30 Gifts for Hairdressers & Hair Salon Owners

Your hairdresser holds the power to give your life a complete makeover, making you look your best. Every time they work the magic of their hands on your hair, they keep your crowning glory looking fabulous. Thoughtful gifts for hairdressers make awesome tokens of appreciation for the amazing work they do. Whether you have had a series of bad hair days or simply want to take a break from monotony, your hairstylist always has the answer you seek!

With the right thoughtful gift for a hairdresser, you can be sure that the next time you need an emergency appointment, they will be more than glad to take you in. Hairdresser gifts run the gamut from funny and creative to useful and quirky. Whether it’s their anniversary, the holiday season or any other special occasion, there is something here to light up their eyes and make them squeal with glee.

Best Hairdresser Gift Ideas for Hair Stylists

Take a look at our matchless list and discover some of the most unique gifts for hair stylists.

#1 Hairdresser Wall Clock Made of Vinyl Record

Hairdresser Wall Clock Made of Vinyl Record - Gifts for Hairdressers

Here is a gift idea that captures the essence of hairdressing. A great choice for hair salon décor, this wall clock makes a great statement piece. It is a fully functional clock with a hair stylist’s tools of trade adorning its perimeter.

Made from vinyl record, the accessories perfectly match with the skeleton industrial clock concept. This is everything a hairdresser would want and so much more! Find it Here.

#2 Funny Hairdresser T-Shirt – Funny Gifts for Hairdressers

Funny Hairdresser T-Shirt - Gifts for Hairdressers

At times all we need to keep going is a reason to smile and your hairdresser is no exception. This funny hairdresser t-shirt offers lots of that!

Making use of a clever pun, this tee is bound to turn heads everywhere your hair stylist goes. It would make a great conversation starter and put clients in the best frame of mind for amazing hairdos. Find it Here.

#3 Hair Salon Decorating Prints

Hair Salon Decorating Prints

For your favorite hair salon owner, nothing would beat a gift that keeps their clients smiling. These decorating prints hold funny messages to add personality to the salon.

Considering the amount of time we spend at the salon, it would help to have such visually and mentally engaging decorations. And thanks to their cool colors, they can blend with virtually any environment. Find it Here.

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#4 Hairdresser Scissors Comb Wine Glass Stemless or Stemmed

Hairdresser Scissors Comb Wine Glass Stemless or Stemmed

Hairdresser Scissors Comb Wine Glass Stemless or Stemmed

At the end of a long day, your hairdresser, like everyone else needs a moment or ten to kick back and relax. Make these moments truly special with this fun wine glass.

Holding the power to transform any day into a good day, it is the kind of glass everyone needs. A pair of scissors and a comb adds a much needed personal touch. Make their day, every day with this fun gift choice! Find it Here.

#5 VonHaus 8 Drawer Storage Chest

VonHaus 8 Drawer Storage Chest

Few professions call for as much storage space as hair styling. Because of this, nothing beats this chest of drawers as a gift for a hairdresser.

A perfect combination of style and function, the cart will add a touch of elegance to any space. Thanks to a lightweight yet strong construction and 360 degree wheels, it is easy to maneuver and tough enough to last a lifetime. Find it Here.

#6 Personalised Black Leather Scissor Case

Personalised Black Leather Scissor Case

Simple yet indispensable! A case for your hairdresser’s scissors is one of the best hair salon gift ideas yet. Not only do they make the salon a lot safer, but they protect your hair stylist’s tools of trade.

Made from high quality leather, they are elegant and durable. The craftsmanship adds to the visual appeal and ability to withstand years of use. Find it Here.

#7 Keychain for Hair Stylist or Hairdresser

Keychain for Hair Stylist or Hairdresser

Watch your hairdresser squeal in delight when you get her one of these cool and funny gifts. The keychain features a pair of scissors charms and a dog tag holding a hilarious message.

It might go a long way in ensuring she gets back her keys if ever she misplaces them. And you can count on the fact that it will keep her smiling from ear to ear every time she reads the message. Find it Here.

#8 Graduation Gift for Hairdresser

Graduation Gift for Hairdresser

Looking for the perfect graduation gift for a hairdresser? Well, how about getting them everything they need to get started in their new career?

With this adorable bracelet, they will get to wear their passion and show the world what they stand for. It sports multiple charms of almost every tool a hairstylist needs, including love. How sweet is that! Find it Here.

#9 Hair Stylist Waterproof Apron

Hair Stylist Waterproof Apron

What’s a hairdresser without an apron? Make your stylist’s job a delight with one of these thoughtful gifts for hairdressers. Not only will it protect her clothing for stray strands of hair.

But thanks to its waterproof fabric, it will keep her clothes perfectly dry. As a bonus, it has lots of pockets to keep all her essentials within reach. What a great combo of function and style!

Find it Here.

#10 Sterling Silver Scissors Necklace

Sterling Silver Scissors Necklace

Most hairdressers love arts and crafts and for that reason, they will definitely love this creative necklace. Designed just like a real pair of scissors, the pendant is so charming and adorable.

It represents all that their career stands for and is perfect for showcasing what they love and introducing a touch of fun. More importantly, it will keep your hairdresser looking their best always. Find it Here.

#11 Hair Stylist Dreamcatcher T-Shirt

Hair Stylist Dreamcatcher T-Shirt

With one of these stylish t-shirts for hairdressers, your stylist’s feet will not ache any less. But she will keep going with a spring in her step thanks to the amazing design.

A dreamcatcher makes the centerpiece of the concept with various tools of trade hanging from its fringes. What a great way to keep her feeling and looking cool all day long! Find it Here.

#12 Cartoon Character Custom Portrait

Cartoon Character Custom Portrait

Cheer up your hairdresser and everyone around them with a custom yellow cartoon character portrait. Capturing key aspects of her looks and personality, this cheerful gift will bring a smile to their face.

At the same time, it is a unique and thoughtful gift for a hairdresser who seems to have everything. It will be sure to brighten up every day and make them more proud of their profession. Find it Here.

#13 I Will Cut You Hairdresser Travel Mug

I Will Cut You Hairdresser Travel Mug

A hairdresser probably needs more coffee breaks than anyone else in any other career. And this applies whether she is in the salon or on the move.

Make sure they get their daily dose of caffeine in the fanciest way possible. This is a gift that will keep on giving both to your hairdresser and everyone around them. On days when they cannot catch a break, this mug will keep you in their thoughts. Find it Here.

#14 Hairdressers Personalized Leather Tool Case

Hairdressers Personalized Leather Tool Case

Surprise your hairdresser with the ultimate gift for their profession. A leather tool case will go a long way in making their work easier. They often have to juggle between tools every few seconds while working on the same head.

Having everything they need so close at hand will spare them lots of time and allow them to work at optimal efficiency. Add a personal touch to make it truly special. Find it Here.

#15 The Hairdresser – by Tilly Willis

The Hairdresser - by Tilly Willis

To keep them motivated throughout the day and add an artistic touch to their décor, get this artwork for your hair stylist.

Nothing could spell out their passion better than this masterpiece does. Its charming visual appeal makes it as great as a salon decoration as it would be at home. No matter where they choose to place it, the piece will always be an instant hit! Find it Here.

#16 Will Cut Hair For Wine Hoodie

Will Cut Hair For Wine Hoodie

After a long day at work, there is nothing your hair stylist probably needs as much as a glass of good wine. But as life would have it, getting good wine every day is not always that easy.

How about a hoodie that draws a smile on their face and increases the likelihood of getting that elusive glass of wine? The mere sight of this funny hoodie for hairdressers will offer lots of chuckles. Find it Here.

#17 I Will Cut You Funny Hairdressers T-Shirt

I Will Cut You Funny Hairdressers T-Shirt

Put a permanent smile on your hairdresser’s face with one of these gifts for hairdressers. Designed to delight every onlooker, the piece is full of creativity and fun!

Though they spend a lot of time making other people the center of attention, they might forget about themselves. But with this stylish tee, they will be sure to draw lots of attention. It might also keep off unwanted intruders. Find it Here.

#18 Barber Cross-Back Apron – Gifts for Hairdressers

Barber Cross-Back Apron - Gifts for Hairdressers

No one wants to go home covered in other people’s hair. So why not offer your barber a practical solution for all their woes.

This jazzy apron features a water-resistance fabric, a no-tie design with buckle fastening and zipped pockets. Split leg, lots of utility slots and a cross back design are among other perks. It is one gift they will never want to take off. Find it Here.

#19 Hairdresser Coffee Mug

Hairdresser Coffee Mug

Keep them caffeinated with one of these funny mugs that showcase their passion to the world. Considering how many coffee breaks hairdressers take throughout the day, this is one gift choice that will never go out of style.

Cutting and blowing hair all day is no mean feat. And the right dose of caffeine will keep them sane and productive. This is one gift that will never stop giving! Find it Here.

#20 Silver Scissors Stud Earrings

Silver Scissors Stud Earrings

Assist your hair stylist to perfect her own look just like she does for you! Nothing spells elegance quite as well as this pair of silver stud earrings.

These dainty jewelry pieces go an extra mile, as they take the shape of a pair of scissors. If your stylist loves statement jewelry pieces, then these will definitely delight her! What an awesome way to add a little flavor to their look! Find it Here.

#21 Scissors Initial Hairdresser Pendant

Scissors Initial Hairdresser Pendant

If you find yourself falling short of words to express gratitude to your hairdresser, this elegant necklace says it all! So much more than just a jewelry piece, it sports two pendants, a pair of scissors and her initial.

This makes it a great choice in as far as personalization is concerned, adding sentimental value to the gift. Add to their dazzle with one of these fabulous hairdresser gifts. Find it Here.

#22 Hairdresser Throw Pillow

Hairdresser Throw Pillow

Looking for the ultimate gift for hair salon owner? Look no further than this fun and funky throw pillow. Adding this piece to her salon décor will offer so much visual and practical potential.

It will be sure to give clients a reason to smile and will also keep them comfy all through. Because it is available in numerous colors, it will be easy to find the perfect match to blend with her existing décor. Find it Here.

#23 Hair Stylist Definition T-Shirt

Hair Stylist Definition T-Shirt - Gifts for Hairdressers

Let your stylist know just how much they mean to you with this funny definition t-shirt. Well, simply because it’s funny does not make it any less true.

Let’s face it, no one can attain to the level of magic that hairdressers possess. After a long and exhausting day at work, one look at these words is all they need to pump their esteem and get their creative juices flowing! Find it Here.

#24 Scissors Necklace

Scissors Necklace

Gift this eye-catching scissors necklace to the special hairdresser in your life. It sports a comb and scissors pendant with a twist.

The tools sit on the edge of a love heart and will be sure to melt their literal heart. Let your sentiment and their style shine through with this elegant choice. It might in fact be the missing piece you need to complete a hairdresser gift basket. Find it Here.

#25 Your Hair Needs Me T-Shirt

Your Hair Needs Me T-Shirt

This sassy t-shirt will be sure to draw a smile on your hair stylist’s face and those of their customers. In addition to its minimalistic flair, the tee has an air of style and the witty phrase on it is bound to impress.

It might in fact be all they need to appeal to new prospects in search of a good hairdresser. Dress them up in cheerful style and they will forever be grateful. Find it Here.

#26 Monogram Hairstylist Tote Purse Bag

Monogram Hairstylist Tote Purse Bag

A tote bag is a must-have for any stylist worth her salt. Considering that they always carry around a ton of equipment, this bag is the ideal blend of practical and stylish.

Besides its obvious functional appeal, the bag offers a personalization option. Add sentimental value to the piece with a monogram of their initials and make their day. The neutral color choices will match any attire. Find it Here.

#27 Pretty Face Coffee Mug

Pretty Face Coffee Mug

There is nothing that brings a hairstylist greater delight than seeing you at your best. Give them a pretty face mug to help them relive those moments at every coffee break.

Long, straight eyelashes and a pair of perfectly made-up lips are a dream come true for every beautician. Getting the makeup done might be tiring but a cup of coffee afterwards will brighten things up. Find it Here.

#28 Hair Stylist Scissor and Comb Bracelet – Gifts for Hairdressers

Hair Stylist Scissor and Comb Bracelet - Gifts for Hairdressers

Hair Stylist Scissor and Comb Bracelet - Gifts for Hairdressers

Remind your stylist how great they are at their job with one of these innovative bracelets. Featuring a pair of scissors on one end and a comb on the other, it captures the essence of their profession.

They are simple and minimalistic yet undeniably eye-catching, a great way to make her the center of attention. Accentuate her look every day of the week with one of these! Find it Here.

#29 Custom Name Hairstylist Necklace

Custom Name Hairstylist Necklace - Gifts for Hairdressers

Any hair stylist, aspiring or accomplished, will delight at this elegant necklace. At the center of everything sits a heart-shaped pendant with a comb, blower and pair of scissors along its length.

To make it even more special, the piece bears their name on the blower, enhancing the sentimental value. What an awesome choice for hairstylist gift basket ideas! Find it Here.

#30 Hairdresser Bracelet, Sterling Silver

Hairdresser Bracelet, Sterling Silver

Bring out the spice in your hairdresser’s outfit with one of these sterling silver bracelets. Bound to accentuate their style, the piece highlights the very essence of the profession.

If you have been scratching your head over the perfect token of appreciation for this special person, you just found it. Whether they are a newbie or are fully-fledged, the piece will do them proud! Find it Here

We trust that this handpicked list of the best gifts for hairdressers will meet and exceed your stylist’s expectations. Choose the most appropriate one to boost their ego, express appreciation and make them feel special as they carry out their life-saving work!

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