F***er In Charge Desk Sign

The F***er in Charge Desk Sign will make every adult person laugh and is sure to brighten up the day of the employees.

Well, this hilarious gag gift is R-rated, so no kids allowed! Now that we have that cleared out of the way let’s focus on how funny this item is. From the first look, it’s a classy gold plate with black engraving in a nice black case.

But the writing will make anyone belly laugh. Your boss will love it, granted he has to have at least a tiny bit of a sense of humor (which might not always be the case). You can also put it on your own desk and watch your coworkers smile in disbelief. 

It’s a great way to brighten up your working space and a fun conversation starter. Just make sure that your job isn’t a kindergarten teacher, please! 

F***er In Charge Desk Sign

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