25 Awesome Art Gifts for Kids Which Hone Their Artistic Soul

Art gifts for kids are truly the best gifts that you can put into your list. These items can be an inspiration to build and develop children’s creativity. By having art gifts, they will also have the imagination to produce amazing works of art. Moreover, art gifts for kids can also support cognitive growth, so children can have better emotional state social development. So, if you’re looking for the perfect art gift for kids, better make sure that you don’t choose the wrong product!

For kids with a great sense of art and creative spirit, items that will encourage their hobby would be the best kinds of art gifts. Plus, art gifts can also support the progress of kids’ emotional and social development. Here, we’ve compiled a list of awesome art gifts for kids that will hone their artistic souls. Let’s check them out!

Best Awesome Art Gifts for Boys

Boys love artistic items that can sharpen their creative abilities. So, for boys who are creative and have a huge love for art, we have collected some cool items would be a great options of art gifts for boys.

1. Crayola Washable Finger-paints

Crayola Washable Finger-paints

Kids like to touch things, so in choosing the best art gifts for kids, you might want to take a closer look at this amazing handmade art for beginners. This finger paint set delivers amazing color expression and creation. Don’t worry about the paint getting on your home appliances or walls, because they are easy to wash and clean. This colorful artistic item is ideal for children over 12 months. Also, the materials used by this painting tool are safe for children.

2. DIY Wood Craft Kit

DIY Wood Craft Kit

Whoosh! Your child’s racing car goes fast with artistic colors! This artistic item will help your little boy build and paint their wooden racing car. This cool item can produce incredible hues when your little boy mixes 12 different paint colors to make a race car that stands out from the rest. What an ideal gift for boys ages 6 and up, isn’t it? It will be a keepsake for your child when they grow up, understanding that they have had a high artistic talent since they were little.

3. Kids Dinosaur Toy Painting Kit

Kids Dinosaur Toy Painting Kit

Art gifts for kids can come in amazing forms. You can bring Dinosaurs that give your boy imagination and creativity. This cool item was designed for boys ages 5 and up. Moreover, it also provides a variety of artistic dinosaur shapes and types and can be colored at will. In addition, this artistic product is also equipped with a free apron to protect the clothes from paint. And guess what? You can buy this creative kit for just $26.99!

4. Create Your Own Rock Art

Create Your Own Rock Art

Who would have thought that stones could have such a charming appearance? Transform ordinary stones into colorful artistic works of art with this acrylic painting kit. This rock art set has everything your child needs to create lots of unique and captivating designs. This cool item is designed by little painters aged 5 and up to get hands-on and explore their creativity!

5. Crayola Inspiration Art Coloring Set

Crayola Inspiration Art Coloring Set

If your boy has an extraordinary artistic soul and loves to paint, then these art gifts for kids are a wise choice for them. This cool set offers 140 different colors to produce vibrant and precise artwork. With a place for everything, this crayon and marker organizer helps to store art supplies for kids over 5 years old. Furthermore, 5 is the initial stage for your child to develop himself in becoming a painter in the future. 

6. Arts Crafts Sculpture Kit for Kids

Arts Crafts Sculpture Kit for Kids

Making sculptures can help to improve your child’s creativity and artistic motor skills. Your kids will have fun creating their own designs while letting their creativity flow, practicing their artistic skills, and discovering hidden talents. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase this cool kit and watch your little one grows into a future artist.

7. Creative Starter Kit for iPad

Creative Starter Kit for iPad

Painting using an iPad can be sophisticated and fun. This art gift for kids provides a fun experience in creating painting artworks that interact with actual hand-pieces. All you have to do is simply attach this cool item to your iPad, and get an artistic and fun drawing activities for your little boy. Designed for boys age 5 to 10, this item features excellent compatibility that comes with painting tutorials.

8. Rainbow Holographic Scratch Off Art

Rainbow Holographic Scratch Off Art

The rainbow sparkle holographic coating is an amazingly adorable art gift for kids! This cool and artistic set features a box containing 150 sheets of note card scratch paper, 2 stylus pens for messages, and also small notes or scratch paper. Your little boy will be able to produce amazing works of art with his creative rainbow glitter scratch paper. For your information, this cool item is intended for children aged 5 years and over.

9. Origami for Kids

Origami for Kids

Does your boy like origami art? Then you get him this gift because this art gift allows children aged 5-7 years to easily create beautiful and artistic origami. This cool item features folding lines printed right on the illustration, making it easy for kids to follow. In addition, your little boy can also make the shape of a car or animal he likes in a creative and fun way. The main advantage of this item is the easy-to-follow shapes and folds with vibrant paper colors to train your child’s motor skills.

10. Crayola Young Kids’ Light Up Activity Board

Crayola Young Kids' Light Up Activity Board

This glowing creativity board is an exciting and artistic new way to create art. This cool item is perfect for boys ages 3 and up. This wonderful product for kids is designed to help them with shape recognition, color mixing, and also art-related dexterity enhancement. Furthermore, the advantage of this item is that the paintings can be created and removed easily. So, buy this cool item right away before it runs out!

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11. 3D Puzzles for Kids with 12 Markers

3D Puzzles for Kids with 12 Markers

Create artistic monsters and creatures with this cool 3D puzzle set! This art gift for kids develops your boy’s motor skills artistically. Moreover, this cool item also comes with a non-toxic marker to encourage self-expression with bright colors. What a unique artistic product and ideal for boys aged 7 and up!

12. Planet Air Dry Clay Kit for Kids

Planet Air Dry Clay Kit for Kids

This modeling clay allows your little boy to create cute and artistic works of art. This cool item is made of non-toxic, supple, and malleable clay. Equipped with clear and easy-to-follow guidelines, this unique artistic product will definitely train the creativity of your children aged 5 years and up. Without a doubt, these personalized clay craft kits will provide fun entertainment!

Best Awesome Art Gifts for Girls

Girls love artworks that have attractive colors and artistic shapes. Do not let you choose the wrong item for them. Here are some recommendations of the best awesome art gifts for girls.

13. Learn to Make 1 Easy-to-Sew Stuffie

Learn to Make 1 Easy-to-Sew Stuffie

Making dolls will train your daughter’s creative thinking skills and artistic imagination. For example, your little girl can make an adorable fox doll with clothes and accessories to mix and match with this cute knitting kit. The cute appearance of this fox doll also makes this cool kit worth buying as a birthday gift for your daughter.

14. Arts and Crafts Vault

14.Arts and Crafts Vault

Train your daughter’s creativity and artistic spirit in a fun and interactive way, and this cool craft kit is the perfect thing for that purpose. Designed for girls over 7, this item will produce artistic works of art like nice collages pasted on paper. Undoubtedly, these cool and beautiful items will unleash her imagination educationally and artistically!

15. DIY Garden Decor Art Project

DIY Garden Decor Art Project

Do you want to have an artistic and charming garden decor? This art gift for kids offers a craft kit that includes a glass jar, artificial butterfly, wishing paper, fairy silhouette, and also a pretty ribbon. Your daughter can assemble this beautiful piece of art to make a creative lantern. Through this interesting craft activity, create a little magic and fairy tale magic. What a perfect gift for your little girl!

16. Deluxe Collection Wooden Bead Set

Deluxe Collection Wooden Bead Set

Girls love beautiful beads. So, why don’t you give them art gifts for appropriate kids. This beautiful and artistic wooden bead set comes in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and also designs. Moreover, this cool item allows your little girl to have the perfect stringing, patterning, as well as designing activities.

17. Dan & Darci Gem Art

 Dan & Darci Gem Art

The beautiful and artistic sparkle of diamonds can be styled by your little girl using this beautiful kit. This cool item boasts mini diamonds in a colorful and fun design. Moreover, this beautiful and charming set can be used to make a suncatcher light up any room’s windows, a key ring to hang on a school bag, or a hologram sticker to stick in your daughter’s book.

18. Jewelry Dish Making Kit for Kids

Jewelry Dish Making Kit for Kids

Functional and artistic clay crafts can be produced using this art gift for kids. This beautiful set can spark and unleash the creativity of your girls aged 5 and up, and it comes with brilliant and charming glitter colors, too! Furthermore, the resulting artistic pottery can also be used as a coffee or tea coaster.

19. Unicorn Craft Kit for Kids

Unicorn Craft Kit for Kids

This kit, which is capable of producing artistic unicorn lights, is one of the best art gifts for kids that you can give to your daughter. So, practice your child’s artistic skills by letting them create unique and beautiful unicorn light decorations. In addition, the LED light is also included in the purchase package, and it will produce a warm light that is is ideal for accompanying your daughter to sleep.

20. Vibrant Colored Sand Bags

Vibrant Colored Sand Bags

The sand bottle set will create an artistic work of art like never before! This art gift for kids helps spark imagination while introducing your daughter to a perspective on the importance of art as a constructive medium. Designed for girls aged 3 and up, this cool product can definitely explore the soul of art through the pretty colors of the rainbow!

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21. Green Creativity Pressed Flower Art Kit

Green Creativity Pressed Flower Art Kit

Natural and artistic works of art can be created using this cool kit to perfection. Stimulate the creativity and artistic spirit aged 5 years and over in understanding and appreciating nature. Moreover, you can also make displays of butterflies, flowers, and natural landscapes with this cool set. So, buy now before they run out!

22. TINY FUN 5D Diamond Painting for Kids

TINY FUN 5D Diamond Painting for Kids

This is a diamond painting that will amaze creative girls and parents. The diamonds offered by this cool kit have stunning designs and colors. Moreover, all diamonds are cut with precision, but each with different shape to reflect more brilliant light. Create a diamond painting on this high water-resistant and even textured clear oil print canvas.

23. Beading Workstation

Beading Workstation

Embrace your daughter’s creative freedom with this artistic weave and beading set! This cool beading workstation is specially designed for creating beautiful, colorful, and artistic bracelet crafts. This product offers different colorful accent beads, so you can give this weaving set to a girl aged 7 and up.

24. Wreath Making Kits for Kids

Wreath Making Kits for Kids

Summer vacation is here! So, it’s time to use the precious time to make decorative wreaths. This artistic craft can be used as a beautiful hanger in front of your door or room. This product includes natural dried flower plants that are child-tested and safe. Moreover, it’s also useful for making beautiful and easy wreath art for girls aged 6 to 8.

25. Paint Boho Bag Kit

Paint Boho Bag Kit

Art gifts for kids can be in any shape that your child likes. For instance, this artistically designed BOHO bag can be created by this cool kit. Girls aged 6 and up can easily create beautiful works of art with amazing results. Moreover, it can also be used for indoor children’s activities at home.

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What an interesting question! 5-year-olds would always want to start exploring. So, give them items that suit their needs. For instance, you can choose a Planet Air Dry clay kit for kids or a green creativity pressed flower art kit. These art gifts for kids can help your child to compose works of art, which will explore their creativity and hand movement.

What to buy a girl who loves art?

Girls love artistic items with beautiful and charming designs. They prefer works of art that are brightly colored and looked brilliant. Therefore, you can buy TINY FUN 5D diamond painting for Kids or Dan & Darci gem art. These two cool items have brilliant and beautiful designs and shapes. So, feel free to choose these two cool items!

What to get an artistic 7-year-old?

Children aged 7 years have been able to think systematically to produce an organized work of art. So, give the right and ideal items for them. Origami for kds and beading workstation are claimed to be the best artistic gifts for 7-year-olds. These art gifts for kids present the perfect kit to train the creative thinking and skills of children aged 7 years.

What to buy a child who loves drawing?

Drawing is an activity that has a high artistic value. Train your child’s creativity and artistic spirit by giving them the right drawing tools. You can choose the Crayola inspiration art coloring set or kids dinosaur toy painting kit. These two cool kits can facilitate youArt Gifts for Kidsr child’s drawing hobby amazingly.

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