26 Thoughtful Gifts for Military Wives To Enlighten Clueless Husbands

Time to show some appreciation to the great military wives who are always standing behind the army! Since marrying a soldier is not an easy road, the wives deserve thoughtful presents from their husbands to show that they matter. Unfortunately, many military men are clueless when they have to find the right gift for their lovely military wives.

The right gifts for military wives must be something that can make them feel loved. Such items will motivate them to keep their family running. And so, we have created a list of 26 thoughtful gifts for military wives to enlighten clueless husbands.

Some of these products will allow the husbands to show their love and appreciation toward their beloved military wives, spoil them, and bring them closer. Scroll down to find out more about those gifts!

1. “To My Military Wife” White Gold Necklace

“To My Military Wife” White Gold Necklace

Show appreciation and love to the military wives by giving this precious sentimental necklace. It was made from 14k white gold and completed with an adjustable chain at the back. After they read the lovely message in the box, they will be in love again! This is a precious gift for military wives.

2. Personalized Drawing

Personalized Drawing

Get this personalized drawing to turn precious moments with wives into an art. The portrait can be a picture of the wedding day, birthday celebration, or the wedding anniversary. If they are not satisfied with the result, the artist can make some changes before they ship it, with no extra payment. This is a beautiful piece of art to give to military wives.

3. “Army Wife” Sweater

“Army Wife” Sweater

Next, we have this cute sweater with an “Army Wife” print in the middle of it. It is a fun gift to give to military wifes. They can use this while doing any indoor or outdoor activity, since the sweater is so comfy. Going outside with this sweater on won’t make boys curious if the lady is taken.

4. Military Countdown Calendar

Military Countdown Calendar

If a military husband is looking for a gift before his deployment, that’s going to make his wife remember the exact date that he’s coming home, this is it. The military themed countdown calendar is made from acrylic wood and can have the husband’s name personalized in it. That way the wife can count the days until her partner is home.

5. “Because Deployment” Wine Glass

Because Deployment” Wine Glass

This wine glass can be a funny gift for military wives. It is the writing on the glass that catches the attention. Imagine catching military wives drinking wine from this metal glass in the afternoon after an emotionally drenching deployment day. Plus point, it comes with a matching straw.

6. Paint By Number Kit

Paint By Number Kit

Let’s be honest, being military wives have its stressful moments, too. They have to move a lot and help kids to settle into their new school. Give them this paint by number kit to use when they have a little me-time to relax. It comes with canvas, brushes, and paints in one box. They don’t have to be a great artist to paint it because this paint by number kit is super easy to use.

7. 3D Tic Tac Toe

3D Tic Tac Toe

A great fun gift that the wives and their family can play with. The 3d tic tac toe is made from Indian Rosewood and Mango wood. Both woods are famous for their long durability. The 3D wood game is also easy to clean, just use a clean wipe and it’ll be good to use again. Playing this with the family is a good killing time activity before going to bed.

8. Wooden Hand & Palm Roller

Wooden Hand & Palm Roller

Shaking hands with important people in the army, carrying the children’s stuff, picking up the moving boxes, cooking delicious meals, cleaning the house, those hands of military wives just never stop working! That’s why we recommend getting the wooden hand & palm roller as a gift for military wives. The hand massager is made from beechwood that is going to give the perfect pressure when massaging their hands.

9. Yoga Dice

Yoga Dice

Yoga is one of the activities that many women love to do. The movements are relaxing, reducing stress, and adding flexibility to the body. This yoga set contains seven dices of yoga position. To use, simply take one, roll, and copy the position that shows in the dice. Just the gift that military wives need, to make their yoga session more fun.

10. Luxurious Bali Robe

Luxurious Bali Robe

Military wives deserve to be spoiled with this luxurious Bali robe. The robe is made from 100% cotton and has a beautiful belt attached to it. Not only is it useful to dry their body, the blue batik pattern will add beauty and elegance to them. Make military wives happy and give them this luxurious robe.

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11. “Military Wife” Charm

“Military Wife” Charm

Give this charm to the lovely military wives to show how important they are. The charm is heart shaped and made from sterling silver. It can be put in a necklace or bracelet. This is another gift that she can wear to remind people that the beautiful lady was taken.

12. Scratch Off Map

Scratch Off Map

The scratch off map is a unique gift to give to military wives. They can use the map to mark the places where their husband deployed, so they always feel close. The map is also perfect to make the wives feel connected to their husbands. No matter how many miles they are apart, she can always see his through this map.

13. Chanel No. 5 Parfume

Chanel No. 5 Parfume

Yes, this little bottle of perfume is a little expensive. But, military wives are going to go to social events where they have to make a good impression to support their husband. The smooth floral and vanilla scent of Chanel No. 5  is going to add her charms when she wears it. Don’t be stingy with money and get her this little bottle of magic.

14. Stone Lain Dinnerware

Stone Lain Dinnerware

Being military wives, they are going to host some gatherings for a dinner party. Give them this stylish and modern dinnerware that is made from stoneware. It will bring a rustic elegance to the table that’s going to impress the guests. The food will taste more delicious because it looks pretty to the eyes.

15. Tom Ford Lip Color

Tom Ford Lip Color

The Tom Ford lip color is perfect for formal military events. They can look stunning while proudly supporting their husband in those special events. The stunning red lipstick fits into any skin tone and leaves a lovely red stain when erased. Also, Tom Ford’s lipstick promises to give moisturizer to the lips and make them smooth. 

16. This Military Wives Candle 

This Military Wives Candle 

Military families move a lot because they always change stations. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming for the wives to try to settle into a new house. This candle is a funny gift for military wives who have enough to move. The scented candle can bring smiles on their face when they read the little writing on the candle. It is also a nice gesture to show sympathy to the wives.

17. Bonsai LED Light

Bonsai LED Light

This beautiful Bonsai LED light is a great addition and gift to put in their room. It has pearl lamps and golden branches that will bring dreamy little lights into the room. When the little lights hit the golden branches, it will look so magical. The wives are going to appreciate this beautiful gift. No more wasting time and check the cute lamp now!

18. Leather Journal

Leather Journal

Sometimes, military wives keep a journal to write down their feelings, ideas, goals or some moments in their life that they do not want to forget. To keep their special writings, we suggest you get this 3D Elephant journal. The journal is made from leather and a 3D elephant painting on the cover. The inside of the book has two types of papers: white and cream color, to give it a vintage vibe. It is time to let the wives hear their story through this 200 pages of journal.

19. Something Bleu’s Elvie Pump

Something Bleu’s Elvie Pump

There is a famous saying that “Good shoes take people to good places”. These elegant Something Bleu’s pumps will surely take the military wife to amazing places. If they are not a high heel kind of women, don’t worry. The heel is only 3 inch long. Even better, the footbed is arched to give comfort and stability when supporting the body. The shoes have blue crystal attached to the sole to make it look even more stunning on them. Who said military wives cannot look cute?

20. Wacaco Minipresso Portable

Wacaco Minipresso Portable

The Wacaco minipresso portable is a great gift for wives because of how easy and well-designed it is. They can enjoy a cup of their husband’s favorite coffee, when they miss him, before starting the day. Just put a coffee capsule inside, close the lid, pour boiling water into the cup in the bottom of the minipresso, then, pump it about six times, and the coffee is ready to enjoy. Easy and simple, right?

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21. Love Box

Love Box

Love box is a messenger that military couples can use to send pictures, love notes, or drawings to each other when they’re away. The little red heart shape will turn when there is massage inside the box. It is a new and unique way for military husbands to show that they miss their wives. It is a wonderful tool to strengthen their marriage.

22. Mini Photo Printer

amazonArts and Crafts Vault

This device is a Mini photo printer that they can bring everywhere! Just need to connect the phone with the mini printer and it’s going to print the beautiful pictures. The wives are going to be so busy printing their precious family pictures after receiving this gift. One of the best gifts for military wives to fill their family photo albums. 

23. DIY Molding Kit

DIY Molding Kit

This one is a bit of a sentimental gift. The molding kit is used to mold a couple holding hands moment into an unbreakable statue. Before going to deploy, buy this diy kit and start this fun molding project together with the wives. That way, the wives can have the precious statue when their husbands are away. Also, when it dries, paint it together with any desired color.

24. Capsule Letters Massage

Capsule Letters Massage

Get this capsule letter message before deployment to cheer the military wives when they are alone. Write some love letters inside the capsules and put them back inside the jar when finished. The little love letters can make the military wives stronger and able to endure the deployment. When they miss their husbands so much, they can take one capsule of a love letter to cheer them up.

25. Long Distance Bracelet

Long Distance Bracelet

Long distance touch bracelet is a unique gift for the military wives who are separated from their husband. With one tap, the bracelet will vibrate and light up, signaling that their partner misses them. The bracelets come in pairs, for the husband and wife. That way, no matter the distance, they will always feel close.

26. Acrylic Magnetic Frame

Acrylic Magnetic Frame

The acrylic magnetic frame is a cool transparent frame to put the military wives favorite pictures. They can attach it to the fridge, and see the pictures of their husband and kids before preparing the meals. The simple and elegant frames are going to be full with their favorite pictures.

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