19 Fun Ways on How to Celebrate Holi at Work With Coworkers

Get ready to throw some colors! Holi is a festival of colors and love celebrated in India every year. During this special day, you may want to share the joy and happiness with your coworkers. So, don’t miss the Holi celebration in the office! We certainly can’t go over there to celebrate it with you, but we do know a little bit to rock the party at work.

Maybe not all your office mates understand the meaning behind the Holi festival. So, you may need to use this opportunity to share good values from Holi through food, games, and fun Holi activities. Want to celebrate Holi at the workplace with fun and not get reprimanded by the boss? Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Create Colorful Marks on Canvas

Instead of splashing color on each other in celebrating Holi at the workplace, why don’t you make colorful marks on one canvas? Your cafeteria may have a wall canvas with the name and emblem of the business displayed on it. Ask employees to leave a special message by dipping their hands into various colors! Besides, this is the best method to solicit their views and foster ownership.

2. Painting in Music Competition

Apart from colors, the Holi festival is also incomplete without music. So, if you’re looking for complete ways on how to celebrate Holi at work, we would say that combining painting and music in a competition is a terrific idea. The rule is you are only allowed to paint while the music is played. When the music changes, you should stop painting and do fun dance! This is definitely the best alternative way to celebrate Holi at the office.

3. Colorful Cooking Challenge

Colorful Cooking Challenge

Did you know that the Holi festival originally used food ingredients as colorants? If so, then throwing a cooking challenge at your workplace using colorful ingredients is one of the best thing to do, especially if still don’t know how to celebrate Holi at work. This cooking competition is intriguing since it has ingredients that are all different colors. Red tomato, purple eggplant, orange carrot, and blue butterfly pea flower can be the main ingredients to create a vibrant and tasty delicacy.

4. Take Organic Soap Making Class

For those who are looking for green Holi celebration activity at the office, you can celebrate the festival while taking care of the environment by taking organic soap making class. You can use organic colors and eco-friendly ingredients to make the soap. By making your Holi celebration organically colorful, you can teach your staff the value of living sustainably!

5. Host Holi Themed Quiz

Since not many people understand the history behind the Holi festival, online quiz can be one of the perfect Holi activity ideas at your office. You can create the Kahoot quiz so all employees can join using the internet. People will start having fun celebrating Holi at the office, and getting into the spirit of Holi after an hour of quizzes. Don’t forget to prepare a small reward for participants with the most correct answers.

6. Arrange Holi Themed Party

Searching for an idea on how to celebrate Holi at work can be challenging at times. To help you with the search, we would say that planning a large office party is the ideal way to celebrate Holi. You can throw a party in the office before they take a leave. Set up colors, a dress code, foods, and beverages for them, and allow them to celebrate Holi with all of their might. It will be incredibly exciting and a wonderful justification for everyone to throw a fantastic celebration with their coworkers.

7. Test Your Luck in Colorful Bingo

Inspired by the traditional bingo, you can give a bit of a twist with colors. When you successfully cross the number on the bingo board, you can also color your colleagues’ face with colorful Holi powder. This is a great alternative way on how to celebrate Holi at work with a fun element. Make sure you are lucky enough to get the least color on the face!

8. Share Your Feelings and Forgive Each Other

Holi is a celebration of forgetting and forgiving. Therefore, this is the greatest day to try to resolve issues. Express your genuine feelings and make peace within the team and with those who are at conflict in the workplace. Invite each team member to the front for a handshake. Ask them to forget the past and forgive one another if there are any issues between them.

9. Host Colors Themed Awards

Colors represent many characteristics, just like your coworkers with their uniqueness and charm. So, celebrating Holi with color themed awards is definitely worth a try. Ask your colleagues to name the coworkers who you feel best embody each quality, and explain why. For instance, the color blue represents a happy person, red the color of fire and vitality, and pink the color of friendship and love. You can also give the winner food gifts based on their colors. Super fun!

10. Holi Special Lunch

Make your lunchtime feels special with your best coworkers and traditional Holi meals on this special day. You can order traditional Holi meals or cook by yourself for this lunch. Try to stick to tradition with the ever-popular Dal Makhani, which is made with urad dal and creamy butter, kasoori methi, chilies, and tomatoes. You can cook the spicy and flavorful Chicken Sukka, a typical Mangalorean chicken dish, for the non-vegetarians.

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11. Set Up Coloring Booth

Sometimes you need a place to release your stress at work. In order to celebrate the spirit of Holi, you can set up coloring booths for those who seek peace and mindfulness. Did you know that splashing colors can be a great therapy to throw away negative feelings? Ask your coworkers to try this booth together. You can accomplish your goals of team building and skill building by combining vibrant festivals with art therapy.

12. Share Sweet Jalebis to Coworkers

Jalebis are a fantastic choice among those who enjoy and those who do not enjoy toying with color. This is a wonderful treat to share happiness and excitement during the Holi celebration at work, especially for those with a sweet appetite. It is difficult to find someone who can control himself from indulging in the flavor of this treat. We wager that as a result, your coworkers will begin to adore you 10 times more!

13. Play Antakshari, Fun Indian Game

Play Antakshari, Fun Indian Game
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Traditional games are one of the best Holi activity ideas if you want to feel the festive vibes. Try playing Antakshari so all the coworkers can join. This is a spoken parlor game in India. Each participant performs the first verse of a song that starts with the Hindi consonant that the song of the contender before them concluded with. This game makes the whole office sing, dance, and laugh together.

14. Host Gujiya Eating Competition

Host Gujiya Eating Competition

Gujiyas are a staple in every household during, before, and after Holi. Why should it be scarce in the second house a.k.a office? So, order them or request that the coworkers bring some from their residences. Then, host an eating competition between the office’s most competitive individuals. Make some hot gujiyas and combine them with the mixture for a unique twist.

15. Special Holi Treasure Hunt

Special Holi Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunting is always the perfect challenge in any celebration. During this Holi festival, a Holi themed treasure hunt is hard to resist. Bring that excitement to the forefront by searching for hints and discovering one. It’s all about the colorful adventure, keeping workers alert all across the office as they act out, eat, dance, pose, or laugh in an effort to win this amazing race!

16. Rainbow Gift Exchange

Rainbow Gift Exchange

If you are still looking for the best idea on how to celebrate Holi at work, we would say that this is the best of all ideas to celebrate! A gift exchange is the ideal way to encourage the effort that employees make to make one another happy. Request that each employee purchase the brightest rainbow gift they can imagine. You can gather all of these gifts and allow the employee to pick one at random. On this special day, receiving colorful gifts would make you feel very happy.

17. Wear Colorful Outfit

Wear Colorful Outfit

In case you can’t splash colors at the office, the colorful dress code is almost mandatory on the day of Holi. Find the best outfit with vibrant colors from your wardrobe. You can also ask your coworkers to wear their colorful outfit on this special day. Don’t forget to take some pictures together to commemorate this special day and keep these amazing moments.

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18. ‘Guess the Color’ Game

Guess The Color Game

Did you know that colors also can represent good and bad characters? Inspired by the mafia game, you can play the ‘Guess the Color’ game in celebrating Holi at the office. Simply stage a suspicious incident at work for the employee to act out. Even better, tell your staff a mystery or crime scenario and ask them to guess the true color of those characters. The winner is the one who can discern the real color!

19. Record Colorful Vlog

Record Colorful Vlog

If you want to make a meaningful Holi celebration to remember, you can keep those fun moments in the colorful vlog. Ask your coworkers to participate in your special Holi celebration vlog. The idea is to record Holi activities that employees can do at work. From dancing and singing traditional songs to make a special wall of colors at the office, let those great memories be recorded in your vlog.

Final Thoughts

Celebrations are something that everyone at work love to have in between their busy days, and it includes Holi celebration. If you want to know the best way on how to celebrate Holi at work, you probably have read all the details in our article above. However, make sure you don’t forget to manage your celebration time properly because you will still need to be mindful about the working hours. If you ask us, it is better to have the celebration during break time or lunch time, or you can also do it after office hour. Your pick!

Latest Post:

What is the reason to celebrate Holi?

Holi is a traditional Hindu holiday that first celebrated the end of winter and eventually gained popularity among non-Hindu cultures. Hindus celebrate spring, love, and fresh life at the festival of Holi. While some families undertake religious rituals, for many, Holi is just a time for celebration.

What are some traditions of Holi?

This age-old custom celebrates the end of winter and the victory of good over evil. Bonfires are lit, gulal, a colored powder, is thrown, sweets are consumed, and folk dances are performed. During the celebrations, a man douses the throng with red powder while decked out in the vibrant colors of Holi.

What food is eaten on Holi?

When we think of Holi celebrations, traditional Holi dishes including Gujiya, Puran Poli, Malpua, and Thandai are made during the holiday in practically every home. In India, food is an essential part of every festival. It’s the ideal time to get into the holiday spirit with amusing activities and affectionate feasts.

What do you wear to a Holi party?

Simply wear a cheap white shirt to attend a Holi party. Please refrain from wearing fancy whites since they will be totally  full of colors. You need a simple t-shirt, some slacks, or a long dress that you can wash once which will never get white-white again or you can throw away at the end of the day.

Do you wear white on Holi?

Yes, we recommend you to wear white on Holi. The color white is regarded as a representation of harmony, serenity, joy, and wealth. Besides, putting on white clothing dissipates heat. As the weather starts to heat up around the time of the Holi celebration, wearing white will help you stay cool.

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