Octopus Middle Finger Planter

You know how sometimes you want to flip someone off but they are just not worth the effort. Well, this Octopus Middle Finger Planter will do the flipping for you. Five times in a row.

Long gone are the days where you had to settle for ordinary planters. From now on, cool planters with lots of personalities are the way to go.

So if you have no patience for some people’s bull this planter is now your soulmate.

It’s an aloof octopus that has 5 human hands instead of tentacles. The octopus doesn’t mess around and readily uses those 5 hands to flip off everyone in the general vicinity. This hilarious planter is impossible not to love. 

Octopus Middle Finger Planter

The middle-finger-loving mollusk is 3D printed out of non-toxic biodegradable plastic. It measures 5”x6” and can be ordered in multiple colors.

Octopus Middle Finger Planter

So next time someone insults your gardening skills, don’t waste your time. Let this planter flip them five birds at once.

Octopus Middle Finger Planter

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