25 Ideal and Adorable Gifts for Monkey Lovers

We know, it’s not a common thing to adore this animal called monkey. Monkey is an animal that associated with charm of naughty, goofy, and funny! But believe us, in this wide word, there are people who love this animal. And we called them: monkey lovers.

Usually a person who loves this might have the same personality as this creature! So if you have a special someone that you want to appreciate by giving a gift, we recommend you give them something that is unique and has this animal picture on it! It can be anything. Here, we try to gather several ideas about gifts for monkey lovers! There will be no awkward moments in giving gifts!

Wearable Gifts for Monkey Lovers

These gift ideas down below will be related to something that can be worn. It will have a monkey picture on it. Any monkey lovers will enjoy wearing something that has a monkey picture! So, these are wearable gifts for monkey lovers you can buy.

1. Monkey Unisex T-shirt

Monkey Unisex T-shirt

It got written on the message “Don’t make me call my flying monkeys” which I know is quite sensational. Monkey is commonly associated with something that is dorky and naughty – which this cloth quite shows it. 

2. Monkey Hoodie

Monkey Hoodie

Thinking of giving something this holiday season for your kids, or your niece and nephews perhaps? This cartoon character monkey hoodie comes in 2 different colors which are blue and white. Also comes in various sizes fit up to XL. This hoodie made of 100% cotton for everyday comfort. Pair it with any jeans or trousers!

3. Monkey Face Mask

Monkey Face Mask

As you can see, this mask made of 2 layer cotton fabrics that are just not too thick. It provides comfort, safety during this pandemic, and the most important thing comes with a small cutie monkey logo on the top right. This mask comes with PM 2.5 filters that can provide extra safety.

4. Paul Frank Umbrella

Paul Frank Umbrella

Who doesn’t know this brand? Especially for monkey lovers. This brand might sound too familiar, even though they might have lots of their collection at home. Paul Frank is such an iconic brand that takes monkeys as their logo. This Paul Frank umbrella is gonna be their one and only umbrella that they will use!

5. Monkey Bathrobe

Monkey Bathrobe - Walmart

This woman’s funky bathrobe comes with a cute monkey on the top of its head. It is designed to look like a monkey even with a tail!It has 2 front pockets and is made of super soft fleece. 

6. Monkey Personalized necklace

Monkey Personalized necklace

This monkey necklace comes with stainless steel that can receive personalized initials. It also includes a swarovski charm, and also a monkey pendant on it! Any woman who is a monkey lover will definitely like it!

7. Monkey Charm

Monkey Charm - Etsy

If you want to try to give something that brings meanings and values, you may try this monkey pendant amulet made of Grade A green Jade. It comes with a detachable brown necklace string. The values that it brings are luck, blessings, and happiness. And last but not least, this monkey charm handcrafted and made with full details.

Home Decoration Gifts for Monkey Lovers

Giving something that can add extra good vibes with their favorite animals, will make these ideas down below are the good gifts for monkey lovers! It can be wall decorations such as canvas, pictures, clocks, or etc.

8. Monkey Oclock

gifts for monkey lovers

This clock shaped perfectly like a smiley, cheerful monkey hanging on a tree . It’s made of eco-friendly and non-toxic water based paints. It shows time, and is a perfect learning tool for children to learn about time. It ss 40 cm in height and 29.2 cm wide. 

9. Monkey A4 Home Decor

gifts for monkey lovers

This funny yet vintage laughing monkey will catch people’s eyes in just a second. It’s an art print that comes in 10 different sizes. Don’t worry about the shipping procedure. It will be rolled inside a cardboard tube and will be best inside a cardboard packaging.  Sendthis and it’s contagious smile will get them mesmerized!

10. Monkey Photo frame

gifts for monkey lovers

This resin handmade photo frame shaped perfectly like a quirky monkey. It’s a cute decoration for any desk or bookshelf. Monkey lovers’ can put any picture in the middle of it. For sure they will love looking at their best picture along with their favorite animals!

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11. Monkey cushion

gifts for monkey lovers

Any monkey lover will like it, having their favorite animals decorate their sanctuary. You can add their collection by giving them this one!. It’s a velvet cushion with blue and silver colors that is perfect to accompany them in the evening while laying on the couch and watching TV! 

12. Monkey Vintage Lamp

gifts for monkey lovers

This vintage monkey that is holding a lamp will be their next favorite item for any monkey lover! It’s perfect as their bedside lamp, to lighten up their mood before and after sleep. Or they can also put it in the guest room.

13. Monkey Rug Handmade Wool

gifts for monkey lovers

This wool rug is not only good in materials, it also comes with a vintage design that will decorate any floor of your house modernly! It comes in 4 inch x 6 inch sizes. It is hand woven and rectangular. It’s also good to be placed in a bedroom or study room.

14. Monkey Tissue Box

Monkey Tissue Box

This monkey figures tissue box can contain tissue and is perfect to be kept inside your car. It can be put near the seat, or you can even hang it on your headrest or back rear seat.  It’s made of super soft PP cotton, you can use it as a pillow or simply only as a decoration. It has pink color so might be a perfect gift for your woman, or kids.

15. Monkey Blanket

gifts for monkey lovers

This cute flashy expression of monkey blanket will catch your eyes!. I mean look at that huge monkey face of a monkey that got a kissing expression. It is velvet and clearly shows a monkey!

16. Monkey Cotton Comforter Set

gifts for monkey lovers

A bedsheet full of their favorite animals? Any monkey lovers will appreciate that! It is full of hanging monkeys and its bananas. It’s white and will match with any bedroom decoration. Made of 100% cotton fabric to ensure its softness and can be washed by machine. 

17. Monkey Bathroom Rug

Monkey Bathroom Rug

This iconic Bape Monkey rug is perfect for any monkey lovers’ bathroom. It absorbs excess water to keep your bathroom dry and clean. Comes with 5 different types of sizes, and it shapes perfectly like a monkey. It’s anti fugue, anti slip, and made of high quality materials!

18. Monkey Plush

Monkey Plush

Anybody would fall in love instantly with this adorable monkey plush . I mean look at that innocent expression. Kids or females would love it!  And also it can be used as pet toys. 

Office Stationery Gifts for Monkey Lovers

Having those office stationeries with the monkey pattern or shaped like a monkey are kinda cute. Monkey lovers would love to wear it or add some to their collection. You can try with something such as a pen, keying, case etc. 

19. Monkey Keyring


This monkey keyring is such a gem! Affordable, made of sturdy metal, and can offer you initial personalized on it. It is wrapped in tissue paper and presented in a matching organza pouch. 

20. Monkey Notebook

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This monkey notebook consists of lined pages, with traditional Japanese monkey art for the front cover artwork by Ohara Koson. It consists of 120 pages with a soft effect. And you know, this notebook is lightweight and can be bought anywhere!

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21. Monkey Laptop Sleeve

gifts for monkey lovers

This monkey laptop sleeve is compatible with 17 inch laptops. It has a monkey as its design, made of neoprene, waterproof, and again it’s MONKEY!. They will produce it and bring it anywhere they go while keeping their laptop safe!

22. Monkey DIY Embroidered Kit

DIY embroidered Kit

You can try to give this diy kit to your monkey lovers especially during this holiday season. It contains printed stitch lines that can turn into dolls. Such a relaxing yet fun kit for any monkey lover!

Cutlery Gifts for Monkey Lovers

Another unique gift could be something that is related to cutleries. It can be another collection or they will really use it to accompany their day. It can be useful yet cute!

23. Tiffany Co Silver Monkey Straws

Tiffany Co Silver Straws

In this era, having something that is environmentally friendly is kinda hyped. One of the trends is bringing your own reusable straw! For a monkey lover, they can carry this monkey straw whenever they go to a restaurant or cafe! They will definitely love it! 

24. Golden Tea Coffee Monkey Spoon

Golden Tea Coffee Spoon

It’s uncommon to give this kind of thing, but who cares? Golden spoon comes with a monkey picture on its top!  It is made of resin and perfect for any monkey lovers to stir up their drinks or to eat!

25. Monkey Mug

Banana Mug

This cutie monkey mug got a monkey picture printed on both sides. It’s lead free, microwave safe, and FDA approved. It is white made of ceramic with a glossy finish. It can contain up to 11 oz liquid. It’s gonna be a perfect gift for both monkey lovers either man or woman. This mug is gonna be their sweet companion as they sip their coffee or tea in the morning. 

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