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Floating Hammock Craft Kits

These Floating Hammock Craft Kits are amazing hybrids that combine paddle boats with hammocks to give you the ultimate relaxation.

These cool hammocks can be mounted on paddle boards so that when you reach your destination on the water surface you can just lay in a hammock and enjoy the peace and quiet.

You can just think existential thoughts, read, fish, whatever you please.

When you’re tired of floating you can always come back to the shore and relocate the hammocks on a more stable surface. Like the ground. 

Floating Hammock Craft Kits

The frame is made out of stainless steel and aluminum. The combination provides you with both sturdiness and lightweight.

Floating Hammock Craft Kits

The weight capacity of the frame is 800 lbs, so you can relax on water both by yourself and with someone else.

These genius floating hammocks are something you never knew you wanted until you came across it. 

Floating Hammock Craft Kits

Floating Hammock Craft Kits


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