25 Sweet First Menstrual Period Gifts to Help Her Prepare

The first menstrual period is one of the most important milestones in teenagehood. A girl can be very surprised, excited, happy, uncomfortable, nervous, or might be totally clueless about the menstruation period. Besides talking openly about the situation, giving some first menstrual period gift can actually help her to be more prepared and comforting as well. 

As she experiences a completely new thing in her life, a sweet and comforting gift that helps her navigate through the menstruation period will be the perfect first menstrual period gift for her. To help you in finding the perfect first menstrual period gifts, we have enlisted 25 gift ideas to look at. The ideas are not just helpful, it also boosts her confidence to embrace the young woman’s life and love herself more. 

1. First Period Kit To-Go

First Period Kit To-Go

A teenager who just got her first period might have no clue about the period itself. Help her during entering the first stage of her teenagehood with this first-period kit to-go as first menstrual period gifts for her. The kit includes organic and biodegradable pads, panty liner, feminine disposal pouch, and feminine wipe, all in one sequin bag for an easier to carry inside the purse. The kit is available in pink and black color options. 

2. Avocado Heating Pad

Avocado Heating Pad

On her first period, she might feel cramps and back pain as it is the common symptom of menstrual discomfort. Help her reduce the discomfort with this avocado heating pad. There’s a removable pad inside which is made of natural clay beads to provide a comforting moist heat for relaxation. The removable clay beads are microwaveable and unscented, so you can add her favorite scent. 

3. To My Daughter Pouch Bag

To My Daughter Pouch Bag

A girl on her first menstrual period will really need a pouch to spare her period supplies. Don’t just give a boring pouch, add a little sweet touch with this To My Daughter pouch bag as her first menstrual period gift. The pouch bag has ‘To My Daughter’ and ‘I am so proud of you’ printed on the front as the heart-warming message from a mother to her sweet daughter. The pouch is waterproof with a zipper on the top.

4. Leak-Proof Underwear

Leak-Proof Underwear

During her first menstrual period, a girl might be worrying about the period leaks since they are yet used to the period itself. Help her to ease their mind with this leak-proof underwear as first menstrual period gifts. This underwear provides extra protection from the lining to prevent period leakage. Remember to tell her that this doesn’t mean a replacement for the sanitary pads because they still have to use them. This should be used together with sanitary pads/tampons for better leakage prevention. 

5. My Just Period Journal

My Just Period Journal

A “My Just Period” journal will be the useful first menstrual period gift for her. This journal helps a mother or a teenager who just got her period to keep track of the cycle. It makes her more conscious of the pre-menstruation symptoms and irregular cycle. The journal features a 2-year monthly calendar to track the period with some details to note the mood, symptoms, medications, and additional notes during the cycle.

6. Little Lamb Night-Time Pads

Little Lamb Night-Time Pads

As soon as getting her first menstrual period, she’ll realize that we need a special pad during the night time for extra protection. Introduce them to night-time pads from Little Lamb as first menstrual period gifts. This reusable pad is specially designed for a heavy flow during the night-time. There’s a super absorbent bamboo lining inside to absorb moisture. The pack includes 3 eco-friendly pads, all washable and can be reused.

7. Growing Up: It’s a Girl Thing Book

 Growing Up It’s a Girl Thing Book

A book to gain knowledge about the period itself would be the best first menstrual period gift you can give to her. This Growing Up: It’s a Girl Thing is a good book to introduce her to the new stage in her teenagehood.  The author introduces teenage topics through some girl-thing talk such as first bra, first period, and the changing body. The book would help parents to explain the important milestones of their daughter’s life.  

8. Aromatherapy Mist Spray

Aromatherapy Mist Spray

Experiencing low mood is one of the common symptoms during a menstrual period, first menstrual is no exception. Help her who’s going through her first menstruation to relax before bedtime with this aromatherapy mist spray! This aromatherapy mist from Asutra is infused with lavender and chamomile essential oil for the ultimate relaxing effect. Perfect to use as room spray to freshen up her personal space. 

9. Ultimate First Period Kit and Spa Gift Basket

Ultimate First Period Kit and Spa Gift Basket

The first period can be challenging for a teenager. Help her to be pampered during this period with this ultimate first-period kit and spa gift basket for the first menstrual period gifts. The kit contains several first-period supplies such as pads, heat patches, and hygiene products, along with pampering spa products and bath bombs. She can pamper herself by enjoying a spa at home. Sweet yet useful first menstrual period gifts for daughter, niece, or granddaughter. 

10. Layered Zip Pouch

Layered Zip Pouch

Menstrual period can make our purse messier due to some extra personal hygiene we should carry everywhere. Give this layered zip pouch as first menstrual period gifts to let her know how to pack personal hygiene nicely. This pouch has three layers to neatly store the sanitary pads and the other personal hygiene. The zip pouch is made of cloth and available in three different colors. 

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11. PMS Relief for Period Cramps

PMS Relief for Period Cramps

The first menstrual period brings some changes to the body and mind of a girl. She might start experiencing moodiness and headache – which is commonly associated with PMS during the menstruation period. Help her who is going through the PMS with this PMS relief for period cramps as first menstrual period gifts. This product is a 100% blend of natural essential oils of clary sage, lavender, geranium, and peppermint, which helps balance women’s hormones to ease PMS symptoms.

12. Vasigil V-Friendly Bath Bomb

Vasigil V-Friendly Bath Bomb

The first menstrual period is the best time to explain personal hygiene in the intimate area, including product choice to use sensitive-skin safe products over the sensitive area. Introduce her to the specialty products for the sensitive areas such as a V-friendly bath bomb from Vasigil. This bath bomb is pH friendly and made of ingredients with soothing and calming benefits. Perfect for sensitive intimate skin.

13.  Menstrual Cycle Tracking Bracelet

Menstrual Cycle Tracking Bracelet

The menstrual cycle tracking bracelet is a heart-warming first menstrual period gift for her to conveniently track the menstrual cycle from the early period. This bracelet makes the menstrual period tracking task easier with beads where each of them corresponds a day in your monthly cycle. It’s equipped with some information cards that provide the way this bracelet works with your own cycle.

14. Feminine Care Kit

Feminine Care Kit

The first menstrual period can be a rough time for a girl due to the uncomfortable feeling as it’s her first experience. Let her enjoy more pampering me-time with this feminine care kit. The kit contains three-step products for the intimate area: gentle cleansing foam, oil, and cooling mist. All products are specifically designed for sensitive areas and are free from chemicals, sulfate, dyes, and perfume.

15. Crustacean Warming Pillow

Crustacean Warming Pillow

Menstruation cramps are really painful, especially for those who are just experiencing it for the first time. There’s no magic spell to make it disappear right away, but we can help to ease the cramps with this cramp-relieving crustacean warming pillow. This pillow has a wheat-grain insert which is microwaveable and will stay warm for up to 20 minutes. The warm heat helps provide a soothing effect on the area of the cramp.

16. Period Power Self Card Deck

Period Power Self Card Deck

This period power-self card deck is another useful first menstrual period gift to extensive her knowledge regarding the body to make the most of her menstrual period later on. The deck contains 48 informational cards on how to track the body and understand the “seasons” that you experience throughout the month, to harness the energy of the menstrual period. Each of the cards features colorful illustrations on the front and some informational writing on the back.

17. Moon Beam Sleep Aid

Moon Beam Sleep Aid

The first menstrual period brings a new experience to a girl which might make them unable to sleep comfortably. As useful first menstrual period gifts, give her this moonbeam sleep aid to help her get better sleep at night. This device helps you fall asleep with gentle pulsing light projects on the ceiling which bring hypnotic effects. The effect helps quiet anxious thoughts and slow down breathing to a sleep-inducing level.

18. DIY Sanitary Pad Case Sewing Pattern

DIY Sanitary Pad Case Sewing Pattern

The perfect first menstrual period gifts for a girl who loves sewing. Show you care about her condition while at the same time supporting her sewing hobby with this DIY sanitary pad case sewing pattern as her first menstrual period gift. The pattern is provided in a digital PDF file which can be printed before sewing. There are 3 files including the patterns, an instructional file, and lots of photos as a guide. 

19. First Moon Cycle Jewelry

First Moon Cycle Jewelry

Make your daughter, niece, or grand-daughter feel special on her important milestone as a teenager with this first moon cycle jewelry as first menstrual period gifts. This sweet jewelry has an asymmetrical heart pendant with customized hand-stamped letter and heart-warming writing ‘To My Daughter’ printed inside the box. The necklace has a timeless look and will look great to match any outfit.

20. Menstrual Pain Relief Bracelet

Menstrual Pain Relief Bracelet

During the first menstrual period, she might not be familiar with the menstrual discomfort and don’t know how to deal with the pain. Besides giving pain relievers, support her by giving menstrual pain relief bracelets as her first menstrual period gifts. The bracelet is made of Rose Quartz, Labradorite, and Carnelian crystal beads which are believed to give emotional support during periods. Each bead is sourced naturally to preserve all their qualities.

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21. First Period Affirmation Kit

First Period Affirmation Kit

Encourage her to leave a positive mark on the important milestone of her life with this first period affirmation kit as her first menstrual period gifts. The kit features a range of positive quotes and affirmation to brighten up her first day of menstrual period. It’s not just a deck of cards, this kit also contains 2 chocolates and sanitary napkins inside a reusable drawstring bag. Such a sweet companion for her first menstrual period.

22. Welcome to Womanhood Book

Welcome to Womanhood Book

Join her to embrace the beginning of her menstrual journey by giving this “Welcome to Womanhood” book as the added knowledge for the daughter and mom. This book is suitable for girls aged 8-14 years old and their mother or guardian to celebrate the transition as a lovely teenager who is just entering the woman-hood stage. It’s easy to read and filled with colorful illustrations throughout the book. 

23. Flex Stretch Cotton Bra

Flex Stretch Cotton Bra

Most girls would love the idea of wearing a comfort bra on the first day of their menstruation cycle for more comfort on a rough day. So, this flex stretch cotton bra from Hanes would be useful first menstrual period gifts for her. It’s wire-free with patented X-Temp technology for cooling comfort all day. The bra is also built with a ComfortFlex Fit shape to fit her body. 

24. Palmers Coconut Body Oil

Palmers Coconut Body Oil

When experiencing menstrual cramps, it’s recommended to put warm heat and massaging on the tummy area to help you reduce the pain. This Palmer’s coconut body oil will help her lightly massaging the lower abdomen while rejuvenating her skin at the same time. The oil is made of pure coconut oil and monoi which provides deep hydration to the skin. With a pump dispenser for an easier and convenient use.

25. Relaxing Lavender Gift Bundle

Relaxing Lavender Gift Bundle

Menstruation period is often associated with discomfort and body aches therefore, women need more relaxing time to deal with the pain. Help the young woman who just got her period to be more relaxed with this relaxing lavender gift bundle as first menstrual period gift for her.

The bundle comes in a package with several spa products such as soap, bath salt, bath bomb, etc – all with a natural lavender scent which is known for its relaxing properties. You’ll also find the real dried lavender flower and lavender essential oil for the ultimate natural lavender aroma.

latest post:

What should I gift my girl in her first period?

Your daughter might get scared or nervous during her first period. Some first menstrual period gift ideas such as an avocado heating pad, leak-proof underwear, an Ultimate first-period kit, and a spa gift basket can be sweet and useful to comfort her. Another simple and sweet first menstrual gift such as first moon cycle jewelry will make her feel special.

What should I do when my daughter gets her first period?

The best thing to do when your daughter gets her first period is a girl-talk with her. Talk openly about what it’s like to have a menstruation. You can also share your first menstrual period story to give her your point of view back then. A relaxed and honest conversation helped her to embrace throughout her first menstruation period.

What not to say to your girlfriend when she’s on her period?

For boyfriends out there, you know that she can be the worst version of herself during the period. It’s important to keep yourself from saying something bad that can wake up the ‘sleeping lion’. Don’t give a comment about her look is the number 1 on the list that you should not say to your girlfriend when she’s on her period. Avoid arguing things that don’t matter or blaming her for small mistakes also the best practices. 

How do you comfort a girl on her period over text?

Even if you’re not on her side, you can help her to feel better by sending some texts. Simply asking ‘How are you?’ actually a heart-warming text which can comfort her during the period. Show her that you genuinely care by texting ‘Is there anything I can do to help?’. Even if she doesn’t need help, your offer means the world to her.

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