25 Memorable But Cheap Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s day is a special day for fathers around the world. It is the right opportunity for us to show and express our unspeakable love towards our dads. This occasion is especially unforgettable for fathers who already do their best to support their family. If you plan on giving a special gift for your Dad, then you can pick memorable yet cheap Father’s Day gifts. Because no price can describe the love you have for your Dad, right?

No matter if you are a wife who wants to give appreciation to your husband, or a daughter or son who wants to give simple joy to your father. Because this list will help you to get some ideas in choosing the most unique but cheap Father’s day gifts to celebrate this year’s Father’s Day.

1. Personalized Dad Photo Keyring

Personalized Dad Photo Keyring

This keyring will not only help fathers in keeping their keys in tact. It will also help them to keep photos of their loved one close to their hearts with the cute customizable photo. The keyring is made out of faux leather and available in multiple color options. It can also be customized with embossed initials. Add a photo that captures his best moment as a father and add a sweet personal message. Undoubtedly, this keyring will be a true and memorable Father’s Day gift. 

2. Personalized Dad Portrait Print

Personalized Dad Portrait Print

Create a unique one and only family portrait with this personalized portrait print. The print can be customized and you can even create a brand new portrait out of different photos. This will be the perfect gift if you live far from your parents, especially if you hasn’t got the chance to meet them in person due to the pandemic’s social restrictions. 

3. Father and Daughter T-shirt

Father and Daughter T-shirt

A father is every girl’ first love, they said. This is why getting matching father and daughter t-shirts can be a great Father’s Day gift. It is affordable but the two can wear it comfortably for a long time. At least until the little girl outgrows the t-shirt and needs a larger size. They will look so cute wearing these t-shirts together and it can strengthen the bond between the father and his favorite little angel. 

4. Personalized Face Socks

Personalized Face Socks

How often did you get the chance to get a pair of socks with your baby’s face on them? We all know that it is very rare. But now, it is not so rare anymore. You can get these customizable face socks for your husband. This is a truly unique and cute socks and will make a great father’s day gift. Any dad will be thrilled to get such cute socks and will wear them as often as they possibly could. 

5. Personalized First Father’s Day Print

Personalized First Father’s Day Print

This is perfect for a new Daddy who just celebrated their first Father’s Day. Their new experience in playing a new role will be more memorable with this customizable prints. You can customize the print by adding your baby’s birth date, as well as a loving message. It is a simple gift but is memorable and will be a valuable keepsake. 

6. Father’s Day Game Controller Keyring

Father’s Day Game Controller Keyring

If life is a game, then being a father is definitely a level up. This game controller keyring is the perfect gift for fathers, whether they are professional gamers or just love to play games in their spare time. This keyring is also customizable; you can personalized it with every name of the dad’s gaming buddies on each controller. 

7. Personalized Docking Station

Personalized Docking Station

A father needs to get all their stuff organized and accessible. This docking station will help them keeping all their important belongings in one place nicely and neatly. This docking station is fully customizable. You can add a monogram, initials, or custom engraved messages. Moreover, the wood material looks so natural yet very masculine. In short, this item is a nice yet cheap Father’s Day gift that serves both functionality and style. 

8. Best Papa House Slippers

Best Papa House Slippers

These soft and cozy slippers will keep your father’s feet warm and comfy. It has an anti-skid texture on the sole to guarantee steps stability. Having these features, these slippers are perfect even for fathers who are young at hearts and still love outdoors activities. It has embroidered appliques that says Best Papa on the front, which matches the red buffalo plaid perfectly. 

9. Flashlight Gloves

Flashlight Gloves

Dads are the ones we can rely on when something goes wrong. They often spend time fixing problems at night because they are too busy working during the day. Hence, a flashlight has become one of their best friends. But holding a flashlight while doing important work is not convenient. Which is why these flashlight gloves can be the perfect gift for Father’s Day. It will allow them to use their hands freely while benefiting from the lights that come out straight out of the gloves. A very cool cheap Father’s Day gift for a cool dad. 

10. Father’s Day Gift Box

Father’s Day Gift Box

If you are looking for a gift for a father who likes doing outdoor activities such as camping and hunting, this gift box could be just the perfect gift box to get. This box contains a tumbler, multitool hammer, and a keychain. The tumbler is also leakproof, so it will be the perfect tumbler to take when he’s about to do some outdoor adventure. The multitool hammer is also very useful and can be used when they do some work at home.

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11. Repair Tools Charms Keyring

Repair Tools Charms Keyring

A daughter often looks up to their father. They see their father as superheroes who can do it all and fix all problems. That’s why this keychain is the appropriate gift for every father who works hard and does their best to fix every possible problem for the family. Of course this quote is a bit exaggerated and your husband or father might be aware of it, but it’s still comes as a sweet message that will make them happy. 

12. Neck Shoulder Back Massager

Neck Shoulder Back Massager

Probably not as many people think about this, but a shoulder back massager could be that one thing any father actually wants. Fathers are busy doing work and taking care of the family everyday. The amount of work and stress could potentially cause back and neck pain. By the end of the day, all they want is just a time to sit back and relax. And what’s a better way to do that other than using this shoulder back massager? It comes with a heat so it will definitely be the greatest unexpected gift ever. 

13. Beard Grooming Kit

Beard Grooming Kit

And what about fathers with beards? Finding them the right gift can be easier than you think. Men with beards usually take good care of their beard and want to keep their beard in the best appearance at all times. Hence, getting them a beard grooming kit will be really helpful for them. It is a way to say thank you for everything they do and also, help them to keep their beard flawless. 

14. Yoda Best Dad T-shirt

Yoda Best Dad T-shirt

Fathers are known for their dad jokes. And pun is one of the oldest forms of dad jokes ever existed. This is what makes this t-shirt so perfect because it contains an intentional pun that even when we see it as cheesy, your dad might see it as hilarious. So, did you get the pun? If you don’t, then go and ask your dad. 

15. World’s Greatest Farter Mug

World’s Greatest Farter Mug

If you and your dad have a fun and light relationship where jokes become part of your daily life, this mug can be a funny gift for a Father’s Day. This is the perfect inexpensive gift idea you may get when you are looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift. Now your dad can enjoy his morning coffee with a big smile on his face knowing that his child can be just as funny as him. 

16. Dad Off Duty Socks

Dad Off Duty Socks

Fathers need some me time too. These socks are the perfect way to warn everyone to not disturb daddy when he just wants to relax and enjoy his favorite book or movie. The socks are very comfortable and have a fun colorful design on them. Truly the perfect gift for a cool dad. 

17. Best Dad Ever T-shirt

cheap father day gifts

Got a musician dad? Say no more! You can get this t-shirt as a gift and share your feelings. With the guitar chords replacing the word DAD, this is the best Father’s Day gift for a music loving, guitar playing dad. 

18. Engraved Pocket Knife

cheap father day gifts

A pocket knife is something a father usually owns that is actually useful. Giving them a pocket knife might support them to enjoy their outdoor activities more. This pocket knife is so special because it is engraved with a sweet message from the daughter, which will remind them of their loving little girl who always looks up to him. 

19. Magnetic Wristband

cheap father day gifts

Tinkering around the house involves using so many tools and it is very easy to lose some parts of the small ones. This magnetic wristband will help any dad to keep all of the tools handy and not lose them so easily. The wristband will hold small metal tools such as bolts, nails, and more. A functional and helpful gift for a busy dad, indeed!

20. Dad Picture Frame

cheap father day gifts

Best moments deserved to be framed in the best possible way. This Dad frame will be the perfect frame for the best father and children picture. The design is so unique and can serve as a decorative piece in the house. The capital letter D is also engraved with the “I love you, Dad” phrase, which is so sweet and will warm every dad’s heart. 

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21. Teenage Daughter Survivor Mug

cheap father day gifts

Dealing with a teenage daughter is a whole different challenge. Every parent deserves to celebrate once they’ve gone through this phase. This mug is a great and funny gift for fathers who have been through their daughter’s teenage years, and successfully send them to college. 

22. Ultimate Dad Joke Book

cheap father day gifts

Should we encourage cheesy dad jokes? Probably not. But This book is so hilarious we can’t help but to put it on the list. This can be the funniest cheap Father’s Day gift ever, especially if your father is the funny type. If you know what we mean. 

23. Alder Creek Nuts Dad Gift Basket

cheap father day gifts

This gift basket seems so thoughtful that any dad will feel so special for getting one. The basket contains Dad’s Root Beer, trail mix, smoked almonds and coconut cashew brittle. Each bag of treats come with a #1 Dad label to remind him who is the number one dad of all time. Such a sweet gift full of assortments that will make any dad happy. 

24. A Book About My Daddy

cheap father day gifts

If you want to get something truly special that can move hearts and make any father tears up, this little book can be just that. It is a simple notebook, but the way you fill and customize it is what makes it priceless. This can be the perfect gift for a young dad. You can work with your little child to fill this book together and surprise their father with it as a cheap Father’s Day gift. 

25. Personalized Hip Flask

cheap father day gifts

Get this hip flask as a Father’s Day gift and your dad will think that you are the coolest daughter on earth, guaranteed. This personalized hip flask is the perfect reminder that he will always be your first love. This flask is so stylish and well-made, giving your dad a sophisticated accessory that he can carry anywhere. Personalized it with a loving message and your name, it will be a memorable gift he can hold on for dear life. 

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing can be more precious than a father’s love to his family. For such love, it’s time to give something back to a special father in your life by giving him a meaningful gift to celebrate the upcoming father’s day. A meaningful gift doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant, but it does needs to be special in the most memorable way. So, if you are currently tight on budget, make sure you check out our lift of the most recommended cheap father’ day gift to choose from.

Latest Post:

What is the cheapest gift for Father’s day?

Mugs are arguably the cheapest gift you can get for Father’s Day. Other than being cheap, a mug is also functional and personalizable. It is almost always available at any time so you can grab one at the last minute. The second cheapest gift can be a t-shirt or keychain.

What can I do for Father’s day with no money?

If you can’t afford any gift, even the cheapest one, you can give your father the most valuable thing in the world which is your time. Spend time with him, cook together, do some outdoor activities together and have fun. Your father will be very happy and proud of you. 

What are the best cheap gifts for dad under $10?

It can be a keychain, or a card if you really want to find something really inexpensive. A card will be a great gift too. If you get a personalized card with a custom design, it can be a valuable collectible keepsake as well. So think of the best father’s day message you can come up with. 

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