25 Unique Gifts for Broadway Lovers

Broadway has played an essential role in shaping popular culture. The shows are so great they often branch out beyond their origins and take new life in television, film, music, and many more. There are numerous reasons as to why people are compelled to watch Broadway shows so much. One of them is due to the escapism it offers. As we all know, in the world full of uncertainty and disappointments, Broadway musicals provide some kind of emotional outlet. A way for us to feel deeper emotions and go through our problems.

No wonder so many people adore the Broadway theater shows. Some shows are even so successful and leave deep impressions in the fans’ hearts. If you know Broadway enthusiasts who dedicate their lives to admiring Broadway, you should give them Broadway themed gifts that will make them beyond happy. With that being said the following is a list of great gifts for Broadway lovers. 

1. Hamilton Musical Lyrics Pendant

Gifts for Broadway Lovers

Due to its vintage style, this Hamilton Musical lyric pendant will be a valuable gift for an OG Broadway musical lover. It is a unique gift for mom if your mom happens to be a Broadway enthusiast. The pendant is nice and elegant and not only does it hold a high value of Broadway culture, it can also be a functional yet stylish jewelry to wear everyday. 

2. Custom Broadway Musical Magnet

Gifts for Broadway Lovers

The best way to decorate a Broadway fans’ fridge is by using Broadway themed fridge magnets. These magnets will also make a great gift basket filler. Get these little magnets and surprise a Broadway enthusiast when they find it hiding among other trinkets. They will be utterly happy and get a boost of joy every time they open the fridge or simply pass it by. 

3. Musical Theater Personalized Gift Name Photo Panel

Gifts for Broadway Lovers

If you want more personal gifts for Broadway lovers, you can get this personalized Broadway themed name panel. It can be a fantastic gift for mom, best friend, or other Broadway fans. Beside the name, you can also pick their top favorites musicals to include on the poster. It will make a cool decoration in their room or personal office. 

4. Music of The Night Candle

Gifts for Broadway Lovers

Setting up the mood can be done with a nice touch of a candle. And for Broadway lovers, it can be even better when the candle is Broadway themed such as this Music of the Night one. It can be a nice gift for Broadway lovers, but also can be a great gift basket as well. Grab a few of these candles so they can have enough for every room

5. Broadway Mug

Gifts for Broadway Lovers

Of course, no gift list is complete without the good old mugs. And when it comes to the best gifts for Broadway lovers, nothing is better than a Broadway themed mug like this one. It is a common understanding that avid Broadway enthusiasts may memorize all of the best Broadway songs in their head. Hence, this mug can be a nice gift option to get. 

6. Golden Alexander Hamilton Shirt

Gifts for Broadway Lovers

Bring out the Broadway glamor to everyday life through this casual Hamilton t-shirt. It looks casual and appropriate for everyday outfit, but still represents Broadway glam through its design. It will look so chic to wear, especially if your Broadway fans bestie opt for a casual look to nail the off-duty model style. 

7. Good Night Broadway Board Book

Gifts for Broadway Lovers

If you are looking for gifts for young Broadway lovers, this book can be your best option. It highlights theaters, musicals, plays, scripts, playbills, and so much more. This adorable board book captivates young audiences as they tour one of the country’s most electric and exciting destinations. In these colorful pages, young readers receive a front-row ticket to the best of what Broadway has to offer. 

8. The Secret Life of the American Musical: How Broadway Shows Are Built


To love Broadway is to know the stories not only presented on stage, but also the ones that happen behind the curtains. A true Broadway enthusiast will be interested in understanding the process of the musical productions. And this book offers a story of what happens from the rehearsal room to the working office of theater producers. A great gift for Broadway lovers who want to understand the real behind the scenes stories.

9. Broadway’s Hamilton Themed Assorted Stickers

These stickers are great as Broadway themed gift basket fillers. They can be stuck easily on most surfaces including journals, cabinets, walls, and laptops. They will add a spark of Broadway fun to everyday activities and hardcore Broadway fans will be happily receive it. A set of these stickers includes 50 of the best Broadway designs you could imagine. 

10. Bullets on Broadway Murder Mystery Party Game

Gifts for Broadway Lovers

This is the ultimate gift for Broadway lovers to get if they are also a murder mystery fan. This ready-to-print kit is playable for up to 20 people making it great to play at parties or effice events. If gathering in person is still not an option, you will be able to play it online too. Find out the excitement of each player and solve the mystery together. 

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11. The Broadway Musical Quiz Book

The Broadway Musical Quiz Book

The Broadway Musical Quiz Book includes nearly 80 quizzes on every aspect of the Broadway musical, including sections devoted to the careers of major Broadway stars, songwriters, directors, and producers. It also features thematic quizzes and covers each decade from This book is detailed and thorough and is more than just a compendium of trivia. It’s an anecdotal history of musical theater, making it a great gift for Broadway lovers.

12. Audrey Hepburn Broadway Print Poster

Gifts for Broadway Lovers

Wall decors don’t only serve the purpose to fill some blank spots in the house. Oftentimes, it also represents the owner’s deepest desire. And for a Broadway enthusiast, nothing is more perfect to represent their love towards the cultural productions other than a vintage style Broadway poster. Especially since this poster features Audrey Hepburn who’s been taking part in one of Broadway musicals, Gigi. 

13. Broadway Musical Theater Logos Mouse Pad


Having a touch of Broadway spirit to the work desk? Why not? This mouse pad will surely make any Broadway fans utterly happy. They get to see their favorite Broadway plays during the exhausting working hours and it can help them to keep their energy level on top. Aside from the design, this mouse pad is made out of premium materials providing an ultra smooth surface to maintain excellent speed and control.

14. Ultimate Musical Theater Broadway Card Game


This card game is the best gift for Broadway lovers. It includes songs from classic Broadway and West End musicals settling once and for all who in the group is the ultimate theater nerd. It has 100 song cards to test their knowledge of the classic musicals. Perfect to use at game nights for those who keep Broadway plays close to their heart. 

15. Broadway Character Musical Cosmetic Makeup Bag


And for makeup enthusiasts who happen to be Broadway fans, this Broadway themed makeup bag can be their mainstay when they need to go on trips. This makeup pouch is made of high quality sturdy heavyweight cotton canvas. It has good wear resistance, waterproof design making it durable and reliable throughout all seasons. 

16. Broadway Micro Fleece Blanket


When it is time to rewatch one of their favorite plays through recordings, this Broadway themed blanket will be the perfect company. This plush blanket is made of 100% microfiber polyester, which is super soft, warm and light. This is the perfect unique gift for mom or other Broadway fans. 

17. Broadway Musical Tote Bag

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Ask any woman and they will agree that tote bags are their ultimate favorite in terms of functionality. It can fit all of their essentials when they are on the go, especially during busy days. But functionality doesn’t have to sacrifice style. Broadway enthusiasts of all ages can still rock their busy schedule looking fantastic with the coolest tote bag featuring the coolest plays ever. 

18. White Mountain Puzzles Broadway


Art jigsaw puzzles are a fun, inexpensive way to enjoy works of art firsthand. Artist Jim Mellett spent months painting this dazzling tribute to Broadway musicals. This colorful new puzzle makes a great gift for Broadway lovers and theater enthusiasts. They can play it with fellow Broadway fans or with their beloved family members.

19. Ticket Stub Diary

Gifts for Broadway Lovers

Never forget those front row seats at a Hamilton play, the standing ovation at the premiere of the Wicked, or the songs from Les Miserables. With this Ticket Stub Diary, Broadway fans can preserve their precious memories from the best Broadway shows they have ever seen. This book comes with clear sleeves that fit a variety of ticket sizes, plus space in the margin to write down their memories from the plays. Acid-free pages will preserve the memories so that one day they can tell your grandkids that they met The Phantom. 

20. Personalized Movie Marquee Photo Print

Gifts for Broadway Lovers

Celebrate your Broadway enthusiast best friends’ unique romance in cinematic style with this creative movie marquee art. Featuring the stars (their names) and a special date. You can include your own title or pick one of three inspired by popular romantic films. This can be the best gift to get for Broadway lover couples or for mom on your parents’ anniversary.

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21. Mary Poppins Playbill Logo Broadway Musical Dangle Earrings

Broadway fans will be utterly happy to wear a pair of Broadway playbill earrings.These earrings are super cute and stylish and represent their big passion for the theaters. It can be a great gift basket filler and still work perfectly as a stand alone gift for Broadway lovers who want to rock their Bradway style on a daily basis. 

22. Broadway Themed Multi Charms Jewelry Bracelet

Gifts for Broadway Lovers

Time for a friendship bracelet? Then you should not miss the opportunity to get this unique gift featuring Broadway themed charms. It may look over the top but nothing is too extra for Broadway fans who appreciate the glamorous side of Broadway culture. This is a unique gift that any Broadway enthusiast will appreciate and keep for the rest of their lives. 

23. Broadway New York License Plate

Gifts for Broadway Lovers

Nothing can be a bolder statement other than a Broadway license plate. Featuring a contrast color of blue and warm orange, this plate will be an attention grabber for the guest who comes to visit. This can be the perfect unique gift for Broadway enthusiasts who live in a college dorm. 

24. Hunchback of Notre Dame Pins Buttons

Gifts for Broadway Lovers

And if you are looking for gifts for Broadway lovers who happen to be multiple people, let’s say a group of them, you can get these amazing Broadway themed pin buttons. Each button can be great gift basket fillers. It can be worn in clothing, bags, hats, and many more. A great gift to get for the Broadway lovers club.

25. Broadway Sign Photography Print

Gifts for Broadway Lovers

This Broadway photo print was taken at the intersection of 42nd & Broadway in New York, New York. This photo print can be a great gift for Broadway fans who don’t live in New York City. They may miss the shows and the busy streets scenery. And this photo will help them to ease their longing a little, till the time to visit the city comes again. 

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Why is it called Broadway?

The road that currently houses approx 41 theaters called broadway has actually come for a long time. Prior to the colonial era, native Americans carved the trail through Manhattan island. The dutch then widened the road and called it Gentleman’s way. When English took over, they renamed the road ‘broadway’ due to its broad width. 

What do Broadway fans need?

Broadway fans need good shows. And to help them commemorate the good musicals they already watched, you can give them Broadway themed gifts such as movie posters, quiz books, or accessories. You can also give them a ticket diary to help them gather all the tickets of their favorite shows and keep them forever.

What makes Broadway so special?

There are so many factors that make Broadway so special. From songs, dialogues, choreography, to stage sets that are designed in a way to immerse you in the stories right away. Watching musical theater is a whole different experience from watching movies because with theaters, you can see the show played live right in front of you making you feel an unforgettable experience and leave with a deeper impression. 

What do people love about Broadway?

Everyone has different reasons as to why they love Broadway. But in general, people love Broadway because it gives them different experiences. Starting from the story that was supposed to imitate real life, but then the characters bring out a performance that defies reality through songs and stage acts allowing the audience to feel deeper emotions. 

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