25 Best Gifts for Farmer Dad to Show Affection

Even though farmers are the backbone of the economy, they are often underappreciated. People see it as a lesser type of career. In actuality, being a farmer is a noble profession. After all, they are the ones who literally feed the world. If your dad is a farmer, you can show your love and appreciation through some unique gifts.

Don’t let your father’s struggles go unappreciated. You should shower him with functional gifts to help your father work on the farm. You can also consider decorative and aesthetic items that motivate and encourage your father’s passion for farming.

And so, we have collected various farming-related items perfect for your farmer dad. They will be perfect gifts to celebrate his birthday or other special occasions.

Best Functional Gifts for Farmer Dad

Functional items are the perfect choice to help with your dad’s farming activities. Planting, weeding, watering, and other farming work will be easier with the correct tools. Here are the best functional gifts for farmer dads!

1. Deluxe Long Sleeve Coverall

Dickies Men's Twill Deluxe Long Sleeve Coverall

The long-sleeve coverall is perfect to start this list! Working in the field is hot and muddy, so proper farmers’ clothes are necessary. The coverall will protect your father’s skin from the sun and dangerous chemicals. 

This work shirt comes with a premium brass zipper that allows your father to quickly put on or take it off. Furthermore, it uses stretchy material, allowing your father to work on the farm comfortably. 

2. Farmers Harvesting Bag

Harvest time! All farmers are always happy to welcome the harvesting season. They get to finally enjoy the fruit of their labors. To celebrate the joyous occasion, give your dad a premium harvest bag! It features a waterproof lining that is easy to clean, thanks to the waxed canvas material is. The bag is ideal for harvesting some herbs, veggies, or fruits.

3. Stabilization Knee Pads for Farmer Dad

GELFIT Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pads

Farm work requires strenuous physical activity. However, as your father gets older, his knees are not as strong as they used to be. Protect your dad’s knees with these Stabilization Knee Pads. It comes with e a gel and foam pad that distributes pressure. This protective gear provides an ergonomic experience for challenging activities, especially during the farming season.

4. Folding Stool Tote Bag

Heavy Duty Folding Stool Tote Bag

Working on the field all day is tiring. Your father can rest and relax on this foldable gardening stool. However, it is not just an ordinary stool because it is integrated with a tote bag. The pouches can accommodate all kinds of items, so it is a two-in-one package. The chair uses a sturdy but lightweight steel frame with cushioned polyester canvas.

5. Personalized Tape Measure

Personalized Tape Measure

Contrary to popular belief, farming requires precision. So, a measuring tool is essential to have for farmers. You can help your father get accurate measurements through this personalized measuring tape. Furthermore, the item features a precision laser-cut round piece of wood cashing. You can engrave your father’s name on it and other unique quotes.

6. Outdoor Quick-Dry Water Repellent Pants

TACVASEN Men's Outdoor Quick-Dry Water Repellent Pants

Farmers need a good pair of pants for better productivity! So, you should get your father these outdoor tactical-looking pants. It comes with multiple pouches. It also uses nylon material that allows the skin to breathe, avoiding excessive sweating. Furthermore, the pants will protect your dad from UV rays when farming.

7. Arm Protection Sleeves

Don’t let your father’s hand get hurt by sharp farming tools. These handguards provide maximum protection against abrasions, cuts, and burns while working. It is made of HDPE, spandex, and nylon, which provide a comfortable feel and keep hands cool. This item is the perfect gift for farmer dads who always have to face risks every day.

8. ETREX 32X Handheld GPS Navigator


Explore the farming area your father owned with this great handheld GPS. This device features an active topo map that displays informative paths. Your father will be able to use this gadget for 25 hours non-stop after one charge.

9. The Farmer’s Organic Indoor Herb Garden

The Farmer's Organic Indoor Herb Garden

You can give your father a new farming experience through this unique Farmer’s Organic Indoor Herb seeds. This organic seed set includes all non-GMO herbs. You’ll find coriander, thyme, sage, parsley, and sweet basil seeds in this aromatic herbal set.

10. Dakota Mini Clip Watch


Wearing a wristwatch during farming is not advisable. Farmers will need both hands to do various activities, and the watch will get in the way. As an alternative, get this Dakota mini clip watch for your dad! He can attach it to his belt loops or suspender. The unique timepiece will help your father water his plant on time!

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11. Cultivator Claw

Bear Paws Cultivator Claw

This Cultivator Claw can break up the soil, remove parasites, and weeding can be done more efficiently! It is a formidable and robust farming tool shaped like a bear paw. Thanks to the ingenious ergonomic design, it will reduce your father’s hand fatigue when farming. Rocks and weeds will be easy to get rid of if your dad uses this terrific item.

12. Agriculture Goggles for Farming

Portable Laboratory Men Agriculture Goggles for Farming

Breaking up the soil using automatic tools can be dangerous. Debris might fly into your father’s eye. So, you should get him this pair of protective goggles. It will also protect him from strong lights and UV rays. The lenses are reinforced with a polycarbonate material that provides perfect protection.

13. FiveJoy Garden Tool Set

Five Joy Garden Tool Set

Would you like to give a set of farming equipment to your father? We recommend the FiveJoy garden toolset as a starter! It consists of 11 functional farming tools. For example, it includes shovels, rakes, weeders, pruning shears, ropes, hand sprayers, and other equipment in one package. The entire tip of the tool is made of rust-resistant stainless steel with an ergonomic handle for comfortable use.

14. Dunlop Protective Footwear


Farming work has a relatively high risk. If you are not careful, you might step on a sharp rusty object. Protect your father’s feet while farming using Dunlop boots! It is made of classic PVC, which is waterproof and stretchy. Your father can move freely when wearing these incredible boots.

15. BERNIE ANSEL Machine Agriculture Tool

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If your father owns a vegetable farm, this agriculture machine tool will be handy for him. The multi-purpose equipment will help your father cut twigs, tie vines, tie plants, and more! Your father’s job will be a lot more efficient!

16. Men’s Sun Hat with Neck Flap

Men’s Wide Brim Sun Hat with Neck Flap

The scorching sun is a risk that every farmer has to deal with daily. To help your father with the heat, get him this Sun Hat as a present. It features a wide brim and is manufactured using premium microfiber, which can protect you from UPF50 UV rays. The hat also comes with an adjustable chin strap, which allows it to stay in place even on windy days.

17. Equipment Aprons


Organizing and carrying various small farming tools are very tedious. Fortunately, now there is this equipment apron that comes with multiple pouches. It will free your dad’s hand and make his work more efficient. The apron is made of soft and thick cotton canvas that will look stylish on your dad. He can now farm in style!

18. Father’s Day Multi-Tool Pen

Father’s Day Multi-Tool Pens

Farmers need to be resourceful and efficient. They have various surprising practical skills that help them to get by. To appreciate your father’s hard work, you can get him a multifunctional pen. It comes with various add ons such as a ruler, screwdrivers, stylus, and more! This pen will allow him to take notes on the field and do unexpected maintenance on the farming machine.

Best Wearable and Decorative Gifts for Farmers Dad

Apart from functional items, you can also give something fun to your farmer dad. The following items will provide your dad with a stylish look!

19. “The Best Dads Are Farmers” Mug

Best Dads Are Farmers Mug

Get your father one of these farming-themed ceramic mugs to show that you are proud of him! It is the perfect gift to celebrate Father’s Day. Your dad will treasure it and use it for drinking coffee every day!

20. Printed Tractor Socks

Printed Tractor Socks

This pair of eye-catching socks feature tractors motifs! It looks a bit quirky but also tasteful and lovely. Your dad can wear it as he spends his time in the barn. The socks utilize soft, heat-resistant material that provides your dad’s leg with comfort.

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21. Tractor Wall Print

Tractor Wall Print

A tractor is a farmer’s favorite vehicle! Your dad probably has his preferred tractor too. To surprise him, get this tractor wall art! The artist offers a customization option that allows you to send various memorable photos of your dad. The images will be assembled into a tractor-shaped print art collage. The finished product will look lovely inside your dad’s room.

22. Tractor Card

Tractor Card

Is your farmer dad’s birthday coming up soon? Give him this unconventional greeting card. The farming-themed greeting card is made from recycled paper. It features an immersive image of a red tractor. The card also comes in elegant brown envelopes perfect for your farmer dad.

23. Farmer’s Prayer Coin

Farmer's Prayer Pocket Token

Wish your father good luck with this Farmer’s Prayer Pocket Token! The token is made of tin and specifically designed for farmers. The coin is engraved with a prayer that wishes for the land, plants, and animals to be blessed. May a bountiful harvest come as he keeps this lucky coin in his pocket every day.

24. Farm Dad Shirt

Farm Dad Shirt

Your dad would love to wear this cool farming-themed T-shirt. It features a quote: “Farm dad is like a regular dad but cooler”. The combination of the black color base and colorful tractor embroidery makes this shirt looks stand out. Furthermore, it uses soft cotton material, allowing your dad to wear it comfortably.

25. Hand-stamped Tractor Keychain

Dad's Keys Hand Stamped Tractor Keyring

Here is a perfect keychain for a farmer! This last item may not look much, but it carries a deep sentimental value. After all, you can personalize the keychain with a lovely engraving message. The unique keychain with tractor ornament will make your dad smile!

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Functional items that can help your father’s work are a wise choice. You can choose the Heavy-Duty Folding Stool Tote Bag or the FiveJoy Garden Tool Set. These gifts for farmer dad will make every farming activity easier for your dad.

What are simple farm tool gifts for farmer dad?  

Give simple but meaningful items to your father, who is a farmer. Dad’s Hand-stamped Tractor Keyring and Farmer’s Prayer Pocket Token can be your choice. These two minimalist items encourage your dad because they act as lucky charms. 

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Farmers use proper materials and tools when farming. Seeds and adequate equipment are needed by farmers to grow crops. Furthermore, farmers use farming tools and machines such as sprinklers, soil looseners, hole makers, sprinklers, harvesting tools, and various other farming equipment to support the work.

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