Bark Bath Portable Dog Bathing System

The Bark Bath Portable Dog Bathing System is an interesting pet product that allows you to bathe your dog anywhere.

If the bath is out of the question, bathing your dog might become a problem. Even if you do have a bath, dogs can be less than enthusiastic when it comes to behaving during bath time.

Well, this bathing system can help you escape the pain of having dirt and water being splashed onto your bathroom’s walls.

This portable dog bathing system sprays water and no-rinse shampoo onto your dog’s fur. But there’s more to it.

The nozzle on this gadget has been designed specifically to get right down to the skin of your pet, effectively cleaning your messy pet. 

The pressure of the water breaks down the dirt which mixed with water gets sucked back into a separate water tank. You can think of it as a delicate water vacuum cleaner for your pooch’s fur.

Bark Bath Portable Dog Bathing System

The portability of this bathing system means that you virtually have no restrictions over when and where the dog’s bath time takes place.

Bark Bath Portable Dog Bathing System

Whether you are at home or traveling with the pet for an extended amount of time, you can always take Bark Bath and get your pooch into a fresh and clean condition.

This gadget also keeps water from being wasted and, of course, your blood pressure from spiking due to the highly stressful bathing sessions. 

Bark Bath Portable Dog Bathing System

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