30 Gifts for Swimming Pool Lovers You Should Buy

Who doesn’t love to swim? It is one of the best ways to alleviate stress. Some people are doing it as a hobby, and others enjoy it as an exercise. Swimming is easy to do, and most people can do it. It can be done in the river, pond, lake, the ocean, and swimming pool. So, for swimming pool lovers, here are some of the best gifts!

Swimming Pool Gifts for Dad

Men prefer swimming more than any other sport, probably because of its simplicity. As long as you know the basics, most people can do it. In fact, elderly people can do it too to improve their health. If your dad or spouse are swimming pool lovers, you can consider the following gifts for them!

1. A Pair of Swimming Socks

A Pair of Swimming Socks

If your dad loves to spend his time in the pool, you can consider giving him pair of socks with swimming motifs. This item is perfect for celebrating Father’s Day, especially if your dad is a swimmer. It is comfy yet tasteful, ideal even for formal occasions!

2. Floating Pool Lounge

Floating Pool Lounge

Here is one of the best gifts that swimming pool lovers will appreciate! It is a comfy floating pool lounge! If your dad has a swimming pool at his house, you should buy one for him. It will allow him to chill and relax as he floats around the water while enjoying his beer.

3. Personalised Embroidered Men’s Robe

Personalised Embroidered Men’s Robe

We recommend this robe if you want something more personalized for your swimming pool-loving dad! You can add your dad’s embroidered name to it. You can also choose the color of the robe based on your dad’s favorite color. This personalized embroidered men’s robe is comfy and perfect to wear after a swimming session.

4. Swim Goggle

Swim Goggle

Here is another practical gift for swimming pool lovers out there! It is a pair of swimming goggles! If your dad loves spending time in the water, he probably already has one. Yet you can get him an extra pair to complete his swim goggles collection. The goggles will always remind him of you whenever he puts them on.

5. Silicone Swim Cap

Silicone Swim Cap

Your dad might need a swim cap to protect his hair from chlorine in the swimming pool. So, you should consider a silicone swim cap as a gift for him. Silicones are very flexible and can be pulled two times their original size. It is more robust than latex material and is recommended for long-term use. An essential gift for swimming pool lovers!

6. Waterproof Swim Earplug

Waterproof Swim Earplug

Swimming pool lovers should not underestimate a good pair of earplugs. These small items are often forgotten, yet it is essential to protect the ear from water ingress. The plug will prevent eardrum infection! So, for your dad, get him one set of waterproof swim earplugs! It’ll complement the previous goggle and cap.

7. Swimming Nose Clip

Swimming Nose Clip

A swimming nose clip is usually used for a beginner. So, if you know someone who is still learning how to swim, you should get one for him! This thing will prevent water or bacteria in the water from entering the nose. Safety items are always essential for swimming pool lovers. Hence, they are excellent for gifts!

Pool Gifts for Mom

Is your mom also one of the hardcore swimming pool lovers? If so, you should consider the following gifts to celebrate her! These items will allow her to relax her body and mind while playing in the water.

8. Swimming Pool Kickboard Float

Swimming Pool Kickboard Float

Your mom may not be good at swimming, but that should not stop her from enjoying the pool. After all, it can keep her cardiovascular system running well. She might need some equipment to help her swim. Hence, a swimming pool kickboard float can be an excellent gift for your mom. The board can also be used for a relaxing float.

9. One Piece Swimwear

One Piece Swimwear

This one-piece swimwear with a lovely design and color will help your mom stay confident even at her 50. Make sure to choose her favorite color to keep her spirit up. You can get one of these as a birthday gift for your mom. Swimming pool lovers would definitely appreciate elegant swimwear as a gift!

10. Summer Aviator

Summer Aviator

If swimming is one of your mom’s hobbies, she will also enjoy sunbathing. Chilling and relaxing beside the swimming pool are the best activities before or after swimming. However, your mom would definitely need sunglasses to cover her eye from the direct UV sunlight. And so, we recommend this summer aviator for your mom!

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11. Microfiber Towel

Microfiber Towel

After swimming all day, your mom will need a good towel to dry herself up! Hence, we recommend this microfiber towel as a gift for her. The synthetic fibers allow a thorough absorption. The water can be absorbed faster, so she can dry faster too. Buy your mom this microfiber towel and wrap it with a beautiful message to let her know you love her.

12. Natural Organic Sunscreen

Natural Organic Sunscreen

Natural organic sunscreen is the perfect gift for your mom, who loves to swim outdoor actively. After a swimming session, the skin usually gets very dry and is susceptible to UV. So, the sunscreen cream will protect her and keep her skin healthy. The natural organic ingredients of this cream allow for long-term use.  

Swimming Pool Gifts for Him

If your male partners love swimming as much as he loves you, giving him some swimming-related gear will be sweet. Find out what items are the best for him!

13. Stemless Tumbler with Swimming Quotes

Stemless Tumbler with Swimming Quotes

Hardcore swimmers probably already own most of the necessary swimming gear. So, you can give him something different. We recommend this stemless tumbler with swimming quotes print! It is funny yet practical, a gift that will not fail to make him smile. It will also remind him to rehydrate more often, especially after a long swimming session.

14. Adjustable Swim Fins

Adjustable Swim Fins

Complete your boyfriend’s swimming equipment collection by giving him adjustable swim fins. This type of gear is commonly used in the sea. Yet he might want to try it in the swimming pool too! It might help him to improve his technique.

15. Hoodie with Swimming Quotes

Hoodie with Swimming Quotes

Here is another item that will make a sweet gift for swimming pool lovers! Your boyfriend will love this hoodie with funny swimming quotes. As a hoodie is the best casual outfit for boys, he definitely will wear it when going out with you or with his squad. He can also wear it to warm himself up after a swimming session!

16. “Why We Swim” Book

“Why We Swim” Book

You should consider buying the “Why We Swim” book for your partner who loves to swim a lot as a birthday gift. He knows why he loves to swim, but he might need other perspectives from this book. It will provide him with unique insights that will increase his passion for his swimming hobby.

17. Quick Dry Swim Trunk

Quick Dry Swim Trunk

Do you often exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day? For your partner who loves swimming, we recommend this quick-dry swim trunk! The item is practical because swimmers will always need a lot of swimwear. And yet, giving something that can support his hobby is a sweet act of love. 

18. Waterproof Swimming Tracker

Waterproof Swimming Tracker

A waterproof swimming tracker is a must-have item for swimming pool lovers. This sports training device can track the lap number, split time, and total elapsed time. In addition, it can be used for other triathlon activities as well. 

The device has an ergonomic design to support your boyfriend’s swimming activity. It won’t get in the way and is super lightweight. You should give this tracker to your boyfriend as a special gift to help him achieve his fitness and exercise goals.

19. Waterproof Bluetooth Earphone

Waterproof Bluetooth Earphone

If your partner loves swimming, you should support him by giving him this pair of waterproof Bluetooth earphones on his birthday. The device will allow him to enjoy music even when he is wet! It provides excellent sound quality that will motivate him to swim more consistently!

20. Waterproof Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless Waterproof Floating Bluetooth Speaker

If you think that swimming while wearing a headset is not a good idea, you should try the alternative! Check out this waterproof floating Bluetooth speaker! This device will allow your partner to savor his swimming session. Diving in the water or simply floating around will feel more fun when you can listen to some soundtrack!

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Pool Gifts for Her

Swimming is super popular among girls. After all, this type of activity can burn a lot of calories. It will help your female partner to have a more proportional and healthier body! So, you should consider buying her some unique swimming pool-related gifts to support her hobby.

21. Sun Hat

Sun Hat

If your girlfriend enjoys sunbathing before or after swimming, we recommend this lovely sun hat. She can wear it to cover her face from the direct UV sunlight. Not just practical, this item comes in a cute, fashionable design that will complement her swimwear.

22. Colourful Backpack

Colourful Backpack

This colorful backpack will be excellent for your girlfriend, who routinely visits public swimming pool. She can bring her swimming gear and accessory securely inside the bag. It has a spacious compartment for storing wet clothes or towels. Choose the perfect color that suits her personality!

23. Swimming Morse Code Bracelet

Swimming Morse Code Bracelet

If you want something to make your girlfriend smile, we recommend this swimming Morse code bracelet. The novelty item includes beads that represent her name in Morse code! The minimalistic design means that she can wear this accessory while she swims. It won’t get in the way, and yet it looks fashionable!

24. Swimmer Keychain

Swimmer Keychain

Here is another small yet lovely item that you can give to your girlfriend who loves swimming. It is a colorful swimmer keychain! If she drops her key, this colorful keychain will allow her to find it back quickly. 

In fact, even if she drops it in the water, the color will stand out. Plus, you can add an engraving of her name for easier identification. She can attach this accessory to her locker key, where she stores her swim gear!

25. Hanging Toiletry Bag

Hanging Toiletry Bag

A toiletry bag is essential for every female swimmer, including your girlfriend. She can store all of the feminine necessities inside this elegant bag. The design is ergonomic and easy to carry. It is simple, but your girlfriend will find it very practical.

26. Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer

A hairdryer will make an excellent gift for female swimmers. After a swimming session, properly drying the hair is vital to prevent damage. This perfect hairdryer will also help her apply her hair treatment. It can generate proportional heat that won’t disturb her hair health.

27. Swimsuit Cover Up

Swimsuit Cover Up

After swimming, your girlfriend might want to chill and relax on the pool’s side lounger. As she loves to take photos of herself, she might need a swimsuit cover-up to cover her body in a swimsuit. This simple cover-up is suitable for her, and you should consider buying this as a gift for her.

28. Microfiber Hair Wrap Towel

Microfiber Hair Wrap Towel

microfiber hair wrap towel is another must-have item for female swimmers. Like the hairdryer, this item will allow your girlfriend to make sure that her hair is appropriately treated. The fiber can absorb excess liquid very quickly from her hair before blowing it with the dryer.

29. Waxing Kit

Waxing Kit

Female swimmers will always need a waxing kit! Waxing is vital for girls who need to expose their bodies when swimming. Your girlfriend will be able to wear the swimsuit confidently, and thank you for this practical gift.

30. Flip Flop Beach Sandal

Flip Flop Beach Sandal

You do not want to wear a shoe when you want to swim! Instead, you will need a pair of flip-flops! And so, we recommend this pair of beach flip-flop sandals for your girlfriend who enjoys the swimming pool. The sole is not slippery, and the strap is sturdy, so she can walk around wet surfaces confidently.

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