Fox Tactical Butt Stock Cheek Rest

Do you own a shotgun or a rifle and wish to always have some ammo at your disposal? That dream can become a reality with the Fox Tactical Butt Stock Cheek Rest.

It’s a very stylish rest that will fit any rifle or shotgun. It is extremely easy to mount thanks to a simple hook-and-loop system.

With this little gizmo you will have an extra two straps of ammo attached to your gun at all times. It makes reloading much faster and you can make sure that you always have enough of ammo with you.

But that’s not all! The rest is also equipped with a nice zip utility pocket, where you can keep your gun and hunting related essentials.

It’s a must-have for any shotgun or rifle owner and can also be a great gift idea for one. Small, but one to cherish for years. 

Fox Tactical Butt Stick Cheek Rest

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