25 Exciting And Comfortable Little Boys Room Ideas 

Decorating a little boy’s room might get a little tricky. We usually tend to know exactly what we should do to create a cozy and beautiful room for little girls. However, this is not the case for doing a room for little boys. Sometimes we get confused to balance out the details in our ideas so that it won’t be too plain and not too much. There seems to be a blurry line between the two extremes. However, despite the difficulties, it is always a fun project to do in creating a cozy yet exciting little boys room. There are tons of ways we can pull off a great style to the boys room and you have come to the right place for some good inspiration. 

We have put together 20 different little boys room ideas to help you with this. There are various different ideas for different age groups. We also have put together ideas that will fit your budget. Feel free to mix and match different ideas to your liking. 

1. Blue-Colored Room 

Blue-Colored Room

The first little boys room ideas should be the all time classic: Blue colored room. The blue color is always identical to a boys room. You can achieve this blue-colored room very easily. The easiest way is by having the walls painted blue. Then, you can have the bed sheet in blue too. Lastly, you can add a hint of blue here and there by adding simple blue furniture or lighting pieces such as a blue desk lamp or blue pillows. This would be a great little boys bedroom idea if you are on a budget. 

2. Sailor Themed Bedroom 

Sailor Themed Bedroom

It is always fun to play with different themes for little boys’ room ideas. A little boys room idea that you can try is the Sailor theme. If the beach and ocean hold a special meaning to your family, you can try out this idea for your toddler boys room. If you don’t have any sentimental value to it and just like the aesthetic of it, you can also use this idea. To put this little boys room idea to life, you can start with putting sailor-themed wallpapers. If you want to keep your walls basic, you can put on some anchor shaped room decoration. Also, getting a sailor themed bed sheet and cover would also make a huge difference. 

3. Pirate Theme Bedroom 

Pirate Theme Bedroom

A fun little boys room idea for a 7 year old boy’s bedroom, especially if he likes pirates very much. You can start with putting in different pirate-theme decorations in his room. It will be best if you can put some pirate wallpaper or paint your own pirate theme walls. Also, you cannot miss out on pirate themed bed sheets and covers because it will be the easiest and most effective item to solidify this little boy’s room idea. 

4. Minimalist Green 

Minimalist Green

Another super easy and simple little boy room idea. This minimalist green theme would be perfect for those of you who are on a budget. You can achieve this look simply just by painting one side of the wall in the right shade of green that is subtle yet bright. For the furniture, you can just go with a simple white furniture that is timeless and your boys would not overgrow it. Also, simple green pillows and blankets would be great too. 

5. Gray And White Bedroom 

Gray And White Bedroom

When thinking of ideas for a little boy room or toddler boy room, we always go for something that is bright and fun. Thus, gray color is not something that we came up with. Apparently, when you put gray and white color together, it will give a bright feel to your little boys room and create a modern toddler boy bedroom look. The best part is that as your boy grows older, you won’t need to redecorate the whole room all over again. You can just change some necessary things. So, it is the best little boys room idea for those of you who are on a budget or want to save for future renovation budgets too. It is definitely a money-saving little boy room idea to try. 

6. Monochromatic Bedroom 

Monochromatic Bedroom

Another great little boy room idea for those of you who are on a budget. A simple black and white color palette will transform your little boys room nicely without breaking the bank. It is a little boys room idea that even your 10 year old boy would approve of. The combination of black and white color is just effortlessly chic, cool, and timeless. If you don’t plan to do renovation and redecorating work for your little boys room in the near future, you should go with this idea. It is also one of those little boys room ideas that is super easy to achieve: white walls and white furniture with black accents would do the job. 

7. Space Theme Bedroom 

Space Theme Bedroom

The space themed little boys room idea will be a great 1 year old bedroom, 3 year old bedroom, and 7 year old boy bedroom idea. It is a super fun and exciting idea especially if your little boy has been dreaming of becoming an astronaut for the longest time. You can have the room walls colored dark blue, then you can put on some wall decoration in stars, moon, and planets shape. We can assure you your little boy would love staying in his room for hours. 

8. Mountain Theme 

Mountain Theme

Another unique little boys room idea for a 1 year old bedroom, 3 year old bedroom, and even a 7 year old boy bedroom. You can have the wall covered with countless mountains in the combination of blue, turquoise, and gray color. It will be better if you do it at one side of the wall or at most two sides of the wall so the bedroom won’t be too overwhelming. It will be a fun theme for them to be able to expand their imagination through role playing. 

9. Forest Theme 

Forest Theme - p @Evi Fisher
Source: pinterest (@Evi Fisher)

The forest theme is more on the louder and fully decorated bedroom idea for a little boys room idea. You can have the walls painted with tree drawings on them or you can choose to put in forest related room decoration items. It is better to choose either one so the room won’t be too overwhelming even for little boys to sleep in. For example, you can start with setting up wall prints of different animals. You can also try installing an indoor hammock for the boys. 

10. Dreamy Scandinavian Room

Dreamy Scandinavian Room

If you prefer simple and minimalist little boys room ideas, you can go with this dreamy Scandinavian bedroom. It is the perfect 1 year old bedroom idea you can try. You can incorporate wooden furniture with it and have a shade of pastel blue here and there for some colors. Then, you can add cloud room decoration which will give off the dreamy feel for the room. It is a modern toddler boy bedroom idea you can consider doing. 

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11. Wooden Bright Bedroom 

Wooden Bright Bedroom

The wooden bright idea is a minimalist, sophisticated, and  modern toddler boy bedroom look. To achieve this look, you can start with bright wooden furniture to start with. You can put some minimalist animal wall decoration print for some fun addition to the little boys room. You can have the combination of white, navy blue, and mustard yellow color for the boys room all together. If the rest of your home has a minimalist wooden theme to it, this little boys room idea will be the perfect match. It will allow you to have each room of the house have a similar style without taking away the unique character of its owner. 

12. Modern Bedroom Look 

Modern Bedroom Look - p @roselindwilsondesign.com
Source: pinterest (@roselindwilsondesign.com)

One of the little boys bedroom ideas on this list that a 10 year old boy would approve: modern style boys room. You can go with neutral or darker color walls and furniture. You can balance it out by adding some wall decoration or desk lighting. This look has a more mature look compared to the other little boys room ideas mentioned on this list. It will be a fitting look for a 10 year old boy room and even older boys room too. 

13. Clean White Room 

Clean White Room

A clean white room will always be a great idea for a 3 year old bedroom, teenager bedroom, and even an adult bedroom. Having a clean white room is like having a clean slate for you to decorate it with anything you want. Also, a clean white room is one of those little boys room ideas that is timeless and gender neutral. In order to decorate the room according to their little owners’ age, you can start putting up wall posters of animals, numbers, or colors for education purposes. You can put in a mini library filled with children’s books for them to read. Furthermore, you can put up a mini tent inside the room to make playtime more fun for them. 

14. Dinosaur Theme 

Dinosaur Theme - p @cubbyathome.com
Source: pinterest (@cubbyathome.com)

If you are looking for something colorful on this list of little boys room ideas, you can go with the Dinosaur theme bedroom. Many little boys are fascinated with dinosaurs so it will excite them to see so many dinosaurs in their room. Also, it allows you to incorporate many colors into the room. You can give them one side of the wall dedicated to their collection of dinosaur figurines. Getting a dinosaur wallpaper on the wall might be too overwhelming, thus you can hang dinosaur wall decorations as a more subtle alternative. 

15. World Map Bedroom 

World Map Bedroom - p @lushome.com
Source: pinterest (@lushome.com)

The perfect room idea for your little brave traveler. You can decorate their room with a huge world map on one side of the wall and let them get curious about other places in the world. You can make this wall into a chalkboard so they can get creative with the map and try drawing something on them. If you are a family traveler, you can let them mark different places that your family has visited over the years. This is one of those little boys room ideas that is more personal and sentimental for the little boys to have. It will hold thousands of memories of him growing up and exploring new places. 

16. Toy Story Bedroom 

Toy Story Bedroom - p @theenglishfamily.co.uk
Source: pinterest (@theenglishfamily.co.uk)

Every little boy would have a cartoon or movie that they grew up watching. For example, Toy Story might be their first movie and they are obsessed over it. So, having their room decorated with their favorite characters would be one of those little boys room ideas that will get them excited. You can get this Toy Story room by first putting on sky blue color wallpaper with clouds on the. Then, you can put different kinds of Toy Story room decorations to complete the whole look. You can have these Toy Story inspired wooden alphabet blocks with the boy’s name on them. 

17. Car Themed Bedroom 

Car Themed Bedroom - p @habios.com
Source: pinterest (@habios.com)

Many little boys have started to love cars and automobiles in general since they are young. Anything related with cars and automobiles will be great little boys room ideas for you to consider. You can have their walls and floors decorated with imaginary roads and traffic signs. Also, it will be great if you can get the iconic car-like bed. Tire tables and other car related decorations would help solidify the theme. At this point, they will probably fall deeper in love with cars because they see them all the time inside their room. 

18. Superhero Theme Room 

Superhero Theme Room - p @projectnursery.com
Source: pinterest (@projectnursery.com)

A superhero themed room is one of the best little boys room ideas out there. It will suit toddler boys, teenager boys, and even adult boys too. You can basically combine so many different colors depending on what superhero character they like. For example, combining the red and blue will give you the iconic Captain America feel to the boys room. You can decorate the room with superhero wall prints and figurines all around the room. 

19. Animal Theme 

Animal Theme - p @vertbaudet.co.uk
Source: pinterest (@vertbaudet.co.uk)

The animal theme is one of those little boys room ideas that will suit the younger boys between the ages of one to seven years old better. It will be a fun theme to pull off and also an educational theme to have for little boys to learn more about different animals. It will be best if you find animal-themed wallpaper to put up in the boys’ room. Also, you can put books about animals, animal decoration, animal dolls, and many more to make the room to be more on theme. 

20. Airplane Theme 

Airplane Theme - p @capturebylucy.com
Source: pinterest (@capturebylucy.com)

The last idea on this list of little boys room ideas would be the airplane theme. Some boys dream to be pilots since young and are obsessed with airplanes rather than cars. So, you can make their room filled with airplanes. You can hang airplanes on the ceilings and have different room decoration items with airplanes on them. For the colors, you can go with red or blue combined with white color to balance it out. 

21. Sport Lover’s Bedroom

Sport Lover’s Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@decorfacil.com)

If your little champ just can’t keep himself out of the basketball court, then this bedroom idea is something that needs to be in your list of ideas. Since your little boy is crazy about basketball, creating this basketball themed bedroom would be a dream come true for him. You can create a floor with a basketball field pattern, plus a basketball hoop to allow him to play a little game before bedtime. Even better, he can also invite his friends over and play basketball together inside his bedroom. 

22. Lego Themed Bedroom

Lego Themed Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@Tina Marie)

This Lego themed bedroom is perfect for little boys who love to play with their Lego collection. With adorable and fun colors, you can include the element of Lego as part of your son’s bedroom decoration. The iconic shape of the small Lego bricks can also be applied to the wall as wall decay, which will add a fun element into the whole appearance of the room. Furthermore, we would also suggest that you create a special spot for your son to display his Lego artworks, too! 

23. Little Traveler’s Bedroom

Let your little boy’s mind wander around while he sleeps and bring out the inner traveler inside him from an early age. This bedroom design consists of elements that will teach him about the world, including all the excitement that he can find from many places around it. The huge map is made into wallpaper and decorations, which can also be a board of knowledge for him to explore. As for colors, you can actually be creative with it. You can apply earth-tone colors or also colors that your son loves, too!
Source: Pinterest (@grillo-designs.com)

Let your little boy’s mind wander around while he sleeps and bring out the inner traveler inside him from an early age. This bedroom design consists of elements that will teach him about the world, including all the excitement that he can find from many places around it. The huge map is made into wallpaper and decorations, which can also be a board of knowledge for him to explore. As for colors, you can actually be creative with it. You can apply earth-tone colors or also colors that your son loves, too!

24. Little Astronaut’s Bedroom

Little Astronaut's Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@behance.net)

If your little boy shows some interest in outer space, then you might want to try offering him a bedroom design that we call, the little astronaut’s bedroom. It’s more than just your usual bedroom, because it has the amazing elements of outer space including a wall full of planets and stars, and also a shelf full of astronaut-related items and decorations. Without a doubt, he would love to spend his time learning about the outer space in this room.

25. Minecraft Themed Bedroom for Boys

Minecraft Themed Bedroom for Boys
Source: Pinterest (@houszed.com)

This one’s for Minecraft lovers out there! If your son happens to be one of those Minecraft fans, then you have to provide him with a Minecraft-themed bedroom, which is similar to this one. This room features green as the main color theme, and also Minecraft’s iconic patterns as wall decorations. You can also place a shelf for him to put all of his Minecraft miniatures, plus a cushion with Minecraft’s pattern as the bed’s accessory. 

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