Beverage Holder

Frosty Beverage Holder

Drinking several beverages is always an essential part in any camping event. It’s only natural that you need to find a safe place to store the drinks. Perhaps a sturdy pipe like this particular item might be the perfect answer for you! It won’t budge despite heavy winds during a thunderstorm. 

7. Rechargeable LED Collapsing Lantern

Rechargeable LED Collapsing Lantern

After you buy this precious lantern, make sure to charge it with any USB port. When in action, you can set this lantern using three different modes, high, medium, and low. It can be considered as a weird camping gear due to the design, but it’s very useful especially because of its water-resistant feature. 

8. Scotch-eyed Wrench Tools

Scotch-eyed Wrench Tools

This is a really essential kit. Inside the weird-yet-awesome cover, you will find useful items like an auger and a handle. It might come in handy whenever you’re trying to drill some holes during a camping activity. 

Useful and Weird Camping Gear

There are a lot of weird camping gears in the market. Our previous category proves just that. However, weird items don’t always mean that they aren’t useful. In fact, we’ve got a bunch of weird camping gear that can be useful for various camping occasions!

9. Soy Camp Emergency Candle

Soy Camp Emergency Candle

We pray that you never have an emergency during a camping trip. However, it’s to your best interest to prepare for the worst using some weird camping gear. With this emergency candle, you’re able to conduct a search and rescue in the event of a missing person.

10. Aquabot Water Bottle Sprayer

Aquabot Water Bottle Sprayer

The function of a normal water bottle is to use it for storing mineral water. It’s really weird to imagine one that can also be used as a sprayer. However, washing dishes during camping might be more practical if you have this water bottle sprayer!

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11. MalloMe Cookware Camping Kit

MalloMe Cookware Camping Kit

Cooking a meal in the wild might be one of the most special things during a camping trip. However, you also need to make sure that you’re able to store the cooking material in a safe place. This weird camping gear might be the answer for that! You can even conduct heat quickly if you’re having some trouble starting a fire in the forest. 

12. Vintage Panini Press

Vintage Panini Press

As a complementary to the previous item, we’re offering you the chance to obtain this vintage and weird camping gear. This item can cook more evenly than aluminum. The best part is: it won’t even melt even in high temperatures. 

13. Wearable Alien Sleeping Bag

weird camping gear

Wearing a normal sleeping bag is boring. It’s time to wear something fun and hilarious during the night in the wilderness. We thought that this awesome sleeping bag might be the perfect option for those of you who are looking for weird camping gears.

14. Portable Camping Lantern with Fan

weird camping gear

A lantern and a fan have their own purposes. One is used to provide assistance during the night, while the other is used to cool the temperature. It’s really weird to see them combined into one item. But when you think twice, the idea isn’t bad at all!

15. Personalized Camp Family Blanket

weird camping gear

Going out on a camp without bringing something cool and weird will seem off. That’s the reason why you should consider buying this cool personalized blanket. When it’s time to sleep with your family members, you’ll be covered by the warmth of this weird camping gear.

16. Wool Sleeping Bag

weird camping gear

Say goodbye to sleeping in a tent, and say hello to this new style of camping! The sleeping bag was made using premium leather to ensure that you won’t get cold during night time. It also has a leather strap that makes it even more stylish. 

17. Tiny First Aid Hiking Gear

weird camping gear

Even when wrapped, sleeping bags can take up a large space. Well, you don’t need to worry about that anymore, because we’ve found this awesome and tiny sleeping bag. It can literally fit on the palm of your hand!

18. Rightline Gear Truck Tent

weird camping gear

Tired of setting up large camps during your trip? If that’s the case, you probably should take a look at this weird camping gear. This awesome tent can fit your pickup truck, and it has a nylon buckle that won’t damage your vehicle. 

19. Personalized Campfire Chair

weird camping gear

Sitting down and burning some meals for your camping trip is fun, but it can be a lot more if you have this personalized chair. Just request to have your name to be engraved on this chair! This weird camping gear is also easy to assemble.

Random and Weird Camping Gears and Stuff

Hold on a minute and don’t leave us yet! We still have a lot of random and weird camping gears to show you. Some of them aren’t as essential as the ones that we have mentioned before, but they will certainly cheer you up during the trip. 

20. Camping Spice Kit

weird camping gear

Who says that you cannot enjoy some good food while camping? With this fun spice kit, your experience will be elevated to a whole new level! You can choose from four to eight jars of different spices available. 

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21. Camping House!

weird camping gear

When you’re going for a camping trip, it’s normal to find practical and small tents. But why not buy one big tent and use it once in a while? This amazing Ozark tent has plenty of rooms and can fit up to 16 people. 

22. Wilderness Navigation Flask

weird camping gear

Our next weird camping gear is not just a common flask. There are other useful aspects to this unique item as well, such as flashlight and compass. This is a must-have item for anybody who loves to go camping. 

23. Multipurpose Rope

Multipurpose Rope

During a camping trip, ropes can be used for many useful things. Bearing that thought in mind, you should probably go ahead and buy this awesome multipurpose rope. It is durable and strong, as well as weather resistant. 

24. Multitool Camping Gear

Multitool Camping Gear

Even though this kit has a weird shape, you shouldn’t underestimate its purpose during a camping trip. This multipurpose item can be used as a hammer, nail claw, wrench, flat head screwdriver, and many more!

25. Camping Dining Set

weird camping gear

It’s hard to imagine a camping trip that uses a normal dining set. However, if you want to experience a “classic fine dining experience” in the wilderness, then you probably should consider this cool item. Don’t worry, these items are all durable and fit perfectly for a camping trip.  

26. Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

weird camping gear

You’re probably thinking: what’s a fishing pole got to do in a weird camping gear list? The answer is simple: this item is not used for fishing. Instead, you’re going to have fun using this item to cook some food in the bonfire!

27. Solar Inflatable Lantern

Solar Inflatable Lantern

Light up your tent using this fun and weird camping gear. You can also select from up to nine different lighting colors to accompany your bedtime. If you like the idea, add this into your cart ASAP before the stock runs out. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What to give someone who likes camping?

Giving basic camping gears to someone who likes camping is not a good idea. However, weird camping gear is another thing, because there is a huge chance that they haven’t had one! We really recommend you to buy a fan and lantern portable set or the water bottle sprayer for your friend. They’re both weird and useful items for a camping trip. 

What are the best weird camping gears?

There are a lot of weird camping gears that you can buy for yourself or your friend. For starters, this cool fishing pole roaster seems to be a fun idea during cooking time. If you want an alternative, we highly recommend you to consider the cool truck tent made by Rightline. It is the perfect tent for those of you who don’t like to set up tents!

What is a must have for camping?

Let’s forget about the weird camping gear that we’ve been talking about, because you also need to know some basic and essential items for camping. Water bottle, compass, and first aid kit are some of the most common things that you shouldn’t forget. Besides that, you also need to bring a sleeping bag or a tent, as well as flashlights. 

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