25 Best Gifts for Octopus Lovers

These cute cephalopod animals are quite popular as a lot of legends, cartoon characters, or movies got inspired by this animal. With its cute, and fierce specialty – being able to spread ink, and those squishy tentacles can attract animal lovers instantly. Everyone who loves this animal always called octopus lovers.

If you have that special someone who loves octopus, you may look for something that features this figure and it’s not that hard. You can buy toys, dolls, outfits for any wall decorations.If they are kids, you can give them toys or a DIY kit to also enhance their creativity during this holiday season. But don’t worry, we have compiled for you these gifts for octopus lovers. Check it out!

Office Stationery Gifts for Octopus Lovers

Having those octopus shaped office stationeries supplies will give extra spirits to any octopus lovers and encourage their productivity. Give them this one especially for students or office workers!

1. Baby Octopus Planner

Baby Octopus Planner

What’s a better way to give than planning at the beginning of a new year? Giving away this planner is a perfect gift for octopus lovers. This daily planner is going to be their go-to-planner which they will bring every day throughout the year. It consists of 130 pages ready for a year. 

2. Octopus Cephalopods Notebook Gift Set

gifts for octopus lovers

This gift set comes with 3 pocket notebooks that have detailed illustrations. It is recycled notebooks, and contains 38 plain pages each. It is pocket sized, and a perfect idea to give for someone who loves octopus. 

3. Octopus Mouse Pad

gifts for octopus lovers

With its bold purple color and big figures of octopus, your octopus lover will enjoy working in front of their laptop while staring at this mouse pad. It’s gonna be their everyday’s companion. This mouse pad is 4 mm thick, made of neoprene, anti-slip and also gives extra decoration to their workspace.

4. Octopus Passport Holder

Octopus Passport Holder

If he or she is a fan of traveling or their work revolves around traveling a lot, don’t hesitate to give them this!. It’s a leather passport holder with a 3d metal octopus on the front case. It has 2 types of colors which are black and burgundy. It has RFID (Radio FrequencyIdentification) which is a special feature to prevent pickpocketing.

Wearable Gifts for Octopus Lovers

Those cute octopus figures will make a very attractive pattern or design on any wearable stuff such as T-shirts, hoodie, face mask, sandals, etc. Octopus lovers will proudly wear them everywhere they go!

5. Octopus T-shirt

Octopus T-shirt

It is available for men, women, and kids. You will be amazed with the printed words on it as it shows a clear declaration of love for octopus explicitly. It is lightweight, classic fit and octopus lovers will proudly wear it!

6. Octopus Hoodie

gifts for octopus lovers

This traditional Japanese Art comes in octopus figures on the front of this hoodie. It comes with 6 types of sizes, made of cotton and polyester. It also shows Japanese calligraphy on the middle right. It’s written tako which means great happiness. If you order this cute hoodie it will be wrapped in “naname tsutsumi” or known to be Japanese wrapping style.

7. Octopus Personalized Bracelet

gifts for octopus lovers

This antique silver charm bracelet comes not only with a cute octopus as its charm, it also has a ready to personalized metal that can come with the receiver’s initials. If you order this, it will also come with a cute package. 

8. Octopus Face Mask

gifts for octopus lovers

During this pandemic, face masks, especially reusable ones, are such an item. It becomes part of the fashion stuff. Octopus lovers will most definitely be looking for one that represents their liking to this animal. You can add to their collection by giving them this. It comes in light blue as its colors with the soft design of octopus. The material is made of cotton and they will love it!

9. Octopus Beach Towel

gifts for octopus lovers

This large beach towel got a huge octopus printed on it. It is soft and cozy plus made of 100% cotton. It dries up wet skin fastly. It’s comforting and they can bring it to the beach and the gym proudly.

10. Octopus Blanket

gifts for octopus lovers

This octopus blanket comes in 58 x 80 inches, got one side printing, made of crystal velvet front, lambswool sherpa fleece black. Octopus lovers will enjoy being wrapped around these high quality octopus blankets.

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11. Octopus Home Sandals

gifts for octopus lovers

This cute homewear sandal is gonna be your kids favorite sandals. If they are a fan of octopus lovers they will like it. It provides comfort and a safe footbed since it is cushy and safe. It comes in 2 different colors and various types of sizes. 

12. Octopus Keychain

Animal Themed Keychain

This uber cute octopus keychain is made of rhinestone crystal, is lightweight and very beautifully crafted. It steals the look instantly, and is perfect to be hung for the bag or as a keychain. If your animal lover is a woman or girl, you might consider giving them this one!. It’s affordable and very pretty!

Homeware Gifts for Octopus Lovers

Decorating their house with octopus ornaments or stuff can be great ideas for any lover. They will definitely like it, and you can give it to any octopus lovers who just celebrate a housewarming party.

13. Octopus Bathroom Rugs

Octopus Bathroom Rugs

Other than it features octopus on its surface, it also has some special things. Its made of soft comfort microfiber that ensures that it is anti slip. It protects any feet from cold while also protecting the floor from being wet! It can be placed inside your bathroom or for the kitchen. Octopus lovers will love it!

14. Octopus Wall Clock Decorative

Octopus Wall Clock Decorative

This cute octopus tentacle wall clock is a simple yet useful gift. Other than it shows tentacle octopus which will be liked by our octopus lovers it also shows time and perfect to be hung at the office, home and school. It is made of environmentally friendly acrylic. 

15. Octopus Pillow Neck Rest

Pillow Neck Rest

Another cute yet useful gift, this neck rest is perfect to be put inside a car, or for a chair inside their bedroom. It will accompany them while playing games, working, driving, or reading books. It is full of octopus figures, and made of 100% polyester fabric cover. 

16. Hooked Throw Octopus Pillow

Hooked Throw Octopus Pillow

This textured octopus pillow is a pretty decoration for your living room. With its fluffiness and soft texture, it will beautify your room perfectly.It is blue and features an acrylic yard on a cotton pillow cover. They will welcome this octopus pillow delightly. 

17. Octopus 3D Glass

Octopus 3D Glass

This ceramic mug comes with flashy blue octopus with its tentacles as the handle. It is quite elegant and can be used for sipping coffee, tea, juice, milk or any drinks. Octopus lovers will definitely use it as their daily usage.

18. Kraken Octopus Water Bowl

Kraken Octopus Water Bowl

This stainless steel bottle can occupy up to 500 millimeters of liquid. It can maintain the temperature of the liquid for up to 8 hours. It is food grade, and hand printed. You can see the beautiful artwork of kraken, which is known as the legendary huge octopus. Give this to your octopus lovers, and thank us later!

19. Octopus Bedside Lamp

Bedside Lamp

This bedside lamp is made of resin with its head coming as the lamp. It is rechargeable and is LED. When turned on, it turns into a flashy orange, with the big cute black eyeballs. The tentacles appear as the foothold and are made of resin. Since it is perfect for bedside, any octopus lover will see it before they sleep and will be the first thing they see in the morning!

Unique Gifts for Octopus Lovers

Try stealing their hearts and attention with this remarkable gift. These unique gifts down below will be about something that are rare yet fun to be played or enjoyed!

20. Octopus Classroom Anime Plushie

Classroom Anime Plushie

Even adults might fall in love at a glance with these uber cute octopus dolls. This smiley Koro Sensei octopus doll has 8 tentacles and wears a professional uniform. This octopus is actually a Japanese animal character. It is made of PP cotton, is soft and very fluffy. If your kids or your girls are huge fans of octopus, they will appreciate this one!

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21. Octopus Bioluminescent Octopus Orb

Bioluminescent Octopus Orb

This bioluminescent octopus orb can be a fantastic yet unique decoration to any octopus lovers. The thing is you just gotta pour the california seawater into the bowl, leave it and witness as the dark falls it will light up with a single swirl. It’s quite a chemical toy , but it can also be used as a decoration or even additional lighting in your living room. It is also perfect to be placed during parties or special occasions.

22. Octopus Sourbites

Octopus Sourbites

Why don’t you give them a taste of these sourbites? These octopus gummies come in party size. It comes with various unique flavors such as sweet, sour, and spicy hot. It is resealable and you might enjoy it together with them! 

23. Reversible Octopus Plushie

Reversible Octopus Plushie

Truthfully, this reversible octopus plushie is award winning #1. It can be reversed and shows 2 types of moods and 2 colors each. It has 30 types of combinations that you can choose for your loved one!. This reversible plushie provides a stress reliever and is definitely a perfect gift for any octopus lovers!

Art & Craft Kit Gifts for Octopus Lovers

Not only is it all about octopus, art and craft are fun stuff to do during this holiday. It provides fun and releases stress. Give them something to be enjoyed during this holiday season!

24. Octopus DIY Paint

Octopus DIY Paint

You can give this to your kids or your relatives during this holiday season as a gift. If they are octopus lovers, it’s gonna be fun yet relaxing activities as they can paint on this cute octopus. It contains 4 fabric paints, a brush, and Paul the octopus. 

25. Octopus Canvas Art Poster

Canvas Art Poster

If your octopus lovers happen to move to a new house or apartment, giving them something related to octopus that will decorate their house won’t hurt. In reality, they will enjoy it. This octopus wall decoration is perfect to be hung in their bathroom. It comes in 6 types of sizes that you may choose. It shows tentacles inside the bathtub, made of high quality print that can last long. So, this can be a perfect gift for octopus lovers.

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