25 Unique and Creative Gifts For Artsy Girlfriend

Deciding the perfect gifts for artsy girls is a challenging thing. As a boyfriend, you need to put extra thought into your choice! Being a creative person, an artsy girlfriend will not appreciate a half-hearted inconsiderate gift. The gifts must be something to make them happy and pretty to look at. But it also has to be something unique and creative to suit their artsy taste.

This article is for boyfriends who want to impress their artsy girlfriend with unique and creative gifts. We have made 25 unique and creative gifts for artsy girlfriends list to make their boyfriends’ life easier. Getting the right gifts for an artsy girlfriend is going to make the girls happy and appreciate their boyfriend more. Plus, some of the gifts that we listed down here are actually good to expand their talents and, perhaps, explore more new types of art.

1. Scrapbook


A scrapbook is basically a journal with photos of precious moments and artworks with a written descriptions. The scrapbook that we recommend as gifts for artsy girlfriends is special because the cover was made from maple wood and bound with vegan leather. It is one of the perfect gifts for an artsy girlfriend.

2. Digital Artist Glove

Digital Artist Glove

Gifts for an artsy girlfriend must be useful, too. If she loves making sketches on her iPad, this digital artist glove is what she needs. The material is made from soft lycra fabric. Not only useful, it’s comfortable to wear, too. No more annoying mess when drawing on a tablet after using this glove.

3. Pattern Paint Roller

Pattern Paint Roller

Another one on the list of gifts for artsy girlfriends is this pattern paint roller. Using this pattern paint roller, she can make beautiful patterns on her bedroom wall or wood-based furniture. It is also very easy to use. Just dip the roller into the paint, roll it on the wall, then it’s done! With the artsy soul in her, she’d turn her wall into a beautiful canvas.

4. Jewelry Making Kit

Jewelry Making Kit

Every girl who has an artistic soul loves making her own art. Get her this DIY jewelry kit to create her own accessory. The kit comes with instructional videos to guide her. Hey, maybe being a jewelry designer is her heart’s calling, after all.  What a cool gift for your artsy girlfriend.

5. LED Camera Light

LED Camera Light

Next on the list is the LED Camera Light. The LED light is a beautiful gift to give to the artsy girlfriend. Especially if they are into photography like most artistic people do. It is a cute lamp that she can put on the bedside table or, basically, anywhere else as a beautiful piece of decoration.  Plus, the LED light has a USB Cable that can work with a power bank to turn on.

6. Embroidery Kit

Embroidery Kit

Embroidery is one of the creative activities that artsy girls love to do. That’s why we bring this embroidery kit as gifts for your artsy girlfriend’ list. The kit comes with the complete stuff that she needs to create her own art on fabric. What a great deal! We all know she’ll love it because artsy people love to create their own art.

7. ‘Creation of Adam’ Wallpaper

Creation of Adam’ Wallpaper

The famous Creation of Adam by Michaelangelo is turned into a mural wallpaper. It is one of the perfect gifts for an artsy girlfriend. Especially if she admires classic paintings. She can change her living room, kitchen, or bedroom walls into a gallery. To use the waterproof wallpaper, she simply needs to peel and stick the back of the wallpaper into the wall.

8. Birthstone wishing ball

Birthstone wishing ball

This Birthstone wishing ball is one of the unique gifts for an artsy girlfriend. It comes with little papers that she can put inside the birthstone; be it her dream or a little message for herself. The design of the glass ball is so aesthetically pleasing. Your artsy girlfriend is going to enjoy looking at it. Put the goals as an artist inside the ball and hope that they will come true someday.

9. Van Gogh Inspired Phone Case

Van Gogh Inspired Phone Case

The Van Gogh-inspired phone case is a cute gift for an artsy girlfriend. The phone case’s cute design is inspired by Van Gogh’s Water Lily. Since it is made from silicone, the phone case is easy to take off and won’t ruin her phone. It is the perfect phone case for an artsy girlfriend who loves Van Gogh’s paintings.

10. Creation of Adam Ring

Creation of Adam Ring

Next on the list, we have the creation of Adam rings. The rings are handmade and available in silver and gold finishes. They are also cute to wear in pairs. It is a cool gift to give to an artsy girlfriend. The beautiful rings are inspired by the famous painting by Michaelangelo. These rings would look stunning to complete an artsy girlfriend style. Thus rings are the perfect gifts for an artsy girlfriend.

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11. LED Starry Night light

LED Starry Night light

Everyone who’s into paintings knows Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. The famous painting now has some color-changing LED lights in it! Made from canvas, it is a great artsy wall décor for an artsy girlfriend who loves classic paintings. The LED lights starry night wall art is a creative and unique gift for our beloved artsy girlfriends.

12. Abstract Earth Necklace

Abstract Earth Necklace

Another cool piece of jewelry on the list of gifts for an artsy girlfriend. Give her the complete artsy vibe with this cool abstract Earth necklace. The necklace is made from eco-resin, nontoxic and renewable products. Therefore getting one of this artsy Earth necklaces is actually supporting our earth.

13. Tie Dye DIY

Tie Dye DIY

An Artsy girl would love making her own Tie Dye accessories. She can turn her bandanas, pants, or even t-shirts to look more colorful and vibrant with this dyeing technique. That is why we recommend getting an artsy girlfriend to this tie-dye DIY as a gift. It can be a cute project that she can try at home. Plus, she might learn something new with this kit.

14. Funny Mona Lisa T-Shirt

Funny Mona Lisa T-Shirt

The Mona Lisa t-shirt is probably a very funny gift to give to Da Vinci’s fans since the t-shirt features a famous painting wearing a mask. Not only funny, but the t-shirt is also super comfy because it is made from cotton. Pair it with a cool leather jacket and some cool accessories, and our favorite artsy girlfriend is ready to go. It also adds quirks to her style.

15. Vintage Beret

Vintage Beret

Since the 1800s, the Parisian artists adopted baret as part of their artistic image. Get these vintage berets as gifts for your artsy girlfriend to complete her artsy look. Everywhere she goes, people would know that she’s an artist since the beret symbolizes their profession. Plus, it can keep her head warm in cold seasons because the cap is pretty thick.

16. Snazaroo Body Paint

Snazaroo Body Paint

These days, many artistic people try a new art trend called body paint to express themselves and learn new techniques. For some, they consider their body as a canvas, too. Get these body paints from Snazaroo as gifts for an artsy girlfriend to expand her talent. It is easy to use and safe for the skin.  She is going to be excited to learn something new.

17. ‘Our Lady Of Charity’ Blanket

‘Our Lady Of Charity’ Blanket

The most unique gift for an artsy girlfriend. This is the “Our Lady of Charity” blanket. The blanket features the painting of the Virgin Mary in the renaissance style painting. An artsy girlfriend can sleep tight in this cool blanket since the blanket is thick enough to warm her.  The artistic soul of her is going to admire this blanket so much.

18. ‘A Brief History Of Art’ Mug

‘A Brief History Of Art’ Mug

Another famous painting inspired gifts for the artsy girlfriend. The “A Brief History Of Art” mug has some of the most famous paintings from time to time. This is a unique gift for an artsy girlfriend who loves classical paintings. Plus, she might learn the period of time when her favorite paintings are created.

19. Straw Mirror

Straw Mirror

The straw mirror can add a unique and exotic vibe to an artsy girlfriend’s room. The 40cm wall mirror is made from basswood. The basswood was then made into the straw design to create this authentic mirror. These mirrors are some great gifts for an artsy girl who’s tired of seeing black and white decorations.

20. “Art Paint Palette” Necklace

“Art Paint Palette” Necklace

The accessory that represents her passion. This “Art Paint Palette” necklace is made from Swarovski crystal. It is an absolutely fabulous gift for an artsy girlfriend. The beautiful gold necklace will look cute when paired with these rings. For an artsy girl, nothing is better than going out wearing some meaningful pieces of accessories.

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21. “Starry Night” Shoes

“Starry Night” Shoes

Another item on the list that was inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Nights. The “Starry Night” shoes are inspired by the famous painting. It’s one of the great gifts for artsy girlfriend. The magnificent sky pattern in Van Gogh’s style is going to turn heads everywhere she goes when wearing these shoes. Plus, the shoes are comfortable to wear all day.

22. DIY Diamond Painting Tote Bag

DIY Diamond Painting Tote Bag

Diamond painting is a new type of art that a lot of artists enjoy these days. These DIY diamond painting tote bag might help the artsy girlfriend to explore new types of art. The tote bag comes in pairs and the diamond painting kit. Perhaps after trying this new art technique, diamond painting could be her new hobby. We totally recommend getting these tote bags as gifts for artsy girlfriends.

23. Professional Apron

Professional Apron

Every artsy girl needs to have a good quality apron. She can use it to protect her clothes when doing art, such as painting or sculpting. We recommend getting this professional Apron as a gift for an artsy girlfriend. The apron was made from 100% cotton making it soft while useful. Plus, it has some pockets to keep an artsy girlfriend’s paint brushes close while painting.

24. Pop Art Print Pants

Pop Art Print Pants

Pop art is one of the art styles that represent modern culture using abstract expressionism. Many artsy people wear pop art style clothes to make them look fashionable and quirky. That is why we recommend getting these pop art print pants as gifts for an artsy girlfriend. She is going to look fashionable while wearing these cool pop art patterns on the street as many modern artists do.

25. 3D Nail Art Decoration

3D Nail Art Decoration

Artsy girls’ nails are never boring. In fact, even some artsy guys paint their nails to show their artistic side and creativity. This is why we think these 3D nail art decorations are also great as gifts for artsy girlfriends. It comes with 48 different nail art in bottles and a tweezer to apply them. Surely, this kit will be her favorite!

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What should I get my artsy girlfriend?

There are many gifts for an artsy girlfriend that we can recommend. If they love to try some new type of art, we recommend getting her the DIY diamond painting tote bag. For an artsy girlfriend who is into body paint, the Snazaroo’s body paints are one of the best on the market. “A Brief History Of Art” mug is also great for an artsy girlfriend who appreciates classical paintings.

What does being artsy mean?

Being artsy means someone is enthusiastic about the arts. They are interested in paintings, fashion, sculpts, photography, etc. They might love other people’s works or are very passionate about their own. Usually, an artsy person has an unconventional style in fashion or their artworks because they are creative and, therefore, love to create something new and authentic to show their originality.

What to get a girl who loves art?

For a girl who loves art, the LED starry night is a beautiful gift to get. The classic painting will look so magical with the color-changing LED lights. The “Creation of Adam” wallpaper is also great for an artsy girlfriend who admires Michaelangelo’s work. These are some art pieces that are worth admiring.

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