25 Useful and Inspiring Gifts for Vloggers

Vlogging is an activity turned into a profession that is already familiar to us for the last decade. With the development of portable cameras and mobile phone cameras, people around the world are able to record themselves and broadcast their own show. 

So many people can make a decent living out of their vlogging hobbies. Some even turn into the new rich in an instant. No wonder more and more people start to take this hobby more seriously.

If you know a friend or a family member who is pursuing this hobby as a career option, you can show them your support by not only subscribing to their channel, but also giving them gifts. Below is a selection of the best gifts for vloggers you can get. 

Useful Gifts for Vloggers

To become a successful vlogger, they need some kind of tools and kit to support their production process. Here’s a list of useful gifts you can get to help them produce better quality videos. 

1. Recording Door Hanger

 Recording Door Hanger

Recording needs to be done in a quiet environment. But sometimes it is barely achievable if the vlogger lives with other people. Whether it is their mom knocking, offering them snacks or their roommate barging to their room to tell them the hottest gossip. The recording process can be interrupted and retaking the same scene over and over again is not fun. This is why a door hanger like this comes in handy. It can tell people to stay away and leave them alone. At least until the recording process is finished. Such a thoughtful gift for vloggers. 

2. Vlogger Planner Stickers

Vlogger Planner Stickers

Working as a vlogger is basically the same as working on other media. They have deadlines they need to tackle and a schedule they need to follow. In order to keep the channel’s performance on top, they need to be consistent. This is when a planner will help. And these cute stickers can be a nice addition they can use to decorate their planner. With these cute stickers, they will feel more motivated to do their job. 

3. Vlogger Planner

Vlogger Planner

And of course, they need the planner itself. This planner is extremely beautiful and easy to use. It comes with templates and calendars they can easily fill. It comes in a monthly and weekly schedule to help them to be more organized. This planner is a great gift for vloggers so they can plan their content ahead and get all the job done in time. 

4. Ring Light

Ring Light

If you take a look at a professional studio setup, lighting is considered the most important thing in a video production. It is so important that it deserves its own lighting crew. While a beginner vlogger might not be able to afford professional lighting, it is still very important for their video quality. And for in-home video production, a ring light will help. It might seem insignificant but it helps to elevate the video quality. This ring light has the RGB color changing LED so they can switch it up to a different mood if they feel like it. But they can still use it as a normal lighting for their daily video shooting needs. 

5. Ultimate Vlogger Pro Kit

Ultimate Vlogger Pro Kit

And why stop on mic when you can get them the whole kit? This kit contains everything a vlogger needs making it the best gift for vloggers. The kit includes a microphone, an LED light. and a smartphone rig. This kit is designed specifically to make vlogging easy. The rig will improve the camera stability. The light provides a oft

When filming all by ourselves with no help, it is very hard to get on the right angle and make sure that we are always in frame. This phone mount will be very helpful considering it has a motion tracking feature. The mount will detect our movement and point the camera to the right direction. With this mount, a vlogger doesn’t have to worry about whether they are in frame or not. This mount will help them to stay in frame and at the best angle possible. 

7. Backdrop Stand

Backdrop Stand

It is fun to be able to change backgrounds on every video. And what do they need to make it happen? A heavy-duty backdrop stand. This backdrop stand might seem big in dimension and look a bit too much as a gift, but it is actually very helpful, especially for young vloggers who are just getting started. 

8. Live Streaming Camera

Live Streaming Camera

While vlog has its own moment, the new wave of live streaming is taking over the last few years. Vloggers start to do live streams as well, whether it is done on their main channel or on a brand new channel. This live streaming camera will help produce high-quality video if a vlogger you know wants a slice of the live streaming cake. And if they don’t feel like doing a live stream, the camera can be used to record regular video as well.

Useful Gifts for Travel Vloggers

Travel vloggers need reliable tools and kit to help them produce high-quality video on the go. Below is a list of helpful tools that will be helpful for them to produce videos outdoors.

9. Clip-On WIreless Microphone

Clip-On WIreless Microphone

Sometimes, vloggers need to record their activites outside their studio and have to film on the go. Shooting videos outside has its own challenges. It is different from shooting videos in a controlled environment such as a room or a studio. On the outside, the camera might catch on the wind and traffic, making the sound of the vlogger inaudible. This is why a clip-on wireless microphone is a must have. It will help them to record their videos outside and still get their own voice crystal clear. 

10. Shooting Grip

Shooting Grip

Image stability is what distinguishes a professional video and an amateur video. Amateurs often produce unstable videos with lots of shakes. While professionals often keep the shakes to the minimum. One of the ways to get a stable video is by using the right tool such as a rig, gimbal, and grip. This grip will help them to hold their camera securely and more stable. It is a great gift for vloggers especially those who often go to vlog outside. 

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11. Camera Travel Case

Camera Travel Case

A travel vlogger needs their filming gear ready with them wherever they go. This travel case will help them to pack their filming essentials neatly and safely. It has a compact design making traveling a lot easier. This case is shockproof, dust proof and water resistance to keep the gears safe. 

12. Vlogger Foldable Combination Tool

Vlogger Foldable Combination Tool

During the vlogging journey, sometimes vloggers find technical issues. Whether their rig is not working or the tripod is not stable enough. This foldable tool kit may come in handy to help them tackle all of those problems. It is compact and easy to carry. It will be very useful to help them to do minor fixes. 

13. Mini Vlogger Kit

Mini Vlogger Kit

This kit seems relatively simple but it is very useful for aspiring vloggers. It has the tripod and holders they can use to hold their camera or phone. It is a great start to use in their mini studio or on the go. 

Appreciation Gifts for Vloggers

Being a vlogger is not an easy job to do. At the beginning of their career they are more likely to have to do all the work by themselves. They need constant support and appreciation to keep going. You can support them and show your appreciation by giving them gifts below. 

14. Custom YouTube Subscribe T-shirt

Custom YouTube Subscribe T-shirt

One of the things that make a vlogger happy is more subscribers. You can show them your support by subscribing, and get them this awesome t-shirt as a gift. It is customizable so you can get the one with their channel’s name. You can also get one yourself and be the walking advertisement for their vlogs. 

15. Youtuber Embroidered Hat

Youtuber Embroidered Hat

A vlogger, especially those who are new to the industry may find it uncomfortable to admit that they are pursuing Youtube as a career. But confidence is the most important key to their success. Why don’t you boost their spirit by getting this youtuber hat? It is cool and versatile and the embroidered detail will last for a long time. It is gender neutral so it will make a great gift for vloggers no matter what their gender and pronouns are. The Youtuber title on it will make them believe in what they’re capable of doing and make the best vlogs they can ever dream of. 

16. Like, Comment, Subscribe Mug

Like, Comment, Subscribe Mug

Like, comment, and subscribe are arguably the three words vloggers say the most. Those words appear in every video and almost every vlogger mentions it. It is a vlogger thing, if you know what we mean. This mug can be a funny gift for vloggers. They can get their coffee served in this mug during a vlogging session. It looks pretty and appears beautiful on the camera. So, besides serving its main purpose, it can also be used as a prop on their videos. 

17. Personalized Keyring

Personalized Keyring

For vloggers, cameras become one of the most important parts of their lives. When making videos is your job, the camera becomes your main tool. This keyring represents that with its camera charm. This is why this keyring can make a great gift for vloggers. You can personalized the keyring with initials you can choose and a birthstone of your choice. 

18. Best Vlogger Water Bottle

Best Vlogger Water Bottle

A bottle of water is what they need when they have to film outside. Because they need to talk and address their comment on the shooting location, their throat can get dry very easily. This is when a bottle of water will come to rescue. This water bottle has the “Best vlogger ever” print on it to keep them motivated. A useful gift for vloggers who actively make videos outside. 

19. Vlogger Pillow Case

 Vlogger Pillow Case

Want to spice up the studio setup? A throw pillow is a great way to add a decorative element. A simple throw pillow can also say a lot. This pillow case has a “vlogger” print making it great for a vlogger studio decoration. It is made out of durable satin material that is soft and looks luxurious. The perfect throw pillow for a glam themed studio room. 

20. My Life as a Doll Vlogger Playset

My Life as a Doll Vlogger Playset

This playset can be a funny gift for vloggers, especially those who collect dolls. Known to be a kids toy, it can be very funny if you hand it as a gift to your vlogger friend. The set includes replicas of vlogging essentials such as tripod, camera, and even laptop for post production work. 

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Inspiring Gift for Vloggers

They also need a boost of inspiration to keep the creative juice flow. Below are some ideas on what to get if you want to help your vlogger bestfriend keep inspired.

21. Vlogger Rainbow Unicorn Mug

Vlogger Rainbow Unicorn Mug

This mug is a great appreciation gift for vloggers. It has the funny “other vloggers” versus “you” design. The you in this mug is referred to as an awesome unicorn. It shows that you are proud of their work and that you see how awesome they are compared to other vloggers. It will cheer them up in their busy vlogging schedule. 

22. The Vlogger’s Handbook

The Vlogger’s Handbook

No matter what profession you are doing, it is always a good idea to keep educating yourself on that topic. Vloggers are no exception. In order to be a successful vlogger, you need to know the how-to and master the skill. This book can be a great gift for vloggers who need to keep their mind sharp. 

23. The Vlogger Diaries

The Vlogger Diaries

And when they need a splash of inspiration, this is the book to read. It is a fictional book about a vlogger’s life. Of course living as a vlogger in real life is not the same as in the story, but it still can be a fun read when they need to take a break and gather some inspiration. 

24. Definitely Daphne Series

Definitely Daphne Series

Definitely Daphne is a series about a secret vlogger. The book is about a teenage vlogger who is secretly living a double life. She is an internet famous and real life nobody. This can be a great gift for vloggers who are still in their teenage years. It is funny light reading that may inspire them to be better vloggers. 

25. Personalized Youtube LED Wall Decor

Personalized Youtube LED Wall Decor

Every awesome vlogger deserves awesome LED wall decor. This wall decor is fully customized so you can get the one with your loved one’s channel name. This LED light is going to look awesome as a background on their videos. It will also act as a mood booster so they will be motivated in creating more cool contents. 

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What should I buy for a Vlogger?

You can get them something that is useful such as a vlogger kit or lighting. You can also give them some appreciation gifts such as mugs, t-shirts, or hats. And if you think they need a boost of inspiration, you can give them vlogger books. 

What to get a kid who likes to make videos?

A vlogger kit is a great start. Then you can get them things to support their hobbies such as a backdrop stand, a clip-on mic, or a camera mount. You can also get them a teenage vlogger book series to inspire them. 

What are affordable gifts for vloggers?

There are some affordable options such as mugs, t-shirt, or keyring. Some beginner vlogger kits also start at an affordable price. You can also get them a planner and stickers to help them improve their productivity. A water bottle is also a great option when it comes to affordable gifts for vloggers. 

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