Multi-Coloured Mushroom Nightlight

The multi-coloured mushroom nightlight is a remarkable piece that goes to show just how enthralling a nature-inspired concept can be.

The design is simple yet so close to reality that it almost appears totally natural.

The biggest highlight of this magnificent lamp is the fact that it springs to life automatically the moment lights are switched off and its subtle radiance makes it just right.

It is neither too bright as to rob you of precious sleep nor too dull as to make your eyes strain as you grope about in the dark. 

Multi-Coloured Mushroom Nightlight

The middle mushroom transitions from red to green to blue and finally off white, an effect that is sure to lull you to sleep.

It is possible to twist and turn the branches to suit your preference or create a distinct effect every night.

Multi-Coloured Mushroom Nightlight

They provide a very simple solution to give any room an instant facelift while still playing an important functional role in impressive style. 

Multi-Coloured Mushroom Nightlight

Multi-Coloured Mushroom Nightlight

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