25 Funny Period Gifts for Your Girl

Every girl in the world experience her period as a monthly cycle. However, each girl’s first period can come sooner than others, depending on their health condition. In addition to that, each girl’s period cycle is also different depending on their hormones. Not a few girls will suffer and experience period pains, cramps, and not to mention the uncontrolled emotional ups and downs. Since having a period is like a rollercoaster ride for many girls, it would be sweet to give your special girl a funny period gift that will make her day a little better, plus put a smile for her face, too!

Having a period, generally can cause symptoms that are quite disturbing and really uncomfortable, so it is necessary to take some measures so as not to interfere with daily activities. Here, we give you great advice by gathering a list of 25 funny period gifts for your girl who is going through her period. However, a little gift won’t hurt and these funny and weird items can at least help her ease her pain.

1. Animal Spa Mask

Animal Spa Mask

When girls are menstruating, their skin goes through a lot of changes because the body goes through some hormonal changes. During this time, most girls experience acne and breakouts. Therefore, this fun animal sheet face mask will make a funny period gift idea. After all, we know that being girls, they could use a boost in their skincare routine anytime.

2. Cuddly Period Socks

These are my cuddly period socks, you've been warned Sock

Show your girl how much you care by giving her these super funny socks that say, “These are my cuddly period socks, you’ve been warned.” The funny design of the socks will surely grab her attention, not to mention people’s attention, too. Undoubtedly, this funny period gift will put a smile on her face, right from the moment you give these funny socks to her.

3. Uterus Pattern Socks

Uterus Pattern Socks

If you think that the writing on the previous items is too harsh for your girl, then giving other funny gifts such as these uterus print socks, can be a better option. Aside from being a funny period gift for your girl, these socks are also cute and funny. Moreover, they are made of high quality fabric that will warm her feet, too.

4. ‘Sorry. Can’t. PMS. Bye.’ T-Shirt

Sorry. Can't. PMS. Bye. T-Shirt

Besides socks, you can also give her this funny t-shirt that says, “Sorry. Can’t. PMS. Bye” as a funny period gift for your girl who is experiencing PMS. Available in a variety of sizes, this t-shirt is made of 100% cotton, so she will feel comfortable in it without feeling too tight.

5. PMS Menstrual Cycle Chocolate Funny T-Shirt

PMS Menstrual Cycle Chocolate Funny T-Shirt

If your lovely girl often experience bad night sleeps before or during her menstrual cycle, then this t-shirt will be the best gift, especially because the design is also perfect. This epic PMS t-shirt will be a funny period gift idea for a girl who’s going through a bad period symptoms. Moreover, it will also be a great period gift for a girl who loves chocolate. Without a doubt, this gift will help her get through her menstrual cycle, and make a perfect joke about it.

6. ‘Please Leave Me Alone I’m on My Period’ T-Shirt

Please Leave Me Alone I’m on My Period T-Shirt

If the previous t-shirt was too plain for you, then this ‘Please leave me alone I’m on my period’ t-shirt can be another funny period gift idea. This shirt comes in a funny graphic with the word ‘period’ in red. Made of 100% cotton, this item can be a relief for girl’s mood swings during PMS.

7. I’m on My Period Mug

I’m on My Period Mug

Improving girls’ mood during their period is an important thing to do, because sometimes cramps and period pains can make them feel anxious and angry all the time, for no apparent reason! Therefore, hand your girl this mug that says, “Don’t talk to me. I’m on my period” because this mug can definitely be a gift that becomes her statement during period. This is the mug that shows people that she doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

8. Don’t Piss Me Off Menstrual Mug

Don’t Piss Me Off Menstrual Mug

Another funny period gift for your girl is a mug that says, “Menstrual Cup, Don’t Piss Me Off” that also features a picture of the uterus. Comes in good quality ceramic, the images are printed on both sides of the mug. Give this funny period gift to your girl, and she will definitely think that this gift is hilarious.

9. Period Panties for Period Gifts

Period Panties

Giving her these funny pop culture panties will help to ease her pain. She will be laughing when she receives this gift from you, and will definitely laugh even more when she pictures herself in these panties. Made of 95% cotton, these panties a good to avoid irritation that usually occurs during menstruation.

10. Tampon Cookie Cutter

Tampon Cookie Cutter

During their period, girls usually crave for something sweet like cookies to dip in their hot chocolate. For that reason, giving these funny tampon-shaped cookie cutters can put her in a better mood while enjoying her sweets. Moreover, is she bakes her cookies using these funny period gifts, she will surely have a good laugh.

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11. Uterus Cookie Cutter

Uterus Cookie Cutter

Apart from the previous tampon-shaped cookie cutters, these uterus cookie cutters can also be a funny gift for girls. These are high-quality cookie cutters that should be washed in cold soapy water. This item would be a funny addition to her tampon-shaped cookies.

12. Crochet Tampon Earrings

Crochet Tampon Earrings

If you give these funny period gifts to your girl, then she will be able to wear these crochet tampon earrings when she’s on her period. These statement earrings will people that she’s menstruating. The shape and color is very similar the color of a real tampon, and these cuties will make her burst out laughing.

13. Period Positive Earrings

Period Positive Earrings

Another choice of earrings that can be used as a funny period gift for girls are these sanitary towel earrings. They weigh approximately 1 gram each and measure 1.5cm in length, so super small and cute. All metal findings including the hooks, are stamped sterling silver.

14. Sanitary Towel Earrings And Period Pants Pin

Sanitary Towel Earrings And Period Pants Pin

The third option for earrings that can be given as a set of funny period gift is the Positive Period of Sanitary Towel Earrings And Period Pants Pin. This set of gift will be a great period gift for your girl, especially because it comes with the addition of a pin that has a safety back pin fastening.

15. Don’t Disturb Woman With PMS & PMS Free Door Hanger

Don't Disturb Woman With PMS & PMS Free Door Hanger

You know that girls don’t like to be disturbed during their period. That’s why giving them a don’t disturb woman with a PMS door hanger can be a funny period gift for her. She can use it when she doesn’t want to be disturbed. When her period is over, she can flip the door hanger onto the other side that says You may disturb, PMS free zone. Very funny, isn’t it?

16. Menstruation Blanket as Period Gift

Menstruation Blanket

Do you feel like your girls bedroom home is missing an attractive yet practical design element? Solve that problem with a soft silk touch blanket with a sense of humor involved in the design. If you’re looking for a unique period gift for your girl, then you can give this cute blanket as funny gift while she’s on her period.

17. Cushion Cover

Cushion Cover

Menstruating girls really don’t like being disturbed. Therefore, giving a cushion cover as a gift with funny words like, “I’m not always a bitch, just kidding go fuck yourself” can be an option. They can use this pillow cover when they don’t want anyone to bother them.

18. Sound Machine

Sound Machine

During menstruation, girls will sometimes feel very tired and restless. So, giving them a funny gift like this Sound Machine will put out some sound effects to elevate their mood while they are having a conversation. Being a great gift option, this funny period gift will sprinkle your conversations with a burst of canned laughter, a round of applause, or disapproval on her behalf. Super cute, right?

19. Period Coloring Book

Period Coloring Book

Looking for a way to take your girl’s mind off period pain or cramps? Then gifting her a coloring book can be a great option. This book will definitely help her to relax through the relaxing magic of adult coloring. But that’s not all, because this book is filled with highly relatable expletives about periods that will blow her anger and frustration on the pages in no time.

20. Go Away PMS I’m Coloring Book

Go Away PMS I’m Coloring

Another coloring book option to give to your girl who is currently on her period. This Go Away PMS I’m coloring book has a variety of designs to color with some sayings such as, “this is stupid” and “who invited PMS?.” Coloring is a great way to ease her stress, help her to relax and find a little piece of calm during her period.

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21. Card Against Humanity: Period Pact

Card Against Humanity: Period Pact

There’s no way of predicting what her mood will be at that time of the month. However, you can always try and make it better with this Cards Against Humanity expansion pack. If this funny gift doesn’t make her laugh, then probably nothing else will.

22. Kigurumi Costume Animal Pajamas

Kigurumi Costume Animal Pajamas

Giving a comfortable gift to a girl who is on period is basic. By giving this Kigurumi Animal Pajama, you can give them a funny gift that they can wear every day during period. Available in 50 designs and 4 sizes, you can give them a gift by choosing based on the animal they like.

23. Period Postcard

Period Postcard

Giving postcards along with other funny period gifts can make a great package. Giving this flower postcard placed in a vase from a menstrual cup can be a great postcard choice for a funny period gift. Each postcard is printed on a 300gsm uncoated recycled card and measures 105 x 105mm.

24. Uterus Shapes Plushies

Uterus Shapes Plushies

Who doesn’t love plushies? They are adorable and very comfortable to cuddle with, especially when those nighttime cramps get extra bad. Giving people this uterine-shaped plushie can be a funny period gift because they will not expect the gift they will get is this uterus-shaped doll.

25. Menstruation Crustacean

Menstruation Crustacean

As I stated earlier, who hates plushies? Menstruation crustacean takes a period heating pad to another level. This cute-looking  14 inches lobster comes with a heating pad on the inside. Simply remove the heating pad insert, microwave for one minute, reinsert, and get cuddly for some much-needed pain relief.

Latest Post:

What do you give someone on their period?

To elevate the mood of girls who are having their period, you can give them some funny gifts such as soft silk touch blanket, uterus print socks , and Menstruation crustacean that they can use to relieve the pain of the cramps. After all, we know that they are fighting alongside doing all their daily activities and socializing with people when all they would rather do is sleep in.

What should I put in my girlfriends period kit?

Here are some things you can consider giving your girlfriend as a period kit. The period kit that can be given to your girlfriend can contain various sanitary napkins, menstrual cramps medicine, tea, popcorn, wet wipes, chips, chocolate, and warming patches.

How do I help a girl on her period?

Giving them a treat can increase their blues period and you can give them a comforting hug. If you have big hands, take advantage of them by giving them a nice massage. Menstruation crustacean can also be used to help women on their period to relieve their cramps.

How do you tell a guy you’re on your period?

Tell him in a straightforward way when you’ve just started your period is the easiest way. If you choose to tell him, use clear language but make sure he knows it’s something personal you are choosing to tell him like saying that “it’s that time of the month” can be the simplest way.

How do I say I have my period without saying it?

Use period slang such as “Code red is coming near” or if you don’t want to tell him directly, using a mug that says “Don’t talk to me. I’m on my period” can be an alternative when you don’t want to tell him without ever saying you’re in your period.

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