Wickedbone Interactive Smart Dog Toy

The Wickedbone Interactive Smart Dog Toy allows you to keep your dog happy and entertained. Even when you’re not around or too tired to see straight, let alone play with your pooch.

Wickedbone has two available modes. Through Drive mode, you can connect this toy to the Wickedbone app on your phone (Android or iOS).

Through it, you can drive the bone around with a virtual joystick and have it jump and spin with 9 preset motions.

The second mode, Interactive, has Wickedbone playing with your pet by itself. It rolls around trying to entice your pooch and have him or her play with the toy. 

Wickedbone Interactive Smart Dog Toy

It’s an offer no dog would be able to resist. Wickedbone can even react to actions of your dog by showcasing “emotions”.

It can be bored, mischievous, startled, upset and more. This clever dog gadget will keep your dog stimulated and entertained, feeling like he or she is playing with an actual friend.

Wickedbone Interactive Smart Dog Toy

You can play with this cool pet product both indoors and outside. Made out of Polycarbonate, it is both soft and durable. The FDA class material is safe to play with, both for dogs and humans.

You can take off and clean or replace the wheels on it anytime you want. Charge it for 1 hour, and get 40 minutes in Drive mode or 4 hours in Interactive mode out of it. Plenty of time to keep both you and your dog entertained and anxiety-free. 

Wickedbone Interactive Smart Dog Toy

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