25 Cool Horror Gifts for Dread Fanatics

Horror films are terrifying. Moreover, some people might think this genre is filthy. Moreover, they make you consider death and make you tremble for your life. Even still, for many people, watching them is a blast. Furthermore, it can be the perfect way to spend a Friday night as it is believed as the time when ghosts, gore, and the macabre reign supreme.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the horror genre has become an addiction for dread junkies. Moreover, they also would love to collect items with spooky and horror vibes in everyday life. If you have a horror lover’s friend, you can surprise him/her with horror gifts on his/her special day. Hence, we will help you to pick the great horror gifts with selected stuff below. 

Horror Gifts For Her

Women are mostly soft and sweet people who are always associated with cowardice. However, many women also, in reality, are part of sizable and active female horror fan bases as they love the thrill experiences and unspoken fears. Should you want to surprise her with horror gifts, let’s check on the list below.

1. Dead Tired Feet Slippers

Dead Tired Feet Slippers

Horror movies are a favorite pastime among females at home. As a result, this horror-themed slipper will be an excellent companion when she watches her favorite horror film. It will make a terrific horror gift for her at home, as it is also made of ultra-soft, warm, and fuzzy material.

2. Spooky Makeup Coffin Shelf

Spooky Makeup Coffin Shelf

This gift will be ideal if your woman needs to adorn her room with frightening items. This present, inspired by the classic coffin box design seen in scary movies, will add to the spooky room atmosphere. Furthermore, it can wonderfully hold her gothic makeup and beauty products, which your horror lover’s girl will adore.

3. Treat Yourself Horror Self Care

Treat Yourself Horror Self Care

Allow your girl to have some “me time” by giving her a collection of frightening mystery boxes. This present includes self-care items with a horror theme, such as a facemask, soap, and candle. It will be a perfect horror gift for her to get while watching a horror film.

4. Horror Bath Bomb Set

Horror Bath Bomb Set

This is a gift that will make your horror fan’s girl bathing experience a memorable and exciting one. No one, especially a horror lover’s girl, can resist the cute yet terrifying bath bomb. Her skin will feel silky soft after bathing, thanks to the organic shea butter and organic coconut oil inside the bath bomb.

5. Bat Horror Earrings

Bat Horror Earrings

Take a look at how adorable this pair of earrings is! If your girl likes gothic or horror fashion, this present will give her a more mysterious look. Furthermore, these adorable bat earrings are light yet unlikely to break or fade. Your horror lover’s girl will surely love this gift.

6. Zombie Heat Sensitive Mug

Zombie Heat Sensitive Mug

A morning coffee company in a mug might be a great gift for a female. However, it is not applicable to a horror fan’s girl who prefers the night the most. As a result, you should surprise her with this zombie mug. It’s not just any mug; when filled with hot drink, it transforms into a frightening zombie scene.

Horror Gifts For Him

According to studies, men are more likely to appreciate horror stuff than women. This could be due to the fact that men are socialized to be bold and prefer dangerous situations. Moreover, males are also attracted to horror themed gifts because they get social fulfillment from not being bothered by a terrifying object.

7. Horror Voorhees Figure Keychain

Horror Voorhees Figure Keychain

In his daily activities, a horror fan’s boy enjoys being surrounded by eerie stuff. You can surprise him with this gift if he needs a special horror charm. This is a toy figurine of Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise that can also be used as a keychain. He will undoubtedly treasure this horror gift for the rest of his life.

8. Nightmare Before Christmas Socks

Nightmare Before Christmas Socks

It’s best to see a scary movie around midnight. However, allowing your boy to become cold in the middle of the night is not a good idea! If you need to get him a horror gift for Halloween or Christmas, this socks is a good choice because it will keep him warm and comfy as he watches the horror movie. 

9. Horror Drinking Party Glasses

Horror Drinking Party Glasses

This gift will make a horror fan’s boy who enjoys parties grin from ear to ear. This gift includes two shot glasses featuring Jason Voorhees, horror’s most frightening masked man. Moreover, this party glass will be ideal for his movie night, costume party, or Halloween celebration.

10. Muscle Skull Ring

Muscle Skull Ring

Men may be uninterested in jewelry in general, but not in this horror ring as a gift. This ring provides the wearer a powerful and gothic appearance at first glance. Moreover, this muscle skull ring is constructed of 925 silver and is also a handcrafted item, making it one of a kind in the world.

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11. Horror Movie Character Hoodie

Horror Movie Character Hoodie

This amazing hoodie should be the greatest horror gift for your guy if he is a horror fan who also cares about his appearance. This hoodie is beautifully created with a variety of horror characters, giving your youngster a dark and mysterious vibe. It’s also constructed of a soft, warm, and comfortable cloth that’s ideal for wearing outside.

12. Spooky Skull Ashtray

Spooky Skull Ashtray

This gift would be adored by any boy who enjoys smoking. An ashtray with a unique skeleton on top will make him feel cool when smoking, especially if he is a horror lover. Furthermore, because it is elegantly designed in a fancy style, it might provide a creepy sense to a room when placed there.

Vintage Horror Gifts

The popularity of vintage has come through fashion, but now includes horror items as well. Vintage objects appeal to certain horror fans as they provide an escape, “like watching old movies.” Furthermore, it depicts a yearning for something unique and innovative which can also be a collectible horror item.

13. Vintage Horror Movie Tote

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Horror fans will regard these flicks as long-lasting masterpieces. As a result, putting those horror movies in a tote will give them a vintage appeal. In this bag, you may find both vintage and horror-themed gifts for them. It is also composed of high-quality leather that is sturdy and long-lasting.

14. Scary Movie Vinyl Record Clock

Scary Movie Vinyl Record Clock

As it was an outdated technology, vinyl records usually provide a vintage image. On the other hand, transforming a used vinyl record into a creepy clock is a breakthrough. As a result, it will blend in with any style and interior, making it a perfect present for horror fans.

15. Vintage Horror Movie Postcard Set

Vintage Horror Movie Postcard Set

If your horror movie buff has forgotten how many films he’s seen, you can surprise him with this set of vintage posters printed on high-quality paper. This gift might extend his/her expertise with a wide range of horror movie recommendations, in addition to his/her precious collections.

16. Mark The Devil Vintage Vomit Bag

Mark The Devil Vintage Vomit Bag

If your horror fans like the film Mark of the Devil, they will adore this vomit bag as a vintage lifesaver before watching it again. Because the film was dubbed “the most terrifying film ever filmed” that will upset your stomach. As a result, a vomit bag became a vintage item to treasure after being distributed at horror movie cinemas in 1970.

17. Vintage Satanic Throw Blanket

Vintage Satanic Throw Blanket

For horror fans who love to decorate their room with horror items, this throw blanket will be the best one. It is made from 100 percent cotton which is suitable for blanket or wall art. Moreover, it has vintage design in classic black and white which illustrates a nude woman glows with a bright light, surrounded by demons enacting an unspeakable rite.

18. Gothic Horror Tattoo Pillowcase

Gothic Horror Tattoo Pillowcase

Bedtime will not be complete for horror fans unless they have horror items nearby. If that’s the case, why not try replacing their regular pillow with a vintage pillow case? This gift is elegantly made with vibrant flowers and a skull against a black background, giving it a gothic feel. It will undoubtedly thrill your horror fans.

Horror Movie Gifts

Horror movies might not be to everyone’s taste, but they give joy and excitement to those who love them. Your horror lovers may also have their favorite movie which is difficult to forget. Therefore, horror gifts that remind them of that movie can be something they will cherish forever.

19. You Can’t Sit With Us Pouch

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Horror lovers will recognize the characters from You Can’t See With Us because they are reminiscent of Stephen King’s films. As a result, a makeup purse with simple black and white cool characters will give this gift an attractive appeal. This thoughtful gift will be much appreciated by your horror fans.

20. Alice Cooper’s Horror Box Game

Alice Cooper’s Horror Box Game

The mystery and unsettling storylines of the films always entice horror fans. Therefore, this horror box will be a fun card game for them to play because it resembles scenes from horror movies when played. From complimenting Annabelle’s hair to becoming a scientologist zombie, this terrifying card game will light up their night indoors.

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21. Top 100 Horror Movies Scratch Off

Top 100 Horror Movies Scratch Off

With this present, you may challenge your horror fans to see all 100 horror movies on their bucket list. This is a scribbled poster that can influence a horror fan’s fate as to which film to watch. The rule is that once they scratch off one movie, they must watch it all the way through.

22. Movie Horror Rug

Movie Horror Rug

While watching a horror movie at home, horror fans enjoy turning their room into a creepy environment. As a result, a rug with well-known horror movie characters will be a nice present for them. Moreover, this gift is constructed of high-quality soft crystal velvet with a proper thickness that adds to their room’s coziness.

23. Scream Scary Movie Desk Lamp

Scream Scary Movie Desk Lamp

This present will be suitable for horror fans that enjoy unique horror items to decorate their rooms. This is a fantastic desk light that features horror movie scenes on the inside. What’s more, if the color of the desk lamp is changed, the horror movie scenario will be adjusted as well.

24. Murder Mystery Puzzle Book

Murder Mystery Puzzle Book

For some people who love horror movies, they will love to solve mysteries in real life. If you have any horror fans in your life, consider surprising them with this gift. This book features 20 murder mysteries that will make your horror lovers tempted to crack them all.

25. Horror Movie Charm Bracelet

Horror Movie Charm Bracelet

Some of the most well-known horror films feature iconic characters who are adored by horror fans. This present will combine all of those faces into a single bracelet that will serve as a valuable charm. Your horror fans will be overjoyed to receive this gift because those interesting characters are so well-designed.

latest post:

What to buy someone who likes horror?

There are many cool horror gifts you can buy for those who love horror. You only have to link it with their activities or hobbies. For example, if they love to solve mystery, you can buy them Horror Box Game or Murder Mystery Puzzle Book. Or, if they are also fashion lovers, you can get them a Horror Movie Character Hoodie or Bat Horror Earring to highlight their appearance.

Why are horror movies so addictive?

Horror lovers have various reasons which cause them to become addicted to horror films. Watching horror films has a bigger build-up and impact than any other genre. Moreover,  horror is addictive because it is thrilling and relates to human nature more than any genre. In addition, they love to collect horror gifts or merchandise from the movies to feel the vibes in real life.

What are the best vintage horror gifts?

The best vintage horror gifts should be a thoughtful gift with a long history. For instance, a vomit bag from the legendary 1970 movie ‘Mark The Devil’ could be a precious gift. Moreover, you can try to get them a vintage tote with numerous horror movie posters design which can remind them of old but gold horror movies.

What are the best horror gifts for him?

Well, the best horror gifts for men should embrace their strong and masculine side. For example, a cool muscle skull ring will make him stand out and look powerful. However, some best horror gifts for him also should follow his interests and needs. For more inspiring horror gifts for him, you can check on this article.

What are the best horror gifts for her?

As a girl has both a bright and dark side, a cute but spooky stuff will be the best horror gifts for her. If your girl loves something warm and soft, you can give her the Dead Tired Feet Slippers. Or, you can give her a Horror Bath Bomb Set which is both adorable and terrifying at the same time.

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