Big Personality Desk Signs

These Big Personality Desk Signs will remind your coworkers and employees who is the wittiest one in the office.

If you hold any office, which makes you someone’s boss, and have a cheeky sense of humor, then this gag product will be great for you. Put this desk signs on your… desk, and just wait until it’s noticed by your employees.

Chuckle as they read funny messages that also remind them who is the real boss. The desk signs will also make for one heck of a gag gift

If you dare you can put it on your desk at home. But please do know that it is a risky strategy. The kids might laugh at it, but how will the wife react?

Wherever you choose to place it one thing will be sure, it will be the source of many chuckles for days and days to come.

Big Personality Desk Signs

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