40+ Of The Coolest Dog Gadgets And Products For All Dogs

We love dogs here at Awesome Stuff 365 and are always on the lookout for the coolest dog gadgets, gizmos and creative products to add to our cool pet products category.

This week we decided to focus solely on dogs and compile the ultimate list of cool dog gadgets and products we could find for our best friends.

Some you may have seen before but we are sure that a lot of these cool products for dogs are gonna make you say “shut up and take my money” or something to that effect.

Coolest Dog Gadgets:

Sit back, relax and enjoy this compilation of unique dog products and we hope you discover a cool dog gadget or two to treat your best friend.

#1 Dog Surveillance Video Camera

coolest dog gadgets - dog surveilance camera

The Pet Surveillance Camera allows you to keep tabs on your dog while you’re at work and make sure he or she is keeping out of trouble,  it’s WIFI enabled, has an easy-to-use mobile app and works with motion and sound detection sensors. So if you’re looking for dog gadgets that allow you to stay in touch with your pooch, look no further. Find it Here

#2 Timed Puzzle Feeder

coolest dog gadgets - timed puzzle feeder

This clever dog toy allows you to place your mutt’s favorite treats inside and set the timer to release them after a certain period of time, this helps to rehabilitate a dog’s natural instinct to hunt and forage for food. It has 6 separate pods that can be set to release at 15-minute intervals. Find It Here.

#3 Water Bottles For Dogs

water bottle for dogs

Sometimes it’s the simplest of ideas that are the Best and this water bottle for dogs is certainly a cool dog product and a real favorite of ours. Who would have known that the coolest dog gadgets come in the simplest form? Check it Out!

#4 Waterproof Car Seat Cover

Waterproof Car Seat Cover

Don’t you hate it when your dog gets fur and saliva all over your beautiful upholstery in your car? Yes, you probably do. You still love your dog but…the car. Well, this car seat cover doesn’t only do a great job of protecting your seats from unwanted fur and fluids but also looks quite stylish. Find It Here.

#5 Tug Prevention Dog Trainer


This clever dog product helps to prevent your dog dragging you around like a rag doll, by emitting a harmless tone that only he can hear encouraging him to walk by your side like a true relaxed dapper dog. Find It Here.

#6 Doggie Pedal Water Fountain


Teach your dog to be a clever boy by training it to have a drink by using this dog pedal water fountain, a very handy dog product.  Find It Here.

#7 Doggie Life Vest

coolest dog gadgets - doggy life vest

Make sure your buddy stays afloat while he catches some waves or attends your next fishing adventure with this doggie life vest. Find It Here.

#8 Ultimate Dog Washing Device


The ultimate dog cleaning device makes cleaning your smelly friend a breeze, with its unique 360-degree design and most importantly your dog won’t actually mind this one as it’s like a nice massage. Find It Here.

#9 Dog Treat Pez Dispenser

coolest dog gadgets - dog pez despenser

This is one of the dog gadgets that your buddy is gonna love the most, the dog treat Pez dispenser comes with 6 different meaty dog treats that you can reward him with when he’s been a good boy! Grab One Here.

#10 Light Up Dog Leash

coolest dog gadgets - light up dog collars

Keep Max safe while going on your evening walks by fitting him with one of these stylish light up dog collars. These collars have received rave reviews from around the world. Check Them Out.

#11 Dog Umbrella Leash

coolest dog gadgets - dog umbrella leash

The dog umbrella leash is a great little dog product that definitely deserves a mention. It features a leash attached to a transparent umbrella that will keep your pooch relatively dry and spare you the pain of a smelly wet dog through out the day. Find One Here

#12 Automatic Ball Launcher

coolest dog gadgets - automatic ball launcher

The automatic ball launcher is a great way to keep your pooch entertained for hours at the park while you sit down relax and watch your dogs fun. it features motion sensors that keep you and your dog safe from launches of 7 feet away and then launches to distances of up t0 30 feet. Check It Out.

#13 Fit Bark Dog Activity Monitor & App


This awesome dog gadget is an all in one dog activity and sleep monitor with the APP for monitoring and planning your dog’s health and well-being. Check it Out

#14 Light Up Dog Leashes


Take your best friend for an evening stroll safely and be highly visible to traffic while looking cool at the same time with one of these cool dog products. these light up dog leashes come in a variety of colors and can be set to emit either a flashing or steady glow. Find One Here

#15 Treat-Dispensing Dog Camera

Treat-Dispensing Dog Camera

This is one of the coolest pet cameras out there that allows you to give treats to your dog even when you’re not at home. Go on, spoil your little mutt, he undoubtedly deserves it. Find It Here.

#16 Pet Selfie Smartphone Attachment

Pet Selfie Smartphone Attachment
If you’re looking for cool things for dogs that will also be of some advantage for you, then here you go. Attach your pet’s favorite treat to this smartphone attachment and take their picture. You get a great photo and your dog gets a treat. Win-win. Find It Here.

#17 Personalized Dog Leash Holder

Personalized Dog Leash Holder
Unique dog products don’t come any more unique than when they’ve been personalized just for your favorite pooch. This cute quirky cute leash holder can bear a stunning resemblance to your dog and give your entrance hall a touch of cuteness as well. Find It Here.

#18 Automatic Water Fountain Food Bowl

Automatic Water Fountain Food Bowl

This is the coolest dog gadgets for you if you want your dog to hydrate on the fresh water all day long. This water fountain combined with a food bowl on the side will be constantly filtrating the water to keep it fresh for the pooch to consume. Plus, it glows in the dark. Find It Here.

#19 Interactive Laser Pet Camera

Interactive Laser Pet Camera
This overall brilliant pet camera allows you to communicate with your dog when you’re not at home and check on them and see what it’s doing. It can also be used as one of the simplest yet fun dog training gadgets – make them chase a laser dot instead of lying on their side all day. Find It Here.

#20 Adjustable Marble Harness

Adjustable Marble Harness
Among essential stuff for dogs, you’ll also have to acquire a dog leash or harness. So why not do it in style? Combine this beautiful marble harness for your pooch with a marble MacBook cover for yourself and be the most stylish couple in any neighborhood. Find It Here.

#21 Digital Pet Health Monitor Collar

Digital Pet Health Monitor Collar

We always want to know what our pet has been up to, monitor their health and diet to make them live a happy and healthy life. But you can’t possibly follow your dog around all day long, even if it sounds like a dream come true. That’s where innovative dog products come to help. This collar can monitor almost anything, just take a look. Find It Here.


#22 Personalized Dog Travel Bundle

Personalized Dog Travel Bundle
Now, you may buy cheap chocolate for someone’s birthday (and that’s a bad thing to do), but you know that your dog deserves the best and you probably wouldn’t have it any other way. So buy your precious pooch the coolest pet gadgets! Starting with this personalized dog travel bundle. Find It Here.

#23 Tennis Ball Launcher

Tennis Ball Launcher

This is one of those dog gadgets that you could use to give your dog a bit of a challenge next time you play fetch together. If you’re not proud of your ball-throwing abilities, worry not. Cool dog products have you covered. Find It Here.

#24 Roof Balcony Dog House

Roof Balcony Dog House
Now, it’s not some high-techy-tech gadget for dogs, but even an old-fashioned dog house can be proven fun for the dog if it’s done right. With this outdoor dog house, your pooch can lay inside or sunbathe on top of it all day long. Life is great. Find It Here.

#25 Microchip Smart Pet Feeder

Microchip Smart Pet Feeder
This is one of the coolest dog gadgets out there. Especially for dogs who like eating out of someone else’s food bowl or you’re worried about your baby playing with dog food (because why not). This covered pet food bowl scans your dog’s microchip and opens up only to your pooch, not anyone else. Find It Here.

#26 Elevated Dog Bed

Elevated Dog Bed
If you can’t stand the idea of your dog sleeping somewhere far away from you, then maybe it’s time to purchase some cool dog stuff. Like this elevated dog bed that will allow your dog sleep right beside you, without getting dog hair all over your sheets. Find It Here.

#27 Portable 2-in-1 Dog Sleeping Bag

Portable 2-in-1 Dog Sleeping Bag
That’s the best dog gear that you can take with you when you go on a camping trip with your dog. This doggy bed also doubles as a sleeping bag for your favorite pooch when the night get chilly. Find It Here.

#28 Dog Waste Vacuum Scooper

Dog Waste Vacuum Scooper
You’d either call it one of the coolest dog gadgets ever created or you’ll instantly despise it. When your dog drops the number two don’t bend and scoop it with a doggy bag still feeling the warmth of the…waste. Just vacuum it. Find It Here.

#29 LED Glowing Dog Ball

LED Glowing Dog Ball

One of the most essential dog gadgets you have to have in your possession is a ball for it to chase. There’s no mystery there. But now your dog will be able to find its ball even in the dark. “In brightest day, in blackest night. No high tech dog toys shall escape my sight ”. Find It Here.


#30 Dog Fence Window

Dog Fence Window

This fence is some cool stuff for dogs. Let your pooch enjoy the outside world and know whom it’s barking at with this dog fence window. Your dog will thank you for the entertainment, for sure. Find It Here.

#31 Pet Grooming Vacuum Attachment

Pet Grooming Vacuum Attachment

This is one of those cool dog gadgets that the owners of long-haired breeds will appreciate. Or any other owners that have struggled with getting rid of the constant inflow of dog hair in the house. Simply attach this grooming attachment to your vacuum and easily take care of your dog’s fur in one sitting. Find It Here.


#32 Attachable Tugging Toy

Attachable Tugging Toy
Some dog gadgets can actually spare you the pain that comes from engaging in the tugging war with your dog. Like this one, for example. Attach it to a tree in your yard and watch your dog have fun trying to tug the rope away from it. Fun for the whole family. And the tree. Find It Here.

#33 Dog Paw Cleaner Mug

Dog Paw Cleaner Mug
When you think of dog products, giant mugs don’t necessarily come to mind. But this mug is actually one of those cool dog gadgets that will clean all the mess from your dog’s paws in a matter of minutes. You really don’t want to find dirt stains on your carpet after taking your pooch for a walk. Find It Here.

#34 Bathing Shower Glove

Dog Bathing Shower Glove
The coolest dog gadgets usually manage to hit just the right spot between unique, simple and useful. This one does just that. This bathing glove will make the bathing time with your dog much less unpleasant and messy for both parties involved. Find It Here.

#35 Dog Cooling Bed

Dog Cooling Bed

Whether your dog gets miserable during particularly hot days or requires some cooling relief due to health issues, this is one of those cool dog gadgets that will help it with that. No electricity or charging, just fill this bed with a bit of cool water and the hot weather won’t seem that dreadful to your pooch. Find It Here.


#36 Bunny Knit Sweater For Dogs

Bunny Knit Sweater For Dogs

Stop whatever you’re doing and look at this marvel! This might not belong to the “coolest dog gadgets” category, but just look how cute this sweater is. Any doggy (the sweater is available in various sizes) will look infinitely adorable in it, no doubt there. Find It Here.


#37 Dual Anti-Tangle Dog Leash

Dual Anti-Tangle Dog Leash
Having several dogs might require some cool dog gear. Like this dual leash that is not only extendable but also prevents leashes from getting tangled. No 101 Dalmatians meet-cute for you, but imagine a headache you’ll spare yourself with this item. Find It Here.

#38 Running Tread Wheel For Small Dogs

Running Tread Wheel For Small Dogs

This is one of the coolest dog gadgets that I’ve never imagined to come to life. So, ahem, combine your dog’s lifestyle with one of a hamster. Let it exercise indoors if you have too little space for it to run around wildly and keep itself in shape. Find It Here.

#39 Formal Dog Cuffs

Formal Dog Cuffs
Cool dog accessories are a must for any official wedding, party or gathering. If they’re expecting you to show up in black-tie attire, then why shouldn’t your dog also conform to the social guidelines. Fancy up your dog with these dog cuffs and it will certainly be the star of any party. Find It Here.

#40 Dog Friendship Bracelets

Dog Friendship Bracelets
These friendship bracelets for dogs and owners are some cool dog stuff. Maybe you can’t afford or just don’t want to buy intricate dog gadgets but at least you can get your dog and yourself matching collar and bracelet respectfully (or not). Find It Here.

#41 Leotards For Dogs

Leotards For Dogs

These leotards or onesies, whatever you call the, have been designed for multiple reasons. From preventing your dog from shedding fur everywhere to using it when your dog has just gone through an operation and need to leave the stitches alone. Whatever the reason is, they are truly cool dog products. Find It Here.


#42 Got Lost Looking For Tag

Got Lost Looking For Tag
If you’re completely accepting of your dog’s sexual drive then why not show it by giving your dog this tag. Who need the coolest dog gadgets if you can settle for a simple dog tag that will inadvertently make you chuckle everytime you see it. Find It Here.

#43 Dog Carrying Backpack

Dog Carrying Backpack
Take your little doggy with you anywhere you want to. Just strap them into this cool backpack which will allow them to comfortably sit in there while you hike or bike your way around town. Find It Here.

Dogs are a part of the family and shopping for cool dog products for your best friend should be a fun and exciting experience.

Here we have revealed some of the coolest dog gadgets and also some rather useful and unique products for your dogs, so let us know in the comments what you think or if you have any suggestions for this list.

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