25 Cool Gaming Setup Desk Ideas You Should Try

Are you into gaming lately? Are you planning to set up a gaming desk somewhere in your house soon? You have come to the right place. We have put together 20 different gaming setup desk ideas for you. We provide you with many options that will suit the size of the room, the style that you like, and your budget.

Setting a gaming desk up will take you some time, effort, and money. This is why you need to consider every little detail relating to it very carefully. You need to know the things that you need for the best gaming experience. We will help you out by summarizing all the little details that you need to know before setting it up. You can save some of your research time.

1. Most Basic Setup 

Most Basic Setup

We are starting the list of gaming setup desk idea  with something that is simple and straightforward. This one is for those of you who are new to the gaming world. It is also a great idea for small spaces. You can start with a simple, decent-sized desk, enough to hold your monitors, CPU, gaming keyboard, and gaming mouse. This setup would be great for small rooms where you only have one little corner to set this one up. This is one of the most basic computer setup ideas you can follow. It might not be the best or most comfortable setup, but at least it is enough to accommodate your great gaming experience. It would also be a cheap idea to go with especially for first timers.

2. Clean And White Look

Clean And White Look

The clean white look is the gaming setup desk idea  that is pleasing to the eye. You can have everything in white color: white desk, white speakers, white accessories, and white everything. We will suggest using this setup for small rooms as well because the white will create an illusion that the area is more spacious than it actually is. To add a little live to your gaming corner, you can place some indoor plants too. This setup would make you feel super comfortable and relaxed only by looking at it. It will be your favorite corner of your room.

3. Cute Gaming Desk Setup 

Cute Gaming Desk Setup - p @reddit.com
Source: pinterest (@reddit.com)

These days, girl gamers are really good too and most of them also make really good gaming desk setup. Girls would love cute gaming accessories such as a cute headset and gaming mouse.The combination of pink and white color would fit this setup style really well. This will be the go to gaming setup desk idea  for girls. 

4. Nature Meets Digital 

Nature Meets Digital - p @blog.displate.com
Source: pinterest (@blog.displate.com)

While immersing yourself in the digital world these days, you can still bring a piece of nature close to you. You can surround your gaming area with tons of plants and other greens just to keep the balance. Looking at the screen both for work and play might be too exhausting for your body. However, these green plants will help you replenish your energy by looking at it. You can place it on your desk or you can set up a specific shelf to keep all your little plants. For small spaces, you can have the shelves hung to the wall. If you have some extra space, you can set a standing shelf for you to keep some plants and other decorations. A great gaming setup desk idea  that will bring balance to you. 

5. Dual Usage Gaming Desk 

Dual Usage Gaming Desk - p @reddit.com
Source: pinterest (@reddit.com)

In order to use the space effectively and efficiently, you can use your gaming desk to have a dual use: working or studying and gaming. If you are a student, you can put some mini library or book shelf on top of your desk to put in all your study materials. If you are a professional, you can get a desk that has drawers and other storage space in order to keep all your work material. Most importantly, you need to check on different computer setup ideas so it could accommodate both activities well. This kind of gaming setup desk idea is super effective and efficient to have at home. 

6. Scandinavian Style Setup 

Scandinavian Style Setup - p @gridfiti.com
Source: pinterest (@gridfiti.com)

If you want your gaming setup corner to blend in with the rest of your room or house, you can go for a style similar to your house’s interior or you can go with a design that is more minimal and subtle. We suggest you go with a Scandinavian style gaming desk setup. Its clean and minimalist look makes it look nice and tidy. You can incorporate wooden gaming room furniture to achieve this look. For the color combination, you can choose white and wooden color or black and wooden color to slidify the look. The gaming setup desk idea for those of you who prefer a mature and minimalist style.  

7. Extra Screen Monitor 

Extra Screen Monitor

We will start with a gaming setup desk idea that will enhance your visual gaming experience. When playing games, the visual experience is super important. This is why some of you will put importance on the screen monitors. You can put together up to three screen monitors at once side by side with each other. By doing so, you can have a fun gaming experience. Especially if you are playing games together with your friends, having larger screens will let you immerse yourself into the game.

8. Hanging Monitor Screen 

Hanging Monitor Screen - p @sohoforever.com
Source: pinterest (@sohoforever.com)

The hanging monitor screen setup will be a great gaming setup desk idea for small rooms. When you have limited space for your desks, you can put your screen up on the wall by using a simple stand or hang it directly on the wall so you don’t have to sacrifice your gaming visual experience. Also, it will be a great place if you want to add an extra screen monitor, but your small desk won’t let you. Just make sure you adjust the height of the screen well so you won’t hurt your neck when you play.

9. Curved Monitor Screen  

Curved Monitor Screen - p @Desk Setups By Clement Birch
Source: pinterest (@Evi Fisher)

Another alternative for small spaces computer setup ideas will be the curved screen monitor. If you can’t afford a place for an extra monitor screen, you can hop to the trend of curved screen computers. The curved screen makes it more comfortable for you to use. At the same time, it also gives a fuller visual experience when you play. Also, it is just more compact and simple because you don’t have to put three monitors together and just replace it with one of these. Even though its price is not so cheap, you can consider it a great investment both for your hobby and work. This gaming setup desk idea would also work well for your work desk setup. 

10. Super Long Table Setup  

Super Long Table Setup

Next, we are moving on to a different gaming desk setup idea that focuses more on the desk itself. Even if you are new to the gaming world, it is always best to have a spacious gaming desk area. You can start with getting yourself a super long gaming desk and pair it with a basic and comfortable gaming chair. Getting a huge gaming desk might seem too much when you have not so much equipment yet. However, think of it as an early investment for your gaming desk setup if you’re ever going to add another monitor or others you already have enough space for.

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11. L-Shaped Desk 

L-Shaped Desk - p @wayfair.com
Source: pinterest (@wayfair.com)

If you don’t have any problem with limited floor space, you need to consider a diy gaming setup desk using this L-shaped desk. One of the greatest gaming desk setup ideas you can find out there. Why? Because it gives you all the space you need to put in your best screen monitors, keyboard, mouse, headset stand, and other accessories. It is also a great gaming room furniture to get if you combine your gaming and working or study desk into one. So, you fill one side with the monitors and other electronics and clear out the other side for you to write, put your books, a little snack corner, and many more.

12. Adjustable Height Desk 

Adjustable Height Desk - p @reddit.com
Source: pinterest (@roselindwilsondesign.com)

The adjustable height desk or the standing desk or is another gaming room furniture you can consider getting. It is an ergonomic piece of furniture that will give you a great experience when you play or work. This piece would be super beneficial if you are going to use your gaming setup desk as a work desk by the day. It is just wonderful that you will be able to adjust its height so you can save your shoulder and neck from hurting. Even if you only use it for gaming, the long hours of gaming and staring at the computer could cause several health issues such as back pain, carpas passage disorder, and even paralysis. By using this specific desk, it will actually save you away from these problems. A great piece to include in your next diy gaming setup project.

13. Neon Light Setup

Neon Light Setup

Neon lights are such fun gaming desk setup ideas. The different light colors would create a great gaming ambience resembling those you can find in internet cafes. It will make your gaming experience more exciting. There are so many neon lights that you can choose from, starting from the cheap to the expensive ones. You can put on neon lights that could change colors and have several light settings. So, you can set it up differently based on what you feel.

14. Nanoleaf Setup 

Nanoleaf Setup - p @GPU Street USA #1 Graphic Card store 100% Trusted Service
Source: pinterest (@cubbyathome.com)

Aside from the basic neon lights setup, you can also consider getting the Nanoleaf lights setup. It comes in the basic triangular shape complete with wifi connection and all. It is a little diy gaming setup you can use to further enhance your gaming experience. You can place it on the walls with whatever shape you want. Since it is connected with wifi connection, it will light up based on the sound of the game you are playing or basically any other sound. Thus, it will give you a super cool light effect when you are playing your game. Imagine how cool that looks.

15. Night Sky Theme Gaming Desk 

Night Sky Theme Gaming Desk - p @wattpad.com
Source: pinterest (@lushome.com)

This is probably a personal favorite on the list. The more thematic gaming setup desk idea that you can try to do. Since we play games mostly during the night time, this theme describes the situation perfectly. On the back wall of your gaming desk, you can put on some tumblr lights and neon lights in the shape of moons and stars. This will definitely make your gaming space area look more dreamy and beautiful. 

16. Hanging Storage Idea

Hanging Storage Idea - p @minimaldesksetups.com
Source: pinterest (@theenglishfamily.co.uk)

If you have a limited space for a gaming desk, you can always utilize the wall for some storage. You can put on your gaming accessories and other things hanging on the wall. It might look a little messy, but you can do it nicely and make it a room decoration style. If you do it right, you will have an organized and beautiful looking gaming desk and storage area. This hanging board will be a great addition to complete your gaming room furniture.

17. High Quality Gaming Chair

High Quality Gaming Chair - p @brothertedd.com
Source: pinterest (@habios.com)

When you are doing your DIY gaming setup, you should not miss out on the gaming chair. If you have some money to splurge, you can consider getting the best quality gaming chair out there. High quality gaming chair is ergonomic so it will be kind to your neck, shoulder, and back. Even if you spend hours playing games, you won’t feel hurt afterwards.

18. Swivel Chair

Swivel Chair - p @autonomous.ai
Source: pinterest (@projectnursery.com)

If the gaming chair does not fit your budget, you can go with a swivel chair instead. It is still comfortable enough for you to use for gaming with a lower price point. There are tons of swivel chair designs out there. You can choose the one that matches your gaming setup desk really well. Looking super stylish without the need of breaking the bank. 

19. Cute Gaming Chair 

Cute Gaming Chair - p @unactive
Source: pinterest (@vertbaudet.co.uk)

If you are going for a cute style, there are tons of cute gaming chairs available in the market. Despite its cute design, they are still super well made and comfortable to use. It comes with such cute colors: pink, pastel colors, and many more. This is a must pick for all female gamers out there to complete their cute gaming setup desk. Get ready to spend some money!

20. Immersive Gaming Experience 

Immersive Gaming Experience - p @imgur.com
Source: pinterest (@capturebylucy.com)

We are going to end this list of gaming setup desk ideas with the setup that every gamer out there would wish for. This setup includes the best monitor screen setup and with all the coolest gaming keyboard, accessory, and mouse. You can put on LED lights in order to create the perfect ambience to win every round. The must-added item on for this setup is a projector so you can turn one side of the wall to be your big screen.

21. Earth Tone Gaming Desk

Earth Tone Gaming Desk
Source: Pinterest (@bee)

This one is for gamers who love earth-tone colors. As you can see, this gaming desk is full of colors like light brown, broken white, soft green and also cream, which all are colors that can create a peaceful ambience. Every gamer needs a quiet place to play, including to push rank and to finally win the game. Therefore, they will need a gaming desk to give them exactly that, and this gaming desk design may be the perfect one. To bring calmness into the area, you can also add a scented candle, too!

22. Japanese Style Gaming Desk

Japanese Style Gaming Desk
Source: Pinterest (@twitter.com)

Who can resist the cuteness of this gaming desk? In our opinion, this gaming desk design is probably one of the most recommended designs of gaming desk for female gamers, especially those who love Japanese culture, games and also movies and animations. The desk is full of Japanese character decorations in various sizes, and the chair is just super cute and comfy, too. It will come useful for gamers when they need a break in between games, because the seat rest can be adjusted based on your level of comfort.

23. All White Desk for Gaming

All White Desk for Gaming
Source: Pinterest (@gridfiti.com)

This clean and sleek gaming desk design offers gamers the perfect spot to focus on the game, since the color theme is so calming and relaxing at the same time. To recreate this gaming desk at your home, you can have all elements in white or broken white, including the desk and decorations. To add a little color to the whole design, you can always add decorations of items in soft colors like peach, soft pink or light gray. However, you also need to make sure that you don’t add too much of them, because you will want to keep the balance right. 

24. Bunk Bed Gaming Area

Bunk Bed Gaming Area
Source: Pinterest (@overstock.com)

If you are currently looking for some ideas and recommendations on how to add a cool gaming desk into your son’s bedroom, you might want to check this one out. This gaming desk is created as part of a bunk bed, where your son can play comfortably on a cool desk that won’t take too much space inside his bedroom. Once he is tired of playing, he can go straight up and sleep in a bed on top of his gaming desk. Such a cool idea, don’t you think?

25. Aesthetic Industrial Gaming Desk

Aesthetic Industrial Gaming Desk
Source: Pinterest (@risedesk.io)

Gamers who have a great sense of art would love to have this kind of gaming desk at home. This gaming desk highlights the design of minimalist and industrial, combined into an aesthetic gaming spot. For this kind of design, it’s always a great idea to make sure that you don’t add too many accessories and decoration items because you don’t want the desk to be too crowded and lose its aesthetic touch. In terms of color, gray would be the dominating color of this idea.

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How do I set up a gaming desk and work?

Since we are living in a working from home era, it gives you more reason to invest in good quality equipment. The most important item is a nice, comfortable ergonomic chair. It will definitely cost more, but it will save your back from aching after long hours of work and game. In addition to the basic setup of a good keyboard, mouse, and monitors, you can also consider getting a good web camera for your zoom meetings. Apparently, gaming and working desks require quite similar equipment, thus you don’t need two separate desks, you can comfortably use one.

How do you make a good gaming setup with a small desk?

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What desk do most gamers use?

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