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MV Agusta F3 800

The MV Agusta F3 800 exceeds all expectations when it comes to handling and performance. While the build offers the convenience of a smaller model, its power is extraordinary.

It only weighs 173 kg but offers the kind of performance you would expect from a full-on superbike.

This is largely attributable to the 800 cc engine that offers 148 horsepower. It is a three-cylinder bike with extremely good looks and a quick response system.

The gearbox design offers easy shifting and also reduces the effort needed for the clutch lever.

MV Agusta F3 800

It has an eight-level traction control system that enhances its fluidity and efficiency on the road. Its design also incorporates a titanium exhaust system and a carbon fiber silencer and heel guard.

MV Agusta F3 800

The frame comprises tubular steel and has aluminum plates closing them off.

This provides for maximum handling convenience and together with the unique frame mount point, creates remarkable dynamics. 

It is truly a masterpiece of design and engineering. 

MV Agusta F3 800

MV Agusta F3 800

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