Dual Dog Exercise Treadmill

This Dual Dog Exercise Treadmill allows you to work out with your dog. When it’s raining or snowing you can still go on a run with your best friend.

Working out with your dog sounds like a dream. It’s a dream that even the “working out” part can’t ruin.

If you’re not the biggest fan of outdoors or want your dog to do more than just drool on the couch, this treadmill steps in.

This exercise equipment consists of a stationary bike and a mini treadmill for your pooch. Just let your pup step inside and close the door behind them. No one escapes workout time. 

Dual Dog Exercise Treadmill

When you start pedaling, it will start powering the treadmill. Your pedaling pace directly controls the treadmill’s. So just slow down or stop pedaling when your pup needs a break.

Dual Dog Exercise Treadmill

You can have the mini treadmill on your bike’s side or have it directly facing it. It is suitable for dogs weighing under 22lbs and humans under 220lbs.

So if you want to squeeze in more activity into yours and your dog’s schedule during winter, this stationary bike and dog treadmill is the perfect setup.

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