Captain America Rug

This Captain America Rug would be a great and fun addition to any comic book nerd’s den that will add some color even to the dullest place. There were times when I was very tempted to spend too much money buying all the Marvel merchandise I could get my hands on.

Sometimes it’s impossible to resist a piece of merchandise that reminds you of your favorite heroes and we are all human after all.

Captain America is not only a symbol of freedom. It is also a brand and a stylish one, might I add, and his shield is no exception.

So if you want to give in to buying something awesome and comic-bok-sy then at least buy this cool and handy rug. It would be like an adult version of buying an action figure.

This rug is extremely soft and velvety, so every morning you can bury you feet in it and soak in the patriotic values that we sometimes forget about. 

Captain America Rug

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