Dog Paw Cleaner Mug

This Dog Paw Cleaner Mug looks like a coffee mug but is actually a handy gadget to clean your dog’s paws whenever it enters the house after a long and muddy walk. It’s no secret that you have to walk your dog each and every day.

But when it comes to the muddier season, winter and autumn, your dog probably manages to look as filthy as it gets especially on the paws. Well, this cool pet gadget makes the job of cleaning its paws much easier.

This cleaner is shaped like a mug for easier grip and storage. The top of the cleaner, as well as the insides of the mug, have soft bristles that help clean your doggie’s paws easily and effortlessly. Just fill the mug up with warm water, put the lid on and then gently dip your pet’s paws one by one into the cleaner.

The bristles will gently remove the mud, dirt, ice and salt off your pet’s paws. You can dip the paws as many times as you need until your dog is clean and happy. Afterward, just take a clean dry towel and wipe your little friend’s paws dry.

This dog paw cleaner will definitely save you the headache of trying to avoid your dog getting mud on every surface in your house. It will also give your pooch a nice paw massage. Everybody is happy. 

Dog Paw Cleaner Mug

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