20 Anti Mainstream Ways on How to Celebrate Dog Birthday

When dogs are part of the family, you must want to celebrate their special day in a fun and memorable way. On your dog’s birthday, repay their unwavering love, affection, and loyalty with doggy-approved treats and presents. In fact, there are many enjoyable and simple ways to celebrate your dog’s birthday. It’s also a good time to strengthen your bond and relationship as a family.

Dog birthdays are not as stressful as human birthdays. Instead, you can have a blast celebrating your special furry friend’s birthday. To help you find the best birthday celebration ideas, here are some anti mainstream ideas to help you celebrate and make your dog’s special day unforgettable. Let’s check them out below!

1. Take The Agility Course for Your Dog

On your dog’s special day, use this chance to make them healthier and also stronger. To do that, you can let your dog take the agility course to celebrate their new age. Ask them to run through obstacles, jump, and weave poles. The physical exertion maintains your dog in shape, reduces fat, boosts endurance, and fortifies bones and joints. 

2. Invite Your Friends with Their Dogs to Come Over

You may have your own dog birthday party if you’re searching for a fun way to honor your dog’s birthday. To celebrate the special day, invite a few members of your family and friends together with their charming dogs. Prepare some snacks to keep the dogs happy, and make sure you have some toys to keep them busy, too. However, do remember to keep an eye on everything and make sure the dogs are always under supervision. After all, we don’t want to ruin our dog’s special day, aren’t we?

3. Enjoy Beach Vacation Together

Consider you’re lucky if you live near the coast since the beach is another place with built-in fun for your dog. If you’re looking for an idea on how to celebrate your a dog birthday on the beach, you can always take your dog to dog friendly beaches like Carmel Beach in California or Jupiter Dog Beach in Florida. The dogs can engage in all sorts of mischief while the dog owners enjoyed a day at the beach. Don’t forget to take some cute puppy’s birthday photos during the vacation.

4. Get the Best Matching Birthday Outfit

For your dog’s special party, let them choose their own birthday outfit. Bring your dog to a pet store that accepts dogs and let them peruse the aisles and choose their own style. Once your dog make up its mind, match their outfit theme with yours, making a great and solid family portrait. For some inspirations, check out cool costumes for dogs in awesomestuff365.com.

5. Have an Unforgettable Picnic with Your Dog

If you prefer a private party with your dog rather a bug celebration, then you can always choose to have a picnic together. On a sunny day, bring a mat, your meal, and their favorite food for the dog day out. Simply have a picnic at the backyard or at the park where they have been there before, because it will make them feel more comfortable. You can go to the Old LA Zoo Picnic Area for a proper picnic date. Enjoy your meal and let your dog have theirs as well under the perfect weather.

6. Make Homemade Dog Birthday Cake

Making a special birthday cake for your dog on its birthday is a great way to do as and idea on how to celebrate your dog birthday. A cake can be a sweet sign to extend your love to them. Puppy cake mix can be used to make a pupcake for your dog. Or, you can make spoiled dog cake with peanut butter, apple sauce and also pumpkin. Don’t forget to put frosting cream and its favorite dog cookies on the top of the birthday cake. I bet your dog will finish the cake within seconds!

7. Prepare Puppy Party Favors

What is a birthday celebration without a tote full of party favors? Make an impressive keepsake before your guests leave by giving party favors. Fill the goodie bag with a bandana, a few tiny toys like a chew toy, some dog bones or jerky sticks, and, of course, some on-the-go treats for the humans. Don’t forget to put a thank you card inside the party favors.

8. Take Your Dog for a Walk at the New Park

How much does your dog like going for a stroll every day? If that’s one of your dog’s most favorite things to do, then in our opinion, you can take your dog to explore new places on its birthday. Take your dog to a fresh park or go trekking on a new trail. You can go to Acadia in the coast of Maine or Congaree in the South of California. Remember to allow some extra time to sniff around and take in all those novel and interesting odors to make it even more enjoyable for them.

9. Set Up Photobooth for Your Dog

A photobooth is a great way to keep moments on your dog’s birthday party. Make your own photo booth backdrop with name balloons and prepare some dog-friendly props for their birthday party. Find unique dog birthday photoshoot ideas on Pinterest they can do with the guests, spreading their charm and cuteness. To view all the fun in one location, ask your guests to share their pictures to Facebook or Instagram with a unique hashtag.

10. Play Fun Birthday Games Together

Another fun way to celebrate your dog’s birthday is by hosting some games at their birthday party. Find dog birthday party games that they can play with other dogs. If you have an active dog, then you should spend some time to play some extra games and have fun together with them. You can play fetch, tug of war, or even find the treats.

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11. Make Your Dog a Special Ice Cream

Since it is a dog birthday party, you should prepare a special ice cream for the desserts. You can easily make a dog-friendly treat at home using products you most likely already have in your kitchen. Bananas, plain yogurt, and creamy peanut butter are blend them together, then frozen them for an appropriate amount of time. Or, you can simply pour chicken broth into a mold and freeze. Yummy!

12. Setting Up Playdate for Your Dog

Setting up a playdate for your dog is another easy way to make a dog’s 1st birthday more enjoyable. For some playtime, invite your dog’s favorite canine companion over. Although it might seem pretty easy, your dog will truly enjoy this one-on-one play time. Just keep an eye on things and make sure the dogs always have access to clean water.

13. Create a Social Media Account for Your Dog

How To Celebrate Dog Birthday

Of course you want to keep great memories with your dog on social media. On their special day, use this time to let people on the internet know about your dog’s charm. You can create an Instagram or Tiktok account specifically for your dog. Share their daily activities and their funny photos to more dog lovers out there. As your dog gets popular, they will also get more birthday wishes from their followers on social media. 

14. Enjoy Swimming Together at the Local Swimming Pool

Enjoy Swimming Together at The Local Swimming Pool

The majority of dogs enjoy swimming. So if you want to make your dog’s first birthday exciting, then make it a fun swim day together. You can bring your dog to the local swimming pools that allow dogs. Just keep in mind to supervise your dog at all times and to adhere to the fundamental swimming safety advice for dogs, which includes providing them with fresh water and wiping them off afterward.

15. Create DIY Dog Partywear

Create DIY Dog Partywear

Nothing in the world is cuter than a puppy wearing a dog birthday hat and tutu skirt. You may easily create your own for their birthday party. Simply make construction paper, poster board, or foam paper into a cone shape for the party hat. Check how to make a dog party hat tutorial here. Buy colorful tulle fabrics and put them on their body for the skirt. This idea makes your dog feel even more festive.

16. Buy Your Dog New Toys

Buy Your Dog New Toys

Show your love to your dogs with new dog birthday toys! What would a birthday be without the ideal gift? Whether it’s a chew toy or even a tennis ball, if your dog has a favorite toy, get them a brand-new one. Or, find some cool gadgets for your dog in awesomestuff365.com. Give your dog the opportunity to open the present after it has been wrapped.

17. Show Your Love and Affection

Show Your Love and Affection

Dogs love attention. The least you can do is take a break from your hectic schedule and spend the time playing or simply cuddling with your furry child on their special day. So, smother them in sloppy kisses and long hugs to wish them a happy birthday.  This will undoubtedly make their day—or possibly their entire year—better!

18. Give Your Dog a Day at the Spa

Give Your Dog A Day At Spa

Time to pamper your dog! Your dog must feel and look his best on their special day. For that reason, book an appointment with a stylist and get your pet groomed. Petco  is one of the best pet salons that offers a special dog grooming package. Give your dog a day at the spa where they can get a great haircut and a deeply soothing massage. Put your dog in his favorite attire and consider switching out his collar.

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19. Make Special Birthday Vlog on Youtube for Your Dog

Make Special Birthday Vlog On Youtube for Your Dog

This is indeed a great idea If you want to say happy birthday to your dog in a romantic way. Record your dog’s daily activities they’ve spent together with you. Edit the video as a sweet and romantic vlog to celebrate their special birthday. You can say happy birthday to your dog on the birthday vlog. Later, you can post it on youtube so they will get more birthday wishes from the internet.

20. Make Indoors Fun

Make Indoors Fun

In case you can’t go out with your dog to celebrate their birthday due to the weather condition, then you can spend the whole day together having fun. Keep them busy indoors with a variety of activities, including hide-and-seek. Your dog might learn a new trick, play tag with you, chase a ball down the stairs, find a toy or treat concealed someplace in the home, or uncover a treat buried beneath a cup of plastic.

Final Thought

Having a dog is blessing. Therefore, arranging a special celebration for your dog’s birthday would be a super nice gesture that your dog would appreciate. In arranging a special celebration, do remember to include your dog’s favorite snacks and meals, because a special will always keep your dog happy no matter what. As your most loyal friends, you dog deserves a special treatment that will keep you close to your dog’s heart for a long period of time.

Latest Post:

Do dogs know their birthday?

Dogs are not aware of their birthdays because they are not familiar with human traditions. However, when you make a big deal of them on their birthday, dogs will recognize that something special is happening and will appreciate all the festivities that go along with a birthday celebration. If you don’t know how to celebrate a dog’s birthday, check out in the article above for more tips.

How do you say happy birthday to your dog?

The easiest way to say happy birthday is by showing your love and affection to your dog. You can kiss and hug them all day and make a special time together. In addition, you can get them a new toy and say happy birthday directly to them. Or, you can host a birthday party for your dog so more people will say happy birthday to them.

Do people celebrate their pets’ birthdays?

Yes, most pet owners celebrate their pets’ birthdays in various ways. A Psychology Today study found that 81% of pet owners are aware of their animals’ birthdays and that 77% have given them a gift to mark the occasion. If you want to make a different birthday celebration for your dog this year, please read in the article above for more inspiration.

Can you give your dog a birthday cake?

Yes, you can give a customized birthday cake to a dog. Unlike the usual birthday cake for humans, a dog’s birthday cake should be less sugar with rich protein content. You can use peanut butter, yogurt, and other high protein ingredients for your dog’s birthday cake.

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