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30 Funny, Weird And Unusual Necklaces You Can Buy

We have encountered some pretty unusual necklaces in our time, some are funny and weird, others are blatantly bizarre and also kind of creepy. humorous jewelry serves many purposes; whether you are looking for that unique necklace for a certain cosplay outfit or perhaps you want some Halloween necklaces to make your outfit extra special this year. We have got you covered!

Take a look at some of these unusual necklaces and discover that unique piece that resonates with you, we believe that they are some of the most creative necklaces that money can buy!

Unusual Necklaces For Unique People:

#1 Toilet Paper Necklaces 

Toilet Paper Necklaces

This is an extremely amusing necklace bound to spread good cheer from the wearer to everyone around. It is quite a magnificent sterling silver ornament with a humorous focal point that would work well as a conversation starter or icebreaker in any tense situation. It would make an awesome gift choice for someone special on a hilarious holiday like April Fools’ Day.

#2 Stay Weird Necklace 

Stay Weird - Charm Necklace

Do you have that one friend that only you seem to understand and you wish the whole world would appreciate her just the way you do? This stay weird necklace provides an opportunity to let her know that you love just the way she is and would not change a thing about her. It makes a powerful statement in remarkable style. 

#3 Wearable Planter Necklaces 

Wearable Planter Necklaces

Nature always has this calming effect that you cannot achieve from any other source. The wearer planter necklace is a miniature symbol for all nature lovers to keep their favorite thing close to their hearts. It is extremely unique and allows you to stand out from the crowd. Its handmade design is precise and impressive and takes fashion accessories to the next level.

#4 Health Potion Vial Necklaces 

Health Potion Vial Necklaces

The thought of a potion secured in a miniature vial takes us way back into a mythological world full of magic and energy. This bizarre necklace draws upon this infinite depth of power to present a highly ornate as well as unique design with one of the most memorable pendant of all time. Its appeal is both energizing and refreshing and it could make a perfect present for a gaming addict. 

#5 Tea Shop Book Shelf Necklaces 

Tea Shop Book Shelf Necklaces

That one friend who shares such an intimate fascination with books and libraries might always forget to accessorize, but trust her to always remember to put one of these funny necklaces on. Their pendants are remarkable miniature replicas of actual bookshelves, the perfect conversation starter for bookworms. The unusual necklaces come in a wide array of designs and color and would make awesome collectibles.

#6 Sterling Silver Arm & Leg Pendant 

Sterling Silver Arm & Leg Pendant

This is one of the most unique necklace concepts ever, making use of human limbs to create a decorative centerpiece that is both amusing and appealing. It could be given as a gift to anyone whose day job involves close interaction with arms and legs. She would always find a reason to smile by simply looking at it, and also give her the opportunity to stand out. 

#7 Peas in a Pod Necklace 

Peas in a Pod Necklace

Nature-inspired ornaments always hold the highest visual appeal. These peas in a pod beg for attention and make a really extraordinary pendant full of symbolism. Choose the number of pods for your piece to represent the number of offspring that call you mommy and wear it with pride as an icon of your undying love for them. Given as a gift, it would convey a remarkable level of thoughtfulness and earn you a few redeemable points.

#8 Fried Egg Necklace 

Dainty Fried Egg Necklace

Isn’t this simply the most adorable necklace pendant ever? If you know a friend who just cannot stay away from eggs and all things edible, then by all means show them that you understand and appreciate them by giving them this special gift. The color choice makes this necklace outstanding and fit for any cheerful occasion. 

#9 Needle Felted Sloth Necklaces 

Needle Felted Sloth Necklaces - unusual necklaces

Sloths are the epitome of laziness even as their name indicates, and they create a hilarious humorous opportunity for gifting all of our friends who would spend the rest of their lives in bed if they had the chance. This inspired pendant seems highly adorable and is full of visual appeal and is rich in meaning. The woven band holding it in place is just as awesome and provides the perfect backdrop.

#10 Scary Little Gray House Halloween Necklace

Scary Little Gray House Halloween Necklace

Creepy and unusual necklaces don’t come any better than this Halloween-inspired one right here. It is the ideal portrayal of an eerie story perfectly captured in a highly ornate tiny pendant. It combines the love for fantasy with a certain gothic appeal and makes the best possible effect to capture these two worlds. The pendant is unique and shows great attention to detail.

#11 Pink Lips Necklace 

lips necklace

They say that one of the best ways to make uncomfortable situations bearable is to introduce a humorous aspect to them. This weird necklace is a very thoughtful concept to show support for anyone who made it through a life of wearing braces and made it out successful. We could wear it in solidarity or even gift them to allow them an opportunity to make a bold statement in style.

#12 Summer Ocean Scene Necklace 

Beach scene necklace

Nothing quite drives the human species as does hope for better things. This is a unique ornamental band that could help you survive all the months of hard work that stand in between you and an awesome vacation. Every time you look at the ornate little waves and the other memorable ocean features you get the strength to live through yet another day. 

#13 Mother Nestling Birds Necklace 

Mother Nestling Birds Necklace

This is a very considerate gift for any mother on the planet. Trust nature to remind us of how much love and dedication moms display to always keep a watchful eye over all their young. It is both adorable and shows a precisionist flair for details. It features different flock sizes to represent the number of children borne and would make one of the most memorable presents ever. 

#14 Human Ear Pewter Pendant 

Human Ear Pewter Pendant - unusual necklaces

Apart from being a most unique yet beautiful design this necklace could be used to convey a meaningful message. The anatomical design could be used by anyone with a hearing issue to let the world know of this condition in style. It makes for a great conversation starter between wearers meeting for the first time and makes it possible for them to make a clear statement in style.

#15 Artistic Private Part Necklaces 


Art is the one form of communication that is fully licensed to capture concepts we might otherwise shy away from.

It is clear that the design on these unusual necklaces is both unique and ornate and the fact that they are inspired by one of the most precious provisions of nature makes them all the more appealing. The variety of colors brings in a bit of humor to diffuse the initial sense of surprise. 

#16 Her One & His Only Puzzle Couples Necklaces 

Her One & His Only Puzzle Couples Necklaces

Puzzle pendants for couples are so romantic because they do not only offer a distinctive pattern for visual interest but also carry lots of symbolism. These pieces combine the use of text and design to convey a message of undying affection and attachment to the love of your life. It makes the statement that both your lives are incomplete without the other piece and that you are meant to be together forever. 

#17 Goldfish Fishbowl Necklace 

Goldfish Bowl Necklace Fish Jewelry Necklace Wearable Art Pendant Charm

Don’t you just love tiny fishbowls and the complete little worlds they create for our fishy friends? Carry your own miniature version around in the most incredibly adorable necklace pendant. This one-of-a-kind design offers lots of appeals and the opportunity to smile every time you glance down at your forever pet dangling from its silver necklace suspension.

#18 The Butcher Meat Cleaver Pendant 

Kitchen Knife pendant

Butchers have a strange obsession with their line of work and one of these weird necklaces would be the ideal piece to give your butcher friend to aid his obsession. The minimalist design is distinctive and has a subtle humorous undertone about it.  The color choice and material give it a gothic appeal and it makes a great choice for collectors to add to their series of miniature weapons. 

#19 Jarred Pickle Necklace 

Jarred Pickle Necklace

This most outstanding pickle necklace pendant is the most memorable way to make a statement. It is unique, extraordinarily crafted to seem absolutely lifelike, and shows great precision. The wooden cork makes it highly aesthetically pleasing and the contrast of brown and green is simply amazing. It will attract the attention of any food lover and make for a remarkable focal point on your fashion accessory choice.

#20 Personalized Fingerprint Necklaces 

Personalized Fingerprint Necklaces

Custom jewelry items are loaded with opportunities to make any statement you would fancy. These personalized unusual necklaces could be specially crafted and given as memory pieces by friends who have to part ways. Wearing one of them around your neck will serve as a reminder of great times shared and the unique aspects you particularly loved about this person.

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#21 Solar System Bubble Bib Necklace

The celestial universe presents one of the most marvelous wonders of nature full of truly stunning beauty and unlimited in its power to amaze. It would, therefore, create one of the most incredible centerpieces for a truly remarkable necklace. This piece is full of color, with each body in our solar system perfectly portrayed including our sun in its entire magnificent splendor. It is an awesome piece to awe any nature lover.

#22 Weird Copper Wire Wrapped Necklace 

Weird Copper Wire Wrapped Necklace

If you really love to make a statement then we have found the perfect piece for you. It is unlike any other necklace in that its band is incomplete and it seems suspended on thin air. The woven design of the wires combines remarkably with the copper color to make it truly amazing in beauty. It is the mother of all weird necklaces and a truly magnificent work of art. 

#23 Crazy Weird Lips Charm Necklace 

 Horror Red Biting Lips Pendant Necklace

These crazy necklaces make use of the human anatomy to convey a variety of emotions and effects using a brilliantly simple concept. The overall effect of this concept is that it makes the necklaces truly whimsical, making them awesome potential ice breakers. The design cannot help but bring a smile to your face as it is both cheerful and creative. Share your smile with the world by combining it with your favorite informal wardrobe choice. 

#24 Bunch Of Bananas Necklace

Bunch Of Bananas Necklace - unusual necklaces

Bananas are full of happy hormones and you do not have to eat them to feel the joy. It could be their color or their association with peaceful islands of the Caribbean, but especially on this lovely necklace they bring about a particular sense of good cheer. The design is unique and offers a great gift opportunity for the holiday season to spread the love and happiness to friends and family. 

#25 Personalised Voice Recorded Sound Wave Couples Necklaces

Personalised Voice Recorded Sound Wave Couples Necklaces

Sound waves have always made a remarkable and unique pattern that when captured could send waves of emotion through the heart of the one you love. By getting these done and shipped to a loving couple, you avail them to the opportunity to always have a distinctive aspect of their better half close to their hearts and to remember them with a stylish flair. 

#26 Python Vertebra Necklace 


This is an impressive depiction of actual python vertebrae that turns an ordinary piece into an outstanding work of art. This necklace is filled with symbolic meaning as snakes in general are great icons of rebirth and transformation. The python in particular is a storehouse of power and makes an expression of unlimited possibilities. The artistic piece is unlike no other and conveys its powerful statement in a sleek manner.

#27 Turquoise Tomahawk Pendant 

Mayas Gems Sterling Silver Pendant, Turquoise Tomahawk

Every handyman out there deserves a token of appreciation for all the sacrifice and time he dedicates to work that largely goes unnoticed. Be it your father, husband or brother, giving them this little gesture of gratitude could go a long way in making them feel valued as well as adding a bit of style to their otherwise drab fashion sense.

#28 Peanut Butter & Jelly Friendship Necklaces 

Peanut Butter Jelly Necklace Set

This is the most powerful combination ever since breakfast came to be. By virtue of its great symbolic appeal, it serves as a marvelous icon of undying love or friendship. These unusual necklaces function perfectly as a pair and hold their dominant appeal in the fact that no matter how far apart you are, you will always have a piece of your best friend close to your heart. 

#29 Pumpkin Pendants 

Glass Pumpkin Necklace

It is once again the season for pumpkins and these vegetable pendants are sure to make you the hottest thing in town without having to try too hard. Thanks to their vivid color and their relevance to the prevailing season, they are most timely and could be bought as gifts for Thanksgiving or Halloween or both to capture the mood in the air. 

#30 Alice in Wonderland Vial Pendant 

Alice in Wonderland Vial Pendant - unusual necklaces

The mythical world will never lose its hold on anyone who had a rich and fanciful childhood. This necklace draws irresistible charm from the tiny vial pendant full of magic potion ready to transport the holder to a land of magic far, far away. These necklaces help us capture the kid in every one of us and are bound to bring about lots of delightful smiles to everyone around us.

#31 The Eternal Lovers Skull Cameo Necklace 

Controse Women's Silver-Toned Stainless Steel

If you love something dark, gothic or other things related to skull thingy, this one suits best for you. The eternal lover skull as a pendant of your necklace. The pendant is decorated with black epoxy to show the details of the skull itself, hence, it adds its beauty automatically. The size is not too big, but not too small as well when it is worn. Also, no worries about the chain, because it can be adjusted easily for you. Planning to give it as a special gift? Then, no more thinking about any box, since this necklace wrapped up in the simple pouch. Let’s get an edgy and artsy look effortlessly!

#32 Smiley, Dice and Butterfly Necklace

Face Neckalce ASAP Rocky Butterfly Dice Pearl Skull

This might be for you who love diversity. Diversity is beautiful, just like this necklace. There are dice, butterflies, smiley icons, small pearls and a small skull as the center of the pendant. It is great to wear with your casual look. Because a playful appearance will be seen automatically. Then, a necklace itself can catch the attention of others too.

#33 Safety Pin Choker Pin Clavicle Chain Dinosaur Necklace

Necklace Safety Pin Choker Pin Clavicle Chain Dinosaur for Girls Boys Jewelry Gift

Get a fun and colorful look with this necklace. There are 3 chains that come in one set. Dinosaur, colorful safety pin, and lock. You can turn your appearance into something cheerful, colorful with this fashion statement, then no one will resist. Having a unique and weird necklace, but still eye-catching for the others to see is something you cannot miss. Wear this and see how many people will be attracted to your necklace.

#34 Smiley Face Pendant Necklace

Smiley Face Pendant Necklace

A simple, edgy, and eye-catching to wear is this necklace. If you are looking for a necklace that only comes with one kind of pendant, then this might be yours. Come up with additional chains if you want something longer like a hip-hop person, then just go on. Wear it like a usual necklace or a hip-hop look, it is your choice.

If you sometimes have some questions, such as is it okay if I wear this kind of stuff as my fashion statement, is it normal if I am interested to wear this weird but cute necklace, then the answer is it is normal. No one can control what you want or you love. If you love to wear a unique, weird necklace and the necklace is worth buying, then go on!

So what message is it that you would like to convey to the world? Grab the opportunity to do it in impressive style by making use of any one or more of these unusual necklaces that are bound to attract lots of positive interest and spread the glad tidings in your heart.

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