25 Fun And Easy Picnic Decoration Ideas

Going on a picnic is always a fun activity to do. Looking at new scenery while eating some good snacks is the way to enjoy life to its fullest. This is why people go on picnics with their friends and family or picnic dates on any possible occasion. These days, people enjoy not only garden picnics, but also picnics on the beach, mountain, and even indoors too. Also, picnics are our go-to activities for the summer too. Summer picnics are always the best to enjoy the sun and the company of your loved ones.  A nice and well thought picnic decoration will always set up the right mood. Whether you want it to be fun, intimate, romantic, or simple, picnic decorations will help you with that. 

We put together 20 different picnic decoration ideas to give you some inspiration for your next picnic. There is a decoration idea for picnics on any location including indoor picnics too. Indoor picnic decorating might require some extra effort, but we got your back on this. You can surely make a great picnic setup after this. 

1. Rooftop Picnic

Picnic Decoration Ideas

When thinking about a picnic, you will be thinking of sitting on the field on your picnic mat with your picnic basket. The rooftop picnic is in trend these days. You can just go with simple picnic decor. Starting by setting up lanterns and simple picnic tables and chairs on your rooftop. A simple and great picnic decoration idea for adults. Adding some flowers inside an earth tone colored vase would make the whole scene more romantic, perfect for couples too. 

2. Birthday Picnic 

Picnic Decoration Ideas

Thinking of throwing a birthday picnic for your next birthday party? Don’t worry, we got you covered. You can go with a simple picnic decoration using colorful balloons. The set up will consist of one table that contains all the food and drinks so that your guest could access them easily. Also, hang some colorful flags to have a fuller decoration setup for your birthday party. 

3. Boho Picnic Decoration 

Picnic Decoration Ideas

The Boho Picnic decoration is a dreamy picnic theme that you can try. The best color palette that you can go with is the earth tone colors. Starting from the pillows, to the flowers, and the picnic mat, it is best to have it all in matching colors. You can try getting the boho style tent to complete the picnic theme. 

4. Romantic And Feminine Picnic Decor

Picnic Decoration Ideas

One of the best picnic decoration ideas for couples. The flowers and candles will create the romantic vibe. The girly pink, red, purple, and white color combination makes the whole look super feminine. This will be the perfect picnic themed party for bachelorette parties or birthdays for your girlfriends too. 

5. Fairy and Magical Theme 

Picnic Decoration Ideas

A magical picnic theme party will make a beautiful picnic party especially if you are having your picnic deep in the forest or where you can find huge and tall trees. Your must have decoration item would be the lanterns. It will be best to go with the glass lanterns instead of the paper ones. Then, you can also set up candles inside a glass jar for some extra lighting on the ground. It feels like recreating a scene from the Tinker Bell movie. 

6. Luxurious Beach Picnic

Picnic Decoration Ideas

Beach picnic could be a romantic choice for couples to go to. For the decoration, you can have lots of comfy pillows. Flowers in vases and lanterns to create a romantic mood. It is the proper picnic theme for adults. It will also be super nice for couples who are planning a surprise proposal or anniversary dinner by the beach. While lounging around with nice comfy pillows, you can enjoy the sound of the waves and the sea breeze. The perfect setup to enjoy catching the sun sets by the beach

7. Floral Decoration 

Picnic Decoration Ideas

Whether you are having a picnic in a flower garden or just in a regular garden, you can never go wrong with floral decorations. Flowers just go well with a picnic, both real and artificial ones. Flowers come in various colors so you can choose the colors to suit your preference and event. For couples, you need to go with the romantic flowers like roses in romantic colors like red, pink, and white. For a birthday party, you can go with more fun flowers in fun colors. It is one of the picnic decor ideas that you can always go-to. A simple picnic decor that you can improvise to meet your needs. 

8. Picnic By The Mountain 

Picnic Decoration Ideas

Another trendy place to go on a picnic is by the mountain. While taking too many props up the mountain might be a little too burdensome and might be dangerous, you can still have a great time having a picnic while being on top of the world. The scenery would be a beautiful decoration on its own, but you can always bring some practical decorations with you. Start with a beautiful picnic basket, classy wine glasses, and luxurious cheese board on top of simple clothes as a picnic mat.  

9. Simple Backyard Picnic

Picnic Decoration Ideas

For adults, they focus more on the food and gathering during a picnic. Oftentimes, they don’t think much about the picnic decoration. However, it is always nice to have some good decorations to lighten up the mood. You can use a simple picnic decor just like hanging light bulbs all across your backyard to set up the right mood. It will definitely be a fun night to remember with your friends. 

10. Marine Theme Picnic

Picnic Decoration Ideas

Beach picnics are always fun to do. It will be best to go all out and have some marine decorations to go with it. First, you can start with a marine picnic basket. Having a navy colored picnic mat or anchor printed cloth as a picnic mat will be a great choice too. Thinking of doing something extra? You can get some decorations with seashells too. It is definitely a great way to spend your day at the beach. 

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11. Island Theme Picnic 

Picnic Decoration Ideas

Another must-do picnic decor ideas for a beach picnic. You can transform your picnic setup as if you are living on your own private island. Wooden picnic table and wooden backdrop is a must. Then, you can hang some fairy lights and also polaroid pictures for the backdrop. Some dried flowers would make the whole setup more put together. Lastly, don’t forget the pillows so you can sit comfortably.  

12. Picnic At Home

Picnic Decoration Ideas

Have you ever thought of doing an indoor picnic? It is always a great idea especially during rainy days when you can’t have your picnics outdoors. It might be a challenge to do some indoor picnic decorating. Starting with something simple is always the right way to go. Bring in your favorite blanket as a picnic mat and take out your best plates and glasses to enjoy some bite size food. Some flowers and your favorite book to catch up on some reading. One of the simplest picnic decor ideas on this list of picnic decoration ideas that you can always go for. 

13. Indoor Bohemian Picnic 

Indoor Bohemian Picnic

It is always fun to do some indoor picnic decorating for a birthday picnic or any other occasions. The rustic bohemian theme is subtle yet charmin. The earth tone color palette is the way to go. You can gather all your ratan home decorations and furniture too. The combination of white plates and gold utensils will be a great decor too. Don;t forget to add some dried flowers to add a sweet touch. 

14. Romantic Indoor Setup 

Romantic Indoor Setup
Source: Pinterest (@therapeutesmagazine.com)

A picnic in your living room with your significant other is a romantic date night activity you can do. A picnic themed party for the two of you inside the comfort of your living room. Have you ever built your own fort or castle inside your room when you are younger? You will use every single blanket you can find at home, set up your tent with it, and hide inside. This one has a similar idea, but in a cozier and more romantic look. You can use see through fabric to build your test and cover it with fairy lights to make it more romantic. Lots of pillows, snacks, and wine and you are ready to go. An indoor picnic decorating sesh for this one will remind you of your childhood. 

15. Colorful Indoor Picnic

Colorful Indoor Picnic
Source: Pinterest (@ohhappyday.com)

Indoor picnics are best for rainy days. To lighten up the mood on a gloomy rainy day, you can always go with this colorful indoor picnic. All you need to do is to collect every colorful mat, pillows, plates, glasses, and basically everything else that has colorful patterns in all sorts of colors. If you can have colorful cupcakes and snacks, it will be even better. 

16. Rustic Style Picnic Setup 

Rustic Style Picnic Setup 

Setting up a rustic style picnic in the middle forest would be a great style to consider. In order to create the look, you can use various different patterns of clothes as a picnic mat. Then, you can put in some dried flowers and reeds inside glass vases as the table decoration. Also, pillows in different colors for everybody to sit on. This rustic look has its own natural beauty and will fit a forest picnic or farm picnic super nicely. Getting yourself a picnic table made of reclaimed wood would also be a great idea to complete your setup. 

17. Rainbow Theme 

Rainbow Theme
Source: Pinterest (@catchmyparty.com)

The rainbow theme is a straightforward idea that you can go to. You can have a rainbow balloon set up in the background. Then, rainbow colored pillows would also be a fun decoration to go with. This decoration will go well with any picnic themed party. This rainbow theme could always be your go-to style if you want something simple yet fun. IIt will be the best theme for an impromptu picnic day in your backyard. 

18. Teddy Bear Picnic

Teddy Bear Picnic
Source: Pinterest (@darlingcelebrations.com)

The Teddy Bear Picnic is a cute picnic decoration that will fit different occasions. Having teddy bear dolls will be a great decoration item to the theme. He color palettes you can choose warm earth tone colors: like brown, cream, white, and soft yellow color. This decoration will go well with birthday celebrations and other occasions too. 

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19. Classic Picnic Decoration 

Classic Picnic Decoration 
Source: Pinterest (@stayathomemum.com.au)

The classic style could never go wrong. Starting back during the French Revolution, the French people have been spreading the culture of picnic worldwide. People start to appreciate the quality time they get to spend over some snack while enjoying the outdoors. Since picnic has become popular all around the world, there is a particular picture that will come to mind when you hear the word picnic. Starting with the classic red and white checkered picnic mats and the picnic basket filled with food, this scene is probably what comes to your mind. The checkered red and white print is just a must have for a picnic. You can add some pillows and balloons to add some fun to the whole setup. We are trying to recreate your picnic dream to reality. 

20. Glamorous Style 

Glamorous Style 
Source: Pinterest (@karaspartyideas.com)

Ending the list with something glamorous. You can have a beautiful picnic table setup with glamorous big pillows. If you are setting up for a special party, you can have a glamorous set up for the main event too. Balloon arcs and huge board setup would be great. For the color palette, you can choose whatever suits your theme and preference best. You can also have the food setup like high tea. 

21. Picnic under the Canopy in the Woods

Picnic under the Canopy in the Woods
Source: Pinterest (@picnicsmty.com)

If you are planning on a picnic with your loved ones in the woods, then the best decoration would be using a wooden canopy. It’s pretty easy to create, plus it will definitely look adorable, too. To complete the look, add white curtains, white picnic mat, and add a couple of cushions to make it a comfortable picnic spot for everyone. In our opinion, it will also become an instagrammable spot for group photos as well.

22. Picnic in the Back of a Truck

Picnic in the Back of a Truck
Source: Pinterest (@erinmorrisonphotography.com)

During the rainy season, you might find it uncomfortable to have a picnic on wet and damp grass. But don’t cancel your picnic plan just yet, because you can always use your truck to do it. Since now you know that your truck can do so much more than only to transfer various stuff from one place to another, you can try to have a picnic on the back side of your truck, too! Drive your truck out to nature and create a picnic spot on the back side of it. Make sure you use extra thick mats, add some cushions, and don’t forget to add some flower decorations, too.

23. Picnic on a Boat

Picnic on a Boat
Source: Pinterest (@Haile Ratliff)

Picnic on a boat is perfect for lovebirds who are looking for the perfect quality time to spend together. If you are planning for one, then having a private picnic on a boat can be an option. Decorate the boat with flower arrangements, comfy cushions, and yummy snacks and meals to turn your picnic moment into perfection. To make sure you are protected from the sun, add an umbrella so you don’t have to worry about the heat. However, we would still advise you to wear your sunblock, just in case.

24. Backyard Picnic at Night

Backyard Picnic at Night
Source: Pinterest (@Simply Genius)

Who says that we can not have a picnic at night? We definitely can! Turn your backyard into a nice picnic spot. Lay a picnic mat under the tree, place some cushions, cook some delicious and tasty meals, and last but not least, decorate the spot with some lighting elements to make it into a special and warm picnic spot for your family and loved ones. You can also decorate the tree by adding some lighting to it, too. 

25. Black and White Picnic Decor

Black and White Picnic Decor
Source: Pinterest (@hochzeitswahn.de)

A fun picnic doesnt always have to be full of colorful decorations. You can try something different by highlighting black and white as the main colors of your picnic decoration. First, you need to have black or white mat and cushions, and use either black or white eating utensils to bring out the colors. For the picnic table, you can use an old wooden palette, and add some flower decorations to add that touch of nature into the whole picnic decoration. 

Latest Post:

How do you decorate for a picnic?

You can basically decorate a picnic with anything. If you like something that is comfortable, you can decorate it with lots of pillows in fun shapes, sizes, and cover. If you are the artsy type, you can go with flowers and artsy cutleries, plates, glasses, and many more. Lastly, if you are the foodie type, you can create a nice looking cheeseboard and other desserts, cakes, and food that both look good and taste good. 

How do you decorate a romantic picnic?

Planning on a picnic date anytime soon, you definitely want your picnic site to be decorated in a super romantic way. You can start with choosing a romantic color like pink, red, or your favorite color. Then, you can bring a simple vase of fresh flowers to complete your picnic setup. Also, don’t forget the romantic food for two. 

How do you make a picnic party?

Creating a successful picnic party will require some intensive preparations. First, you will need several picnic baskets and picnic mats to fit everyone. Then, simple decoration according to the theme you are going with. You can also provide some outdoor games and activities that your guest can do together. Lastly, lots and lots of food. 

What food is good for picnic?

It is best to take finger size food to picnic. You can always go with something simple so you don’t have to bring so many utensils, plates, and bowls to have your food. Since the weather condition might be unpredictable, it is best to keep it simple yet tasty. 

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