White Lace Henna Tattoos

These White Lace Henna Tattoos provide a beautiful alternative to everyday jewelry, that looks amazing, sophisticated and original.

With this awesome temporary tattoo you can adorn your hands in henna, that looks like an intricate beautiful lace.

You get different sizes on the sheet you order – five smaller ones for each finger, two simple and delicate tattoos to circle your wrist, one bigger tattoo for your wrist that is wider and more complicated, and, probably the most eye-catching, on in a sun-like design that goes in the center of your hand.

Applying henna tattoos has been a long-standing custom spawning from many cultures, and nowadays is most commonly known as a part of Indian culture.

And with this item you can get this gorgeous temporary tattoo without even going to a salon. 

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White Lace Henna Tattoos

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