25 Charming Treehouse Ideas for Your Perfect Sanctuary

Treehouse is a small house built in a tree. Treehouses are becoming more and more popular as home altitudes. They are a place in which you can feel close to nature and enjoy being surrounded by beautiful scenery. For many, it is the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the forest, while others use it as a vacation home or retreat. Most modern tree houses don’t have expensive insulation, instead, they use natural materials like wood, bark and leaves. However, tree houses can be quite elaborate and nearly resemble small cabins or even off-the-grid homes. Therefore, you need more inspiration for treehouse ideas before building one. 

If you are looking for amazing tree house ideas for your sanctuary or even a kids playground, then you come to the right place. In this article, we will guide you to find the ideal treehouse in your life. From the simple treehouse tyle for adults to the cool treehouse with accessories, these amazing treehouse ideas are specially made for you. Without any further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Green Treehouse In The Forest

Source: Pinterest (@wilderpublications.com)

If you dream of having a simple and minimalist treehouse to escape from the crowded city, then it will be one of the perfect treehouse ideas. It has a classic treehouse appearance with a door and few windows in green paint that is immersed with the green forest. Not to mention, you can add wooden stairs with railings for safety and easy access.

2. Simple Treehouse With Hanging Swing

Source: Pinterest (@rengusuk.com)

Make your simple treehouse fun and welcoming for children by adding a hanging swing. Connect the cable from the treehouse to the strong tree, so your children can slide with the swing from tree house to the grounds safely by parents supervision. This is one of the best treehouse ideas where both parents and kids can enjoy staying at the little sanctuary.

3. Two Floor Treehouse With Bridge

Source: Pinterest (@decoratrend.com)

Bring the minecraft treehouse ideas to reality with the cool treehouse concept. You need a large and strong tree to create 2 floors of a treehouse. Let the first floor be the main hall to enjoy the natural view that is connected with a strong bridge. Meanwhile, you can utilize the second floor as a private room to meditate or relax. Connect both the first and second floor with a strong rope ladder.

4. Treehouse With Bicycle Elevator

Source: Pinterest (@blog.dugnorth.com)

This is definitely one of the most creative treehouse ideas you have ever seen! Suppose you don’t want to add stairs or ladders to your cool treehouse, then you can apply the unique technology. Use the adult bike as a proper elevator to lift you up! Connect the bike with a strong cable you can pull with a small force. It adds another fun element before getting to the treehouse.

5. Jungle Treehouse With Loft

Source: Pinterest (@Carolyn Bridges-Brown)

Enjoy the perfect nature view from the best position in your tree house. This is one of the best treehouse ideas that offer an amazing nature view. The loft with a round roof will be the highlight of the treehouse as you can get a private space with a higher position to enjoy the view from inside. Moreover, the design also provides enough windows for natural light sources.

6. Poles And Monkey Hanging In Treehouse

Source: Pinterest (@diytreehouses.tumblr.com)

For your active kids and teenaers who love to play outdoors, this concept will definitely be one of their favorite treehouse ideas. You can add some fun accessories in your simple treehouse such as monkey hanging bars and treehouse poles. These playful accessories can bring joy to them, making an ideal treehouse for kids and teenagers to play together.

7. Open Air Treehouse For Casual Picnic

Source: Pinterest (@theskunkpot.com)

As picnic on the ground is already too mainstream, then you can design the open air treehouse ideas for your future picnic location. The concept is inspired by the flower blossoms, so it only has half walls in flower petal shapes without any roof. The treehouse is an ideal spot for a spring picnic. You can bring your picnic mat and picnic table to enjoy the view while enjoying some food. 

8. Terrace With Sun Shade Canopy

Source: Pinterest (@dugdugs.info)

For those who love outdoors but are afraid of getting sunburn, this concept will be one of the greatest treehouse ideas. You can design the special terrace on your treehouse with a sun shade canopy. This concept allows you to enjoy the natural view comfortably as you are protected by the canopy. Put some chairs on the terrace in case you are planning to relax or reading a book there.

9. Fun Treehouse With Slide And Ladder

Source: Pinterest (@gluesticksgumdrops.com)

Color is one of the most important aspects in a treehouse for kids. Therefore, you can paint the basic treehouse in vibrant colors such as red, yellow, and blue. You may put some toys to play with slides as the focal point. In fact, putting a spiral tube slide will give extra fun for kids. Don’t forget to put a strong ladder in purple for easy access and an appealing visual.

10. Luxurious Minecraft Treehouse

Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.com)

You might think that minecraft treehouse is only possible in the game, but it actually works in real life! Make your own luxurious minecraft treehouse with fantastic treehouse ideas without trees. Create a round jungle roof brick house with 3 levels, making a huge and cool treehouse. Surround your treehouse with a balcony, giving plenty of outdoor space. Make sure it has enough windows so your large room appears bright inside.

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11. Children Fantasy Treehouse

Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

A playground which is designed full of fun, the treehouse for kids will surely please all the guests. You can paint the treehouse in pink and natural wood color to show the rustic vibe for kids. Add some welcoming wooden signs to create a cheerful atmosphere. You may put some toys inside the tree house and fun games with a safety net to play with friends.

12. Amazing Treehouse With Capsule Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@elledecor.com)

If you are playing minecraft, then you must be familiar with the floating treehouse ideas in the game. Considering the safety, you can make a private capsule bedroom next to the treehouse. Support the capsule room with a strong and sturdy construction. Connect the capsule and the treehouse with a small bridge. Therefore, you can admire the beauty of forest and stars at night inside the capsule.

13. Castle Treehouse

Source: Pinterest (@sacredfamiliar.com)

A classic and vintage castle is one of the most ideal treehouse ideas without trees for those who want to feel like royalty. Design the construction with bricks to radiate the elegance of the castle in your treehouse. Create a pair of castles in different heights, giving a dynamic appearance. Don’t forget to design the roof with the iconic conical shape with brick conker.

14. Fortress Treehouse 

Source: Instagram (@wild_bill810)

Watching birds from a treehouse is a fun activity to do for adults and kids. Therefore, you need proper treehouse ideas which are designed to get the perfect view. You can use the fortress treehouse concept to create a higher bird view without taking too much space. Design the treehouse with a strong square base on the first level so it can support the second floor. Use red paint color for an attractive treehouse appearance. 

15. Treehouse With Comfortable Hammock

Source: Instagram (@realestatewithjrc)

Utilize the empty space under your treehouse with a pair of comfortable multicolored hammocks. Suppose staying at the treehouse for a long time in the day can burn your skin, then the hammock will be a perfect lifesafer. Therefore, you can take a nap under the treehouse with the comfortable hammock while protecting from the direct sunlight as well. 

16. Kids Training Treehouse

Source: Instagram (@realestatewithjrc)

Help your kids to learn and enjoy nature from the early ages with the fun treehouse for kids which is designed for training their motoric skills. It features many outdoor games to train their motoric skills such as monkey hanging bars, a climbing wall, and also rope climbing. The cool treehouse ideas will encourage them to be active and love being outdoors. 

17. Cylindrical Timber Treehouse

Source: Instagram (@huntingforgeorge)

Make your own private and luxurious sanctuary with the elegant treehouse ideas. Inspired by cylindrical timber you may have a sturdy construction of the huge and fancy treehouse. Connect the construction with glass, giving a bright open view from inside. As it may be too bright during the day, add a film sun blocking window to protect you from too much sunlight exposure. 

18. Mexican Beach Treehouse

Source: Pinterest (@trippingwithmybff.com)

Fell the summer vibes with the amazing treehouse concept. The treehouse is inspired by a Mexican beach treehouse, using a high ceiling and roof. You may make a 2 floor treehouse design, so you can get both a private room and a living room. Adorn the patio with some greens in the wooden pot and palm trees. It will be an ideal treehouse for beach lovers.  

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19. European Style Treehouse

Source: Pinterest (@brit.co)

If you are thinking of living in your treehouse for a long time, then you should find proper treehouse ideas without trees. You may bring the European classic style for your treehouse. The sloped rooflines, balconies, and arched entries makes the treehouse feel like a European house. Paint the exterior in white, making your house look elegant and charming. 

20. Treehouse Capsule

Source: Pinterest (@lonny.com)

If you need a personal space for mediation or to relax for a while, then you can simply build a treehouse capsule. The design is literally inspired by the capsule shape. Add a simple window for better airflow and great natural light source inside the treehouse. You can put a small balcony on the side of the treehouse in case you miss the outdoor view.

21. Square Wooden Treehouse for Kids

Square Wooden Treehouse for Kids
Source: Pinterest (@sites.google.com)

If you’re thinking of creating the perfect treehouse for your kids to play and learn, this one might work for you. It comes in square shape and includes several features that allow your kids to enjoy their time in the treehouse, while having fun playing and exercising with their toys and friends. The simple shape makes it easy for you to customize, including to paint it with bright colors like yellow or green. This treehouse will be the ultimate playground for your kids for sure.

22. Pirate Ship Treehouse

Pirate Ship Treehouse
Source: Pinterest (@instructables.com)

Being able to sail on a pirate ship is obviously one of most little boys’ childhood dreams. If you want to make your little boy’s dream come true, then you can create this super cool pirate ship treehouse for him. Simply create a treehouse in the shape of a pirate ship and include all related elements like the pirate flag and sail to make it look cooler. Once all set, make sure you have bought the pirate hat for your little boy, too! 

23. Colorful Treehouse

Colorful Treehouse
Source: Pinterest (@Zach K)

Instead of having the usual treehouse made of wooden materials with no color whatsoever, why not try to make it more colorful this time? A colorful treehouse will definitely become a more exciting place to visit for the kids, whether it’s to play or just hang out with their friends after school. Don’t go for two or three colors only. This time, try to use as many colors as possible to create a super colorful treehouse that will wow the kids.

24. Round Treehouse

Round Treehouse
Source: Pinterest (@World)

This treehouse features a round shape that will be one of the most unique treehouses in the neighborhood. First you need to prepare solid ropes and make sure the rope can stand the weight of the treehouse. To create a more solid stand, place it in between two or three big trees, and then make a solid staircase made of plywood and rope. 

25. Glasshouse Treehouse

Glasshouse Treehouse
Source: Pinterest (@nelsontreehouse.com)

This unique treehouse is made of several used wooden window shutters in different shapes and colors. Arrange them in a way that it can create the wall for your new treehouse. Once it’s done, you will see how all the window shutters can make a very beautiful design of a treehouse, which we can call the glasshouse treehouse. This kind of treehouse can be a comfy place to be your daily sunroom, and it can also be a nice place to hang out during winter, too!

Latest Post:

How do you build a simple treehouse?

First, you need to decide the ideal location for the treehouse. You need a strong and sturdy tree to support your treehouse. After that, you can start to measure the right size and build the frame in the tree. Add posts or braces as needed to secure the position. Finally, you can put the treehouse in the sturdy frame construction and add some additional elements such as windows, door, or even roof.

What is the best tree to make a treehouse on?

Both maple and oak make terrific choices. Cedar, hemlock, apple, or beech can all be used quite effectively. All of these are sturdy trees that develop into enormous trees and can withstand a variety of climates, which is vitally necessary when building a treehouse. For the best support, pick a robust, long-lasting hardwood with load-bearing branches that are at least eight inches in diameter.

What to know before building a treehouse?

You can’t simply build a treehouse, because you need a proper permit to legally build one. Ask your  local building department and homeowner associations if treehouses are permitted in your area. Don’t forget to talk to your neighbors before building a treehouse as it may affect their views. In addition, consider the tree species, whether it is suitable for treehouse construction or not. 

How long does a tree house last?

When constructed with high-quality materials, a treehouse will survive between 10 and 25 years. The expected longevity is also reliant on appropriate construction practices. For instance, when building, enough space must be left for the tree to grow.

How do you protect a treehouse from the weather?

You might use Textrol or another penetrating oil finish for the natural look to protect your tree house from moisture, the elements, and UV ray damage. It won’t peel or flake because there isn’t a layer covering the surface. Furthermore, you don’t have to wait for coats to dry because they may be wet-on-wet.

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