25 Fun and Easy Entertainment Center Decor Ideas for Your Home

After a long day, it is unquestionably helpful to one’s mental and physical well-being to be able to escape to a cozy area where one can sit back and unwind. One of the best places to go to is the entertainment center in the warmth of your home where you are able to relax and take some time for yourself. A me-time at home could involve cuddling up on the couch with your significant other while watching a movie, reading a book while relaxing on the couch, or engaging in some enjoyable activities with your family. Therefore, you will not want to pass up the opportunity to spice up the entire space by applying some entertainment center decor ideas, right?

However, before building your dream entertainment center, you need to choose which design you would like to build before getting into the decorations. It could be a minimalist entertainment center, a bold entertainment center, or even a rustic vintage vibes entertainment center. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 20 fun and simple entertainment center decor ideas that you can implement in a matter of minutes in your entertainment center.

1. Modern Coastal Vibes Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@decorpad.com)

Do you love a minimalist and warm entertainment center? If this is the case, then you should probably combine white and light oak wood in your entertainment center space. You may boost up the coastal warm vibes by grabbing some fake plants as decoration. Pottery vases and photo frames are also wonderful additions as decorative elements to any minimalist entertainment center area.

2. Side by Side Decorating Shelves

Entertainment Center Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.ca)

For someone who wants their television to be the focal point of the entertainment space, another option is placing the shelves next to it side-by-side. Adding these shelves will help your entertainment center appear less messy and more organized. This is the ideal design for those of you who want to keep your entertainment center looking fresh and luxurious. You can place an air diffuser, globe, and other decorations that you like.

3. Vintage Country Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@blessthisnestblog.com)

When you want to relax and enjoy a movie, a vintage country theme is one of the perfect entertainment center decor ideas for you who love warm aesthetics and functional space to rewind from the hectic days working in the city. The vintage country theme is a popular design that requires sturdy cabinets with golden vintage-looking hardware and woven rattan baskets. 

4. Barn House Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@thearchitecturedesigns.com)

Simply modifying one side of a wall can completely change the ambiance of the entire space. Renovating and decorating a whole side of the wall for the focal point of your entertainment center is a great idea. You can go creative with the décor by creating a barn house look-alike cabinet and shelves. You can also add more detail to your barn house-looking entertainment center area with your more barn house details, such as wooden vinyl wrap background, etc. 

5. Minimalist Japanese Scandinavian Theme

Entertainment Center Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Liz)

It’s impossible not to fall in love with a minimalist Japandi theme that is both cozy and a lovely sight. It creates a nice and bright ambiance, making it one of the most recommended entertainment center decor ideas. Japandi theme is always popular with the clean geometric wooden slabs. The design always goes straight to the ceiling, which creates a higher ceiling area for a more airy feeling.  

6. Set of Frame Decor

Entertainment Center Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@chris chai)

A minimalist black retro-style entertainment center can be created by hanging four identical frames of wall art together. You are free to insert any image that you like. It could be casino-themed images, game-themed images, and so on. You can combine this clean shape frame with a matching clean shape game table and retro-style comfy chair. Moreover, the dark color of choice would make the whole space getting more into the vintage retro ambiance. 

7. Industrial Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Hrabia Przemek Adamski)

Do you want your space to have an industrial feel to it? A magnificent accent wall constructed of raw bricks can transform your entertainment center into a gloomy and warm industrial theme area. Without any further decorating, the varied shades of natural bricks make your area feel warm and inviting. However, lights can be added to make the room less dark.

8. Tropical Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Roro Kalcev)

To create a tropical atmosphere, use natural materials like raw wood and plants to decorate the room. To give your entertainment center a more organic feel, consider mounting your TV on a raw stone accent wall. You can also add more plants, whether they are real ones or plastic ones. Without a doubt, an excellent spot for a relaxing weekend.

9. Rustic Farmhouse Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

It is excellent that you have a suitable spot to chill down and enjoy your free time. It is much better to enjoy your time in a rustic farmhouse theme entertainment center that is peaceful and attractive to the sight. You might add a rustic dark brown coffee table and a rustic TV cabinet for a farmhouse feel. A wooden light brown frame also creates a nice addition to the complete rustic ambiance.

10. Pastel Minimalist Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@ikea.com)

One of the simplest options for decorating an entertainment center is to install TV cabinets that fit your design. If you are more of a minimalist and pastel lover individual then you might choose this pastel minimalist entertainment center decor idea that is filled with pastel color furniture. To balance out the pastel color, you can combine it with oak wood pattern upper cabinets or gold vases. For more decoration, you can add a little bit of greenery to add more lively space.

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11. Contemporary Vibrant Design

Entertainment Center Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@blog.westelm.com)

This idea for contemporary artsy entertainment center decor is simple to create. You can mix and match two to three colors that are totally not similar to create a vibrant color and space. You can match a yellow couch with a navy throw pillow or combine blue and yellow throw pillows with a gray couch. By utilizing vibrant colors you can build up the contemporary feel in your entertainment room.

12. Las Vegas Vibes

Entertainment Center Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@backsplash.com)

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting in an extremely comfy chair while playing games or watching movies, right? Therefore, a comfy relaxing chair is somewhat a fun component in an entertainment center. That’s why a Las Vegas themed decor is one of the best entertainment center decor ideas for those who seek for the best entertainment. For more Las Vegas vibes, you can also add marquee letters and other decorations such as posters that you can display on the wall. 

13. Simple Industrial Design

Entertainment Center Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

A plain dark gray wall with simple TV or a large sign with a farmhouse theme could be a nice addition to your entertainment center area if there is an empty spot that you could use as a decoration idea. Using a piece of wood sheet and some paints, you can quickly and inexpensively build this sign with a farmhouse theme. You are free to be as creative as you like with the words.

14. Blue Light Entertainment Center

Blue Light Entertainment Center
Source: Pinterest (@gridfiti.com)

This blue light entertainment center is perfect for those who love playing games, such as playing Play Station with friends or family. It works wonderfully as a family game night room. This idea for decorating an entertainment center is definitely a piece of furniture that you might want to acquire so that you can make your game room look more attractive and fun. For the blue light, you can use a decorative honeycomb LED or a regular LED light that you can stick onto your ceiling.

15. Cozy Beige Entertainment Center

Cozy Beige Entertainment Center
Source: Pinterest (@decoholic.org)

A fairytale-like entertainment area can be created with the addition of comfy bean bags and LED fairy lights. If you want to make your living room more inviting for the whole family, consider adding a soft rug and lots of decorative pillows. For the entertainment unit, instead of a TV, you can use an LCD projector for a larger screen. An awesome idea for a movie night with your family or friends.

16. Cater Theme Entertainment Center

Cater Theme Entertainment Center
Source: Pinterest (@edmontonjournal.com)

If you are still searching here and there for some entertainment center decor ideas, check out this one! This is a genuinely entertaining and one-of-a-kind entertainment center that you will rarely encounter in many homes. Even more impressive is the fact that you can build this cater-theme entertainment center by yourself. One could say that this is a room idea that is full of fun because you can display your favorite hockey team picture, accessories, or throw pillows.

17. Warm Boho Entertainment Center

Warm Boho Entertainment Center
Source: Pinterest (@essenziale-hd.com)

Any boho entertainment center area would benefit greatly from the addition of a piece of LED fairy lights. A natural earthy color also makes the perfect combination of a throw pillow. You can add more boho decorations such as a soft rug with a bold design and rattan cushion to add extra seating for your family or friends to sit in on a good conversation or simply relax in front of the television.

18. Timeless White Theme

Timeless White Theme Entertainment Center
Source: Pinterest (@liketk.it)

A timeless white brick is a wonderful accent wall to add to an area that incorporates a minimalist and classy entertainment center. It makes the space look cozier and more inviting, perfect for a night in with Netflix and chill, and you can even add more decorations to build up the cozy environment, such as lanterns, electric candles, dry flowers, and many more.

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19. Eclectic Theme Entertainment Center

Eclectic Theme Entertainment Center
Source: Pinterest (@lushome.com)

Have some fun when setting up and decorating your entertainment center area. If you are open to any kind of design, this eclectic theme makes the perfect entertainment center decor ideas for your home. To make the atmosphere fun and cozy, you can add a vibrant color sofa with a bunch of bold design throw pillows

20. Retro Movie Countdown Entertainment Center

Retro Movie Countdown Entertainment Center
Source: Pinterest (@ballarddesigns.com)

Does everyone in your family enjoy sitting down together to watch movies whenever they have some free time? A cinematic entertainment center with movie-themed decor will transform the entire area into a cinema. You may create retro wall art by placing a vintage movie roll on a floating rack or vintage movie countdown and printing it to put it in a frame.

21. Blue Themed Entertainment Center

Blue Themed Entertainment Center
Source: Pinterest (@colemanfurniture.com)

When we say blue, it’s not the usual blue that you might see before. This blue is more like a dark teal that will make an elegant looking entertainment center at home. If you plan on applying one main color tone into your entertainment center, then you might want to go with this one. It looks adorably elegant, and it would be best to combine with light brown or cream.

22. Modern Industrial Entertainment Center

Modern Industrial Entertainment Center
Source: Pinterest (@casadevalentina.com.br)

Unlike the previous Industrial-themed center decor that we shared earlier, this one comes as something that comes with more colors. It offers a more modern look with art deco furniture including the chair and table. This idea features the element of wood and metal, combined with rustic green rug that will add a rustic touch into the room.

23. Entertainment Room under the Night Sky

Entertainment Room under the Night Sky
Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

If you want to feel the experience of watching videos under the night sky full of stars? This one can be a great option. The ceiling of this entertainment center is made as if it is the actual night sky. To have a better ambience, make sure you don’t add too much light into the room, and think of the ceiling as your natural light instead. Then, add a red sofa to bring colors into the room. 

24. Classic Victorian Entertainment Center

Classic Victorian Entertainment Center
Source: Pinterest (@99fab.com)

For those who admire the classic Victorian design, then make sure you don’t miss this one. This is one of the most classic-looking entertainment centers, ever. It includes a super classic furniture, enhanced with the whole room decoration that comes in similar color tone. Those with a classic soul would definitely love this idea.

25. Playroom and Entertainment Center for Kids

Playroom and Entertainment Center for Kids
Source: Pinterest (@flamingotoes.com)

Let your kids enjoy their entertainment while having the chance to learn about new things at the same time. This one comes as an entertainment center decor idea for kids. It features bright colors and  lighting, which will make a comfortable hang out place for the kids. To inspire them to continue exploring, add a wall decor that says ‘adventure’ that will bring out the adventurous side in them.

Final Thoughts

We know that an entertainment center at home must be designed in the most comfortable and pleasant way, since it will be place for the family to enjoy some entertainment together. Therefore, our advice would be to make sure you have the best planning in terms of design and choice of furniture, so you can have the best result that makes everyone at home happy. Once you decide on the best entertainment center decor idea for you, you can contact your trusted interior designed and have them prepare the design for you.

Latest Post:

How can I decorate my entertainment center?

You are free to use whatever decorations you would like to personalize your entertainment center. On the other hand, it is a good idea to decorate your entertainment center with items that are still in keeping with the theme of the rest of the room. If you prefer a neat entertainment center area, you can place minimalist decoration, however, if you like a more fun entertainment center area you can add more personality by adding things you love the most, such as collections of books, games, figurines, etc.

What can I put on top of entertainment center?

You are free to decorate the space any way you see fit. People will typically place a floating rack or an all-around rack around their television in order to have space for displaying decorative items such as potted plants or sculptures, as well as space for storing CDs, books, figurines, and other items.

What color should my entertainment center be?

You are free to choose any color that appeals to you. You are free to choose an entertainment center that has bold colors, muted colors, a monochromatic theme, or any other theme that you or your family like. The entertainment center can also be decorated with certain cartoons, such as Mario Bros, and many more.

How do you style an entertainment unit?

In order to properly decorate an entertainment unit such as a TV, sound system, or other similar devices, you need to ensure that the components of your design or styling will not interfere with the proper operation of the system. You need to pay attention to one of the most typical problems, which is the blockage of the unit’s ventilation, in order to prevent any overheating from occurring. In addition, it would be quite helpful if you could construct some kind of storage for the cables that are lying around your entertainment system to make it look organized.

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