20 Most Unique Ways on How to Celebrate Cat’s Birthday

Are you a cat parent who is looking for a perfect birthday celebration idea for your little furry “son” or “daughter”? A cat’s birthday is a momentous occasion, so there’s no reason you can’t celebrate it properly. Beside parties, there are many great ways to show them how much you appreciate their love and loyalty. So, don’t let this year’s significant day pass you by. Make sure your cat knows how valuable they are as a member of the family.

Let’s take a look at some birthday activities to celebrate your cat’s birthday this year. From making cat birthday decorations and cat themed birthday cake to playing fun games and taking a cute photoshoot, you’ll find the best birthday party idea for your cat. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the list!

1. Treats Eating Competition

Cats are known to love food! So why not turn your cat’s special day into a fun competition? The first thing you need to do is to find pet bakeries that produce miniature pies, muffins, and cakes. Use them as a delicious treat for an eating competition and see who consumes the treats the quickest. Invite other cat owners to join the competition, and make sure that each owner has control of their cat to prevent any cat fights over food!

2. Create DIY Present

If you are looking for an affordable present idea on how to celebrate cat’s birthday, why don’t you make it on your own? You can surprise your cat with a quick DIY gift in five to ten minutes to really make their day. Try making a puzzle box out of a basic plastic food container or a DIY cat tent out of an old t-shirt. I have no doubt that your cat will surely love your creative gift.

3. Ice Cream Party

In case your cat was born in summer, then a cat-friendly ice cream is a perfect choice to cool them on a hot sunny day. A pumpkin, an unusual but intriguing ingredient, has just enough attraction to catch your cat’s attention. Simply blend pumpkin with cat’s milk or cat food. Freeze at least for 3 hours and then serve it to your happy cat!

4. Fun Cat Themed Fashion Show

Fashion shows aren’t just for humans, because cats also deserve a cute and adorable fashion show. If your furry friend loves to wear cute costumes, then a fashion show is the best birthday party idea for the cat. I would advice you to dress your cat in the most unique and cutest outfits. Don’t forget to take selfies in a cat birthday hat to make a statement that they are the start of this special day. However, you should always provide monitoring if there are additional partygoers.

5. Give Donations under Your Cat’s Name

It’s all about sharing love on birthdays. If that’s the case, why not involve your cat on this particular day to make a difference in the life of other animals? One method to achieve this is by making a donation in your cat’s honor to a nearby rescue or shelter. You can reach more people with a fundraising campaign if your cat is popular on social media. Finally, donate the proceeds to the rescue facility or shelter of your choice.

6. Make a Cat Birthday Cake

If you’re looking for some sweet idea on how to celebrate cat’s birthday, you may easily make a birthday cake appropriate for a cat using only food that you already have. Empty a can of cat food like pate onto a plate. Then, you may finish this cat birthday food by decorating the “cake” with your cat’s favorite kibble. Because it’s made of ingredients that your cat already likes, it’s simple to prepare and guaranteed to be a hit.

7. Host a Talent Show

Are there any unique skills that your cat or any of their buddies possess? You and your guests will have the chance to experience the antics and uniqueness of the cat by hosting a feline talent show! While it’s true that cats aren’t as simple to train as their canine counterparts, a clicker may be used to teach a few commands to any feline that’s prepared to work for some rewards. Make it into a cat training seminar if no one has any tricks or unique behaviors!

8. Travel to Cat Friendly Cities

If your travel buddy is your lovely cat, then you can visit travel friendly cities to celebrate your cat’s birthday. Miami and Orlando in Florida are the top two most cat friendly cities in the US, according to OneVet. Enjoy beautiful pet-friendly beaches in Florida, where you can watch the sunset and relax with your cat. Since this state has a high number of pet shops and veterinarians, you also can buy cat necessities easily in Florida while traveling.

9. Go Out with Your Cat

Cats with a sense of adventure may like exploring. So why not commemorate their special day by taking your cat on a journey that is pet-friendly? You can go to their favorite route, park, or perhaps a completely other location like Cuyahoga Valley in Ohio. The most important thing is to provide your cat with a fun experience. In order to make the most of the experience, take their favorite toys or snacks in case they become hungry on the road.

10. Take a Birthday Photoshoot

Just like parents who want to take a birthday photo for their kids, you can also try this culture to celebrate your furry son’s birthday. Set up a special birthday portrait session by contacting a pet photographer. Give them additional props like toys and balloons to mark the occasion. As a future remembrance, make a photo memory book for your cat that includes pictures from each year’s birthday.

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11. Invite Your Friends to Bring Cats

A cat birthday party is not complete without cat guests. If this is your cat’s first birthday, then you can use the opportunity to meet new “friends” and play together. Invite your friends with their cat to your cat’s birthday party. I can guarantee you that there’s nothing more exciting than seeing how cute the interactions between those cats will be, as they lick their favorite tuna meal together!

12. Buy a New Cat Toy

There is no better occasion than a birthday to add some fun toys to an already overflowing play basket, whether it is engaging toys or something to cuddle up with. So if you are looking for the best way on how to celebrate cat’s birthday, get new toys! Finding a brand-new birthday gift for your cat should be simple with the countless options of cat toys that are readily available to purchase. If you need cat trees for your active kitten, check out some unique cat trees on awesomestuff365.com.

13. Make a Donation at Cat House on The Kings, California

Show your gratitude on your cat’s birthday by giving a donation to The Cat House On The Kings in California. This is the largest no-cage cat sanctuary that has been featured on Animal Planet and the National Geographic channel given the estimated 700 cats who live there. This is a perfect place to donate if you want to spread happiness on your cat’s birthday to other lovely cats. If you’re thinking on how to celebrate cat’s birthday by spreading your love for other cats, this is definitely the one to choose.

14. Enjoy Happy Hour with Catnip

Enjoy Happy Hour with Catnip

Give catnip to your cat and enjoy happy hours together. You can provide catnip to your cat in a number of forms, such as catnip bubbles, fresh leaves, or toys. Use this free, straightforward pattern to create a plush catnip toy for your cat’s birthday. If you’ve never given catnip to your cat, sprinkle a few dried leaves onto a toy or climbing structure and observe how it reacts.

15. Staycation in Cat Friendly Hotel

Staycation In Cat Friendly Hotel

Cats love to sleep all day. So, I think a staycation in a cat friendly hotel like The Oxford Hotel in Bend Oregon will be a perfect birthday celebration idea for your cat. This cat-friendly hotel, which is situated in the center of Oregon’s outdoor and urban playground, will treat your cat with the respect they deserve. Cat dishes, toys, a bed, and treats will be provided as part of the $59 per pet. Don’t miss riding a free cruiser from the Oxford Hotel around Bend if you’re a true explorer!

16. Get Your Senior Cat Groomed

Get Your Senior Cat Groomed

As your cat ages, what better way to commemorate their birthday than with a thorough grooming service? Pet Bath USA has professional cat grooming service and self service tubs to pamper your cat. Pet grooming has several advantages, particularly for cats as they age. In addition to giving your cat a youthful, attractive appearance, it benefits skin health monitoring. Your cat’s skin and coat can be closely examined by a groomer to look for any anomalies. 

17. Play Scavenger Hunt

Play Scavenger Hunt

Without cat birthday party games, a cat party wouldn’t be complete. Cats enjoy hunting and hiding things. So, scavenger hunt will be a perfect birthday game. Hide little mice or other cat toys as an Easter egg hunt twist, and see who can find the most of them. Keep in mind cat-favored hiding places, such as your shoes. Give the winner kibbles to bring home.

18. Get Your Cat a Matching Outfit

Get Your Cat Matching Outfit

Let your cat understand that they are special by dressing them in matching clothes with you. Since it’s your cat’s birthday, you may choose fun outfit themes like the Catwoman or chicken costumes. You can take some selfies and upload them on social media to get more birthday wishes from your friends to your cat.

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19. Give Special Cat-Friendly Treats

Give Special Cat-Friendly Treats

Cats like eating much like any other animal. So, your cat’s birthday is ideal for spoiling them! Purchase some of their preferred goodies from the store and feed them to your cat periodically throughout the day. Cat snacks can be made from little cooked bits of chicken, turkey, beef, venison, or fish. Just be careful not to overdo it because you don’t want to make your cat ill.

20. Spoil Your Cat with Small Little Things

Spoil Your Cat with Small Little Things

Treat your cat well on their special day with simple routines to make their day. Open all the curtains to let the sun in, or spread out warm, new bedding straight from the dryer in their preferred sun location. Don’t forget to sprinkle catnip on their favorite blanket and give the litter box some extra tender loving care. These are the small things that make cats the happiest!

Final Thought

Having a special cat in our life is truly a blessing. We all love the company of a loyal furry friend who fill up our days with happiness and also with it’s cuteness. So, celebrating your lovely cat’s birthday is definitely worth having. Since it’s your cat’s birthday, the best way to celebrate the special day is by focusing on what makes your cat happy. Focus on your cat’s favorite snacks and toys and see how you can create something creative out of them to let your cat know that they have a special place in your heart.

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How can you make your cat’s birthday special?

Spoil your cat with love and service on their special day. Give them their favorite food, toys, and spend the whole day with your cat. Or, you can also throw a birthday party for your cat. Invite their furry buddies to the party to mark the special occasion. If you don’t know what to get to your cat on its birthday, please check in the article above.

Do cats understand birthdays?

Cats lack the cognitive capacity and brain structure needed to comprehend the idea of enjoying a “special day.” However, cats can still appreciate our celebrations even when they don’t fully comprehend the details. Usually cats want to participate when everyone is happy and excited.

How do you say happy birthday to a cat?

You can say your birthday wish directly to your dearest cat. Just look closely at their innocent eyes while saying happy birthday to them. Give them more love by kissing and hugging them many times. Finally, let them enjoy their favorite food on this special day.

What can you feed your cat for its birthday?

Make a special birthday cake for the cat with a can of tuna. You may sprinkle kibbles or catnip at the top for extra happiness. If you don’t have time to make it, you buy special treats like pies and muffins from pet bakeries. After all, consider their favorite ingredients for their birthday meal.

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