25 Cool Guitar Picks That Bring Your Music To The Next Level

A guitar is a musical instrument that has six strings that will produce beautiful tones and melodies when it is plucked or strummed by the player. It can be played with bare fingers or guitar picks, both ways are preferable and can produce a good sound from the guitar.

Yet, guitar picks are used mainly by guitarists since they play their guitar more intensively. Customized or personalized guitar picks, vintage guitar picks, and crystal guitar picks are preferable picks.

If you are guitarists or guitar players out there who are looking for guitar picks, welcome! We have compiled 25 cool guitar picks for you that will elevate your performance in playing your favorite guitar.

Guitar picks made of metal, wood, crystal or stone, and even leather are waiting for you on our list. So, let’s get down to it and check our list now!

Custom Guitar Picks

Custom guitar picks are the ones that can be customized and personalized based on your preference. Every material can be used to make cool guitar picks and you can customize them with your name, photos, pictures, designs, and messages that you want. We compile them in our custom guitar picks collection. Let’s check them out!

1. Personalized Stainless Steel Guitar Picks

Personalized Stainless Steel Guitar Picks

A stainless steel guitar pick is durable and stronger than a regular model. Plus, it can produce a beautiful sound when it is swiped on the guitar strings. But because the material is stainless steel, it will be rigid and compatible with metal guitar strings, especially the ones on electric guitars. It is a wonderful personalized stainless steel guitar pick that you can customize with your name and personalized engraving.

2. Fruity Cool Guitar Picks

Fruity Guitar Picks

If you love exotic fruits and want to have them on your guitar picks. These fruity guitar picks can be cool choices for you. With three types of thickness that you can choose, these guitar picks will accompany you to the stage. Whether it is acoustic or electric guitars, these picks can handle all. Choose your favorite fruity guitar picks and play your guitar exoticly just like the fruits! 

3. Customized Flower Guitar Picks

Cool Guitar Picks

Girl guitarists are cool musicians who still have that feminine soul in them. Flowers are their best friend in any activities, hobbies, and arts they do. Cool guitar picks for girls or guitarists who love flowers are these customized guitar picks. It will be a wonderful guitar pick because you can combine flower and leaf in one pick. What a beautiful guitar pick!

4. Personalized Photo Guitar Picks

Cool Guitar Picks

Having your loved ones’ photos with you all the time is a wonderful thing. It is even better when the photo is on your guitar picks. The personalized photo guitar picks are wonderful to have and will accompany you wherever and whenever you go. Put your best photos of your loved ones, and let them be with you when you play your favorite guitar.

Vintage Guitar Picks

This collection of vintage guitar picks is old but gold. They may seem out of date or classic for most people. The materials, forms, and design may look simple, but they may have their own background stories. We have picked the best vintage guitar picks for you! So let’s see what we have!

5. Wooden Guitar Picks

Cool Guitar Picks

This natural wooden guitar pick is our first choice. It will work well with both metal and plastic guitar strings. The wood’s natural surface also supports a fine grip, providing a comfier experience when playing guitar. It is one of the most unique cool guitar picks which looks vintage and classic. It can be your best guitar pick that does minimum damage to the strings as well.

6. Wool Guitar Picks

Cool Guitar Picks

Wool may be soft since it is from sheep’s fur. But have you ever realized that the wool could be processed into a good guitar pick? The soft texture of the fur is compressed and built to be strong enough to strum and pluck the guitar strings. Plus, the flexibility of these wool guitar picks is top quality. So if you want to add some flexible guitar picks to your collection, remember to include these wool guitar picks.

7. Axe Blade Guitar Picks

Axe Blade Guitar Picks

Check out this unique ax blade guitar pick that has a triangle form with a hole in it. It improves the control of the pick with an ergonomic grip pattern that helps you to have a firm grip while playing. The picks come with three tips you can play with, such as two thick bevel tips and a thin tip. It is a durable and flexible guitar pick for your best playing experience.

8. Onigiri Pattern Guitar Picks

Onigiri Pattern Guitar Picks

Do you love the Japanese Rice Ball or Onigiri? If so, check this guitar pick! It has a cute design that comes in a triangle shape and black nori on the gripping side. It is a celluloid guitar pick that is well-known to be durable and long-lasting material. There is also some cute emojis pattern that makes these Onigiri guitar picks so cute and lovely. 

9. Black Mother of Pearl Guitar Picks

Cool Guitar Picks

Do you love pearl shells as your natural guitar picks? This may be your best pick to accompany you in playing guitar because its natural material is durable and is perfect for your guitar strings. These black mother-of-pearl guitar picks are especially nice. Coming with dark shimmering color, it is an elegant guitar pick to play with. It is one of the most beautiful natural guitars picks you could have.

10. Freshwater Mother of Pearl Guitar Picks

Cool Guitar Picks

Here is another natural shell guitar! These freshwater guitar picks come in white and looks so elegant. The white shimmering color and natural beauty will make you look gorgeous as you pick the guitar. The beauty of these freshwater guitar picks is unmatched compared to models. Complete your collection with these freshwater guitar picks immediately!

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11. Legendary Bands Guitar Picks

Cool Guitar Picks

Music lovers must have their own favorite legendary bands that inspire their music styles. Queen, Scorpion, Eagles, and other legendary bands live forever in their hearts. Thus, these legendary bands’ guitar picks will be the best picks for you. By having these legendary bands-themed guitar picks, you can bring your favorite bands whenever you play.

12. Cool Rainbow Stripe Guitar Picks

Rainbow Stripe Guitar Picks

Do you love colorful guitar picks, but you do not know what color to have? Then, you can have these rainbow stripe guitar picks and have all colors in one guitar pick. What a wonderful thing to have in your collection of custom guitar picks. A rainbow stripe guitar pick that will color up your playing style!

13. Marvel Superheroes Plastic Guitar Picks

Cool Guitar Picks

Are you a musician who also loves Marvel and DC Comics? Have you ever wished to have your superheroes on your guitar picks? Well, you can make your wish come true by having these Marvel plastic guitar picks. Your favorite characters will always share their superpower every time you play your guitar.

14. Classical Finger Picks

Cool Guitar Picks

Do you love to play your guitar in a finger style? Do you enjoy plucking every single string rather than swiping all strings at once? The classical finger picks may be your best picks to play with since they will help you pluck each of them perfectly. The shimmering gold color and the ergonomic design will elevate your style and performance on the stage.

15. Stainless Steel Finger Picks

Cool Guitar Picks

If you do not like finger picks that look too simple, you may prefer these stainless ones on our list. With their sharp appearance, these stainless steel finger picks will spark and shine together with your amazing music. You can put these stainless steel finger picks on the tip of your fingers with the long side in your inner hand. Add them to your guitar picks collection and play confidently!

16. Thumb Guitar Picks

Cool Guitar Picks

Do you ever need a pick that fits in your thumb? Then, these thumb guitar picks are perfect for you. The fact that you do not need to hold it is very convenient. You just need to put it in your thumb, it will be the best pick you ever have. Grab one and make it easier to play your guitar!

17. Leather Guitar Picks

Cool Guitar Picks

Leather guitar picks have a similar principle to the wool ones. Both picks have flexible characteristics. It is perfect for playing classical acoustic guitars to produce a soft and romantic sound from your favorite guitar. Even though they are flexible, they are durable and long-lasting. They can accompany reliably on the stage. Pick your favorite leather guitar pick’s color and show your romantic music to your audiences!

18. Coin Guitar Picks

Coin Guitar Picks

Coin guitar picks are made of metal with the iconic USA eagle symbol on them. You can choose it for your best picks and play your guitar with it anytime. The golden coin guitar picks look luxurious yet it shows your patriotic spirit to the audience. Choose your coin guitar picks and play your music wonderfully!

Crystal Guitar Picks

Crystals are naturally formed through a crystallization process when lava is swiftly cooling down or when minerals join in the water. Those crystals are also a great material for making guitar picks. They are durable, rigid, and long-lasting. Thus, they will hold up well against the guitar strings.

Crystals also are believed to have supernatural energies that can affect someone who brings them. Thus, having crystal guitar picks will bring power to your stage performance. Here we have compiled the best crystal guitar picks collection, so let’s check them out!

19. Black Obsidian Guitar Picks

Cool Guitar Picks

Black obsidian guitar picks come with a full and glossy black color which looks bold and amazing. With the rigid characteristic of crystal guitar picks, these black obsidian guitar picks will produce strong and less noisy sounds through your guitar strings. Make sure you have one of these black obsidian guitars picks in your collection because they are worth it. 

20. Amethyst Guitar Picks

Cool Guitar Picks

Amethyst has a unique purple color with a beautiful combination of soft and dark accents. It is a crystal that is well-known for its healing power, good both for physical and mental health. The amethyst guitar picks can be the best choice in your crystal guitar picks collection that will bring positive vibes into your music.

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21. Rose Quartz Guitar Picks

Cool Guitar Picks

Rose quartz is another crystal that has a superpower that can promote self-love. The rose quartz guitar pick will be the most lovely choice in your crystal guitar picks collection. It is because you can use it to play your guitar and share a sense of self-love with all of your audiences. More than an artist, you are surely inspiring them.

22. Snowflake Obsidian Guitar Picks

Snowflake Obsidian Guitar Picks

Obsidian is a stone formed by silica lava that has a white flowery pattern on it. The beautiful patterns make the stone the perfect material for a guitar pick! The snowflake obsidian stone is believed to dissolve physical and emotional pains.

As a snowflake obsidian guitar pick, it hopefully can help you produce calming music that can help the audience to reduce any pain they have. What a great stone to be used as a guitar pick!

23. Indian Agate Guitar Picks

Indian Agate Guitar Picks

Indian agate stone with a dark green color is believed to be the stone of eternity. So these Indian agate guitar picks will have the energy of patience, peace, harmony, and home in someone’s life. It is perfect to complement your crystal guitar picks collection and it will be the best picks to produce music that transmits the energy of balance to your audiences.

23. Moonstone Guitar Picks

Moonstone Guitar Picks

Moonstone is a crystal that is full of feminine energy. The milky glowing stone truly is fitting material for a guitar pick that can stand out. The moonstone guitar picks can give you the power of creativity and intuition. Through your music, you can give positive well-being energy to all.

25. Cool Gray Agate Guitar Picks

Gray Agate Guitar Picks

Coming with unique gray, black, and white combinations, the gray agate guitar picks are made of a wonderful crystal. It will be wonderful to have them in your crystal guitar picks collection because it is believed to have a powerful grounding power. Through the music of your guitar and these gray agate guitar picks, you can give your audience a sense of protection and wisdom.

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Do guitar picks wear out?

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Does guitar pick affect tone?

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