25 Best Lamps with USB Ports to Light Up Your Home

If you’re looking for multi function lamps that can light up a certain room at home or office, then lamps with USB ports might do the work for you. Instead of being just a regular lamp, this type of lamp can also act as a charger pot for your gadgets. Lamps with USB ports is believed to be more energy-friendly, which can also be an alternative to charge your smartphone, laptop, or other devices that connect to USB.

If that’s not enough, this kins of lamp can also be a nice decoration to your room. Simply choose lamps with unique or artistic design, and place them in any room you like to add a decorative touch to it. Choosing the best lamp can be challenging, and we totally understand your struggle. With so many options in the market, it can take hours, if not days, to finally find the right one. Well, since we understand your struggle, we have prepared a list of the best lamps with USB ports that might catch your attention. Each lamp in this list is different, which offers its own uniqueness, too. Curious to find out more? Let’s start scrolling!

Single Lamp with USB Ports

For the comfort of your search, we have divided this list into two categories. The first category will give you some recommendations about the single lamp with USB ports. This type of lamp will be perfect to place on the desk or beside your bed.

1. Modern Wooden Desk Lamp

Modern Wooden Desk Lamp

Check out this LED wood lamp! The design is so simple, but it still has a modern look, too. The USB charging method is very easy, just plug your gadgets to the port and it will work perfectly. In addition, it also has a hidden touch sensor that works as a bright adjuster to the intensity of the produced light. Handcrafted using from selected wood, this fine desk lamp is processed with care.

2. Minimalist USB Light Scones

Minimalist USB Light Scones

This minimalist USB light scone features a very sophisticated design. The metal body coated with acrylic painting is available in various colors including black, white, blue, orange, and also pink. This lamps is perfect to be placed on the edge of your working desk, which will definitely adds a minimalist yet elegant touch to your room as a whole. In short, this is one of the best lamps with USB ports on our list.

3. Vintage Industrial Lamp

Vintage Industrial Lamp

For those who are looking for antique-looking decorations, don’t miss the chance to own this super unique desk lamp. Having a unique and attractive appearance clearly makes this lamp an item to own for decoration. In addition, this vintage industrial-looking lamp is also equipped with a USB port for charging purposes. Plus, it features high-quality solid wood, too.

4. Cusby Desk Lamp 

Cusby Desk Lamp

If you choose to have this lamp, then you can expect this lamp to create a cozy atmosphere in your living room or bedroom at home. Uniquely, this Cusby desk lamp features not one, but three USB ports and also two AC outlets that you can use to charge more than one devices. Although it comes with a simple square shape, this lamp is very pleasing to the eye. You can place it next to your bed while charging your cell phone. Not to mention this lamp is available in three colors; white, black, and red.

5. Modern Grey Lamp 

Modern Grey Lamp

Hurry, put this lamp in your shopping cart! This modern gray lamp with dual USB ports is definitely a must-have item for you. It has a simple shape with charming appearance. For lighting function, it uses a cost-saving 7W LED bulb surrounded by a premium gray linen fabric shade. Without a doubt, the warm yellowish light color will compliment the look of your bedroom or lounge.

6. Industrial Bedside Lamp 

Industrial Bedside Lamp

Do you love industrial design? If you do, then this lamp is the right choice for you. It has a tubular metal body that perfectly depicts industrial style with a metal cage shade around it. Simply place it in the living room, bedroom, study room, and other rooms you like, and let it become the focal point of the room. In addition, this industrial lamp also features two USB ports and an AC power outlet that will make your life easier in terms of charging your electronic devices.

7. Industrial Charging Station Lamp 

Industrial Charging Station Lamp

This one is definitely one of the most unique industrial-style lamps in this list. Handmade using a metal socket, this Lamp includes a USB port and also an AC outlet that can be used to charge your gadgets. The best thing about this item is that this is a rare item. You will never find the same lamp anywhere in the world. For that reason, make sure you don’t miss out the chance to have this industrial USB charging station lamp.

8. Adjustable Swing Desk Lamp 

Adjustable Swing Desk Lamp

Reading or studying in the dark can give negative effects to your eyes. That’s why we recommend you this LED desk lamp that includes one USB port. With its soft light and adjustable brightness, this lamp will be the perfect lamp to accompany your reading activities before bed time. Moreover, this lamp also has a flexible arm so that you are effortlessly free to adjust it according to your needs.

9. Industrial Valve Pipe Desk Lamp 

Industrial Valve Pipe Desk Lamp

Another top recommendations of industrial lamps with USB ports is this valve pipe desk lamp. With a steampunk look, this lamp looks super unique, especially since it is made of high-quality metal. This lamp can also attract attention from anyone who lays their eyes on it. If you have a house with an industrial theme, this lamp is something that needs to be part of the decoration, for sure.

10. Crystal Table Desk Lamp 

Crystal Table Desk Lamp

Are you looking for a lamp that looks both elegant and luxurious? Then this lamp is the answer for you. The crystal table desk lamp is the best lamp with USB ports that can be used to charge your smartphones. Its unique and minimalist appearance makes this lamp the perfect decoration for your living room or bedroom. The crystals used are also wired properly so you don’t have to worry about the possibility for the crystals to fall off.

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11. Shelves Lamp 

Best Lamps with USB Ports

In addition to the basic lighting function, this lamp also equipped with shelves and drawers that you can use as a place to store your belongings. The availability of the USB port on this shelves lamp can be used to charge your gadgets. It’s elegant and it will be the perfect bedside lamp, too.

12. Nightstand Side Table Built-in Lamp 

Best Lamps with USB Ports

Looking for elegant and fancy lighting decoration? Everything that you’re looking is available in this lamp. It has a slender top made of solid and shiny brass, which forms the connection for the bulb that is covered in a shade pattern cover. At the bottom, there is a classy desk section that you can decorate later according to your needs. In addition, this nightstand side table built-in lamp also has an additional USB port that you can use to charge your mobile phones easily. 

13. Smoked Grey Glass Table Lamp 

Best Lamps with USB Ports

Artistic-looking lamps with a unique design would be the best lamp to choose for your home. In addition to that, it would be great to have one that has a USB port as well. This gray glass table lamp can be one of the most recommended choices. With a rounded double gourd shape made of glass, it will add a unique touch to your living room. Since it also has a USB port, you can easily charge your smartphones on this lamp, too.

14. Adjustable Matte Red Metal Desk Lamp 

Best Lamps with USB Ports

This lamp might remind you of one of the most iconic graphic from the world’s famous animation studio. Yes, the shape of this lamp is very similar to it. That’s why, this adjustable matte red metal desk lamp will be the perfect decoration for your workspace. Equipped with a USB, you don’t have to worry about charging your phones anymore. In terms of design and material, this lamp is made of metal with two joints. Moreover, the pivotable head makes this lamp easy to adjust as well.

 15. 360 Lighting Industrial Rustic Desk Lamp

Best Lamps with USB Ports

The last item on this category is this industrial dimmable desk lamp, which is the perfect choice if you;’e currently looking for a desk lamp for your working desk at home. Aside from being an elegant lamp with classic design, this lamp also comes with USB ports for charging purposes. Inspired by vintage industrial design, this lamp makes the perfect decoration to your working desk for sure.

Set of Two Lamps with USB Ports

Why buy one when you can get two at once? In this second category, we provide a list of the best lamps with USB ports that are sold in pairs, aka more decoration for your home. Usually, you can place this pair of lamps in the living room near your favorite TV or sofa. So, let’s check out the list and see if an item or two can grab your attention.

16. Modern Table Set Glass Lamp

Best Lamps with USB Ports

Getting two fancy lights in one set is not impossible. Just take a look at this modern table set glass lamp. Made of glass with a pretty blue gradient, these lamps look very elegant and fit inside any room at home, especially living room. Facilitated with two USB ports for each lamp, these lamps will make your life easier.

17. Modern Wooden Desk Lamps 

Best Lamps with USB Ports

These lamps might look like the usual home decoration lamps. However, little did we know that these lamps were made out of love and care. This set of two modern wooden desk lamps are equipped with two USB ports that can be used to charge your gadgets. Using a linen lampshade, which can reduce the brightness of this lamp, it can provide you with a soft and friendly light for the eyes. The selected wood and metal materials also make this lamp strong and durable.

18. Rustic Farm Antler Table Lamps 

Best Lamps with USB Ports

If you like decorations that look rural and natural, then these lamps are made for you. This set of two farm antler lights has two types of bulbs that can be used during the day and or night. Moreover, these two items will also become unique lamps with USB ports to decorate your home space. It has an ornament in the form of a pair of deer antlers that surround a bulb.

19. Bedside and Living Room Table Lamps 

Best Lamps with USB Ports

This set of two bedsides and living room desk lamps has a unique style, like the mid-centuries decor. The perfect combination of art and technology is perfectly described in this lamp. Equipped with a USB port that can be used for charging, each lamp also has a dome-shaped function that provides a warm and comfortable light. In addition, it also has a switch for each bulb so you can adjust the brightness as needed.

20. Rectangular Blue-White Fabric Shade Table Lamps 

Best Lamps with USB Ports

Serene and modern design is found in these lamps with USB ports. The set of these two rectangular blue-white fabric shade table lamps is an awesome home decor item. With gradations of blue and white, these lamps look very classy and luxurious. In addition, these lamps also has USB ports that can be used to charge your device.

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21. Brushed Nickel Rectangular Shade Table Lamps 

Best Lamps with USB Ports

If you’re looking for unique and different desk lamps to complete the look of your living room, then you might want to take a look at this pair of rectangular shade table lamps. The body of this item has an abstract-shaped base and is polished with nickel to make it look perfect. With a USB plug added to this pair of lights, you don’t have to worry looking for ports, because this lamp comes with a USB port as well. Moreover, the monochrome color also gives this item a minimalist impression, which will be a nice addition of home decoration.

22. Bronze Table Lamps 

Best Lamps with USB Ports

Want to change the mood of your bedroom? Maybe what need is a bedside lamp with a vintage style. These bronze table lamps have an adjustable brightness feature, making these lamps a good companion to accompany you reading routines before bed time at night. With resin and metal material, plus painted to resemble the bronze color, these lamps look very classy. Last but not least, the existence of a USB port also makes it easier for you to charge your gadgets.

23. Timberland Table Lamps 

Best Lamps with USB Ports

Finding items with traditional themes is also a brilliant idea for your home decor. As illustrated by this pair of timberland lights. These convenient lamps have geometric patterned textures with eye-catching colors. With the finishing touch in the form of oatmeal and earthy color shade, it also comes with a USB port feature, making it very multifunctional to charge your device.

24. Miner Lantern Table Lamps 

Best Lamps with USB Ports

Take a look at its unique and unusual shape of these lamps! Having a shape like a lantern miner, these lamps are the perfect combination of antique and modern style. It has a brightness that can be adjusted in three modes (low/medium/high), so you can use it during the day or night. It also has a USB port which of course you can use to charge your devices. These miner lantern table lamps are one of the best lamps with USB ports that would be the right choice to add to your home decoration.

25. Little Bird Lamps 

Best Lamps with USB Ports

If vintage and unique is the type of decoration that you like, then these lamps are the things you are looking for. With ornaments of small birds that perch around the lamps, you’ll surely have something beautiful to look at every day. Added with an antique bronze finish touch, these lamps look very elegant. The features of USB ports and AC outlets on these little bird lamps also make them useful and modern.

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What are the best lamps with USB ports?

We provide a variety of unique and best lamps with USB ports listed in this article. In our opinion, the best lamp with USB ports is this shelf lamp because of its attractive and multi-functional design, equipped with shelves and drawers. In addition, rectangular blue-white fabric shade table lamps are also worth having if you want to find a pair for sale. However, these are our recommendations. Still, the best lamp with USB ports depends on your preferences.

Why would a lamp have a USB?

According to some people’s preferences, using a long cable plug makes an unartistic impression on their home decoration. That’s why people come up with a solution in the form of a lamp with a USB port, so you don’t have to use the usual messy long cables. Lamps with USB ports will still provide an artistic touch to your home, but also functional for your needs.

How does a USB lamp work?

A lamp with a USB port works as an adapter for charging purposes. It changes the voltage from the mains that flow from your home and adjusts it to be able to charge electronic devices. So, if you don’t want to bother then using the best lamp with USB ports is a solution.

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