25 Funny Boss Gifts to Prank Your Boss

Everyone has a unique yet meaningful story with the bosses. Whether it’s a funny, heartbreaking, or touching story, each and everyone of us has our own way of dealing with our boss. Pleasing your boss is one thing. But giving a special gift for your boss’ birthday is a sweet thing to do. After all, your boss is also your family at work, right?

Gifts are good tokens of gratitude. Despite your boss’ mean and tough demeanor, he or she often guides you to become a better person, both professionally and personally. Sometimes, gifts can be used as a tool to suck up to your boss, too! Usually, these intentions came from employees who think that the boss will notice them because of the gift, and give them a faster path towards promotion.

However, if you happen to have a fun boss who can also be a good friend, you can give him or her a funny boss gift. To give you better ideas, here are some funny boss gifts that you can consider for your fun boss!

Funny Boss Gifts for Birthdays

As mentioned earlier, your boss’ birthday is the perfect time to buy presents. On this list, we’re going to recommend you the best and unique funny boss gifts. Here’s to hoping that they continue to age like a fine wine. 

1. “Me Working” Birthday Card

“Me Working” Birthday Card

This hilarious birthday card is a nice banter that you can give to your boss. Personally, we really think that this is also perfect if you are currently on a tight budget. It’s not too expensive but it’s still full meaning. We have no doubt that it will make your boss realize how much of an asset you really are, and it’s actually is a good and funny birthday present, too.  

2. Work From Home Survival Kit

Work From Home Survival Kit

Working from home can be tough, especially during the pandemic when we really need to stay at home no matter what. During hard times, you can only imagine how much stress a boss must endure during tough times like today.

Therefore, to help your boss loosen up a bit, you may want to give your boss this cool gift. It contains various funny items that will help your boss remember about the fun times while working at home. What a thoughtful and helpful gift, indeed!

3. Offensive Pen Set

Offensive Pen Set

Your boss may grow older, but it doesn’t mean that the spirit has to get older, too. For a boos with a young spirit, we would suggest you to get something that can maintain your boss’ youthful spirit. For that reason, we think these funny pens will come as a great and funny boss gift.

Comes as a set of 5, each pen contains offensive yet funny words on it. If your boss is cool enough to have this gift, then we have no doubt that this set of pens will be a hilarious gift indeed!

4. Bossasaurus Greeting Card

Bossasaurus Greeting Card

This is a cool greeting card that you can also choose for your boss’ birthday. This card is a funny way to say how amazing your boss is. Not to mention how lucky to are to have such an awesome boss like him. If that’s not enough, you can also write your own personal message on the blank side of the card. Truly simple but meaningful!

5. No Coffee, No Workie Desk Toy

No Coffee, No Workie Desk Toy

A boss will surely have a bigger desk than the rest of us. So, it would be too bad if you don’t take your part in decorating your boss’ desk. With so many options of desk decoration items and elements, we suggest that you go a step further and choose an item that no one has ever thought of before.

For that reason, we believe without a doubt that this desk decoration will be the perfect item to complete the task. So, what are you waiting for, hand over this funny boss gift for your boss’ birthday this year!

6. Anglerfish Sculpture

Anglerfish Sculpture

For a fun boss’ birthday, buying one desk decoration may not be enough. So if you are looking for more options, this anglerfish sculpture may present itself as one of the best candidates. This is the perfect item that represents your boss’ character.

Nope, it’s not about the widely open fish mouth. It’s all about the light above the fish’s head. It’s about the way your boss lights up the mood in the office, just like what the anglerfish did in the dark part of the ocean. 

7. Dammit Doll

Dammit Doll

You can’t imagine the stress of being a boss. Sometimes, when things get too intense, we can understand if your boss needs some time to unleash the anger, too. However, we also believe that most people tend to avoid the boss when he’s in a bad mood.

Therefore, if you want to avoid that anger being thrown at you, you might want to buy this random doll for them. They look so funny and they can be a good stress reliever. What a funny boss gift!

8. What Do You Meme? The Office Game

What Do You Meme? The Office Game

Birthday parties should be full of fun and excitements. So, what’s a better way than playing cool games with your birthday boss? Sit tight, because we have just the right item for you. Say hello to this awesome “What Do You Meme” game! Inspired by the iconic TV show ‘The Office,’ this game is surely a fun way to bond with your boss. So get this fun boss gift now!

9. “You Are The Best Boss” Coffee Mug

You Are the Best Boss Coffee Mug

Despite all those angers (and probably cursing) that your boss throw at you, deep down inside, we believe with our heart that you know that your boss is actually teaching you a lesson or two to be a better worker and person.

Now since it’s your boss’ birthday, then it’s time to give your boss a token of gratitude. For that reason, you can give your boss this beautiful coffee mug as a funny boss gift for for a special birthday!

10. Lollipopter Kinetic Sculpture

Lollipopter Kinetic Sculpture

To cope with stressful activities, your boss surely needs a way to relieve some of those tensions. And for that particular reason, we really think that this kinetic toy might just be the perfect way to help your boss forget about their burdens for a while.

Looking at how this thing looks, we think it can be a great desk decor item, too! After all, watching the sculpture spins and transforms is quite satisfying, really.

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11. “Tears of My Staff” Funny Mug

funny boss gifts

If you prefer to give a funny mug instead of a heartwarming one, then you might want to consider buying this mug for your boss. This mug is really perfect for a killer boss. Therefore, if you really think that your boss thrives on others misery, then don’t think twice to buy this mug. 

Funny Gifts for Boss’ Farewell

Employees come and go. When you get a better opportunity elsewhere, you would snatch it. The same rule applies to bosses as well. They will not be around forever to guide you. One day, you’re going to have to say goodbye to them. But when that day comes, you need to make sure that it won’t be a teary event by finding funny boss gifts for them. 

12. Bossman Farewell Gift

funny boss gifts

To start off with the list, we’re going to recommend you this awesome gift. Here, you can add all the personalized messages from each member of your boss’ team. Everyone on the team can put their signature plus words of farewell for their boss. Also, we would suggest that you include a joke or two to the print, too! It would be something to remember and to miss about his former team, for sure.

13. Giant Stress Ball

funny boss gifts

Your boss’ next chapter may not be as smooth as his experience with you guys. There will come a time when your former boss will have to deal with an insane amount of stress to adapt to the new surroundings.

So, let’s help them ease the pain by giving this cute stress ball. This is a soft and durable rubber toy that would be perfect and funny boss gift.

14. You’re Dead Card

funny boss gifts

Farewell may be sad, but it doesn’t have to be that way for your boss. To lighten up the mood, you can give your boss this hilarious card. With funny words on it, he’ll know that he won’t be missed by you guys. Put jokes aside, and your boss will always know how much he means to you. 

15. Not Bossy Wall Art

funny boss gifts

Employees always have the impression that their boss will always be rude and commanding. However, it is a fact that a good boss will always be able to lead you with a good character. Therefore, if your boss is one of the good leaders, then you can give this wall art for them to hang in their house.  

This is a gift that will remind him how much he means for the team, which will make him feel appreciated for everything he has done for the team, too.

16. “So Long” Wool Rug

funny boss gifts

This Dachshund wool rug is a funny gift that you can give to your boss. Now you can part ways with them in a light manner. This is a funny play of words, as Dachshunds are long, and the word “So Long” can also mean farewell. Therefore, we think this rug is truly one of the best funny boss gifts to grab.

Funny Boss Gifts for Men

After discussing occasion-related items, let’s get on to funny boss gifts for men. Surely, there are funny boss gifts that will be appropriate for each respective gender. Now let’s get on and discuss gifts that you can get for men

17. Customized CEO Bobblehead

funny boss gifts

Personalized gifts will always give a lasting impression to the receiving end. For your boss, you can seriously consider this hilarious bobblehead. It can be made custom based on your boss’ appearance and character, which will create a good laugh the moment he receives it.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give your boss’ a funny physical appearance, and wait for the magic of bobblehead to happen. 

18. Constitution Tie

funny boss gifts

Male employees wore ties as their signature attire in the office. But if you want to change your boss’ appearance, you might want to give him this funny tie as a funny boss gift. Just imagine how hilarious they will look with this awesome tie. So instead of wearing the usual tie, he will have this adorable tie to wear, which we think has the potential to become his new favorite tie!

19. “I’m Boss” Mug

funny boss gifts

We’re putting this mug on this list just because the illustration depicts a man instead of a woman. But if he is a boss who rules in fear, then you may want to give this funny mug to calm things down. It will be a reminder of how scary he is when he’s angry, which will of course becomes something funny to remember now.

So, hurry and buy one before things crumble in your office. 

20. Michael Scott Mug

funny boss gifts

Michael Scott is a ridiculous regional manager who acts like an occasional idiot. But there’s many people out there who say that their boss is very much like this character. If your boss is as ridiculous (we dare not say idiot!) as Prison Mike here, then you can give this awesome mug for him as it will be a perfect mug for your boss’ morning coffee.

This funny boss gift will definitely put a smile on your boss’ face.

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21. Wine Infused Rubs

funny boss gifts

This is the perfect gift for people who love to try unique and strange-flavored foods. If your boss loves wine, the we believe that he would certainly love to try out this rub on their grill. Being a unique gift for a special boss, we can assure you that your boos can now enjoy his barbecue with a twisted flavor of wine. Awesome!

Funny Boss Gifts for Women

After discussing funny boss gifts for men, let’s get on to discussing some items that you can get for those powerful women at work. You won’t be disappointed with the items that we will offer here. 

22. “Boss Lady Things” Bag

funny boss gifts

Bosses are just the same as us. They have their own daily lives and routines, which brings us to this item. You can help your lady boss to show the world that she rocks by giving her this cool bag! Now she can carry her groceries with style. After all, all women, including your boss of course, will always love a good bag. And for women, a good bag is a gift that will never goes out of style.

23. Otter Tape Dispenser

funny boss gifts

Despite her power, we know that deep down inside your boss lady loves to collect cute and funny decorations. So, why not buy this adorable otter tape dispenser for her? Just look at the cute otter and we dare you to tell us that your heart didn’t melt!

This tape dispenser will accompany your boss and definitely help in making sure she’s always in a good mood. 

24. Funny Notebook Writing Pad

funny boss gifts

Women love to organize and take notes of every single detail on a notebook or by using other medium. That’s the reason why we recommend you this notebook pads as a gift for her. Since this unconventional item is a sweet yet funny boss gift, it contains different kinds of rants. Truly one of the best funny boss gifts!

25. “The Boss Effect” Poster

funny boss gifts

Once in a while, your boss may show affection towards their employee. But on the other hand, they may also rule like a dictator. Those dual personalities may give different effects towards their employees.

However, if you’re close enough with your lady boss, then you might want to hand her this hilarious poster as some sort of banter!

Final Thoughts

A good boss is definitely someone who can help us in becoming a better individual. Not only at work, but also in everything we do. For such boss, it would be a very sweet gesture for you to give a meaningful gift. Whether it’s your boss’ birthday of farewell occasion, a great gift will definitely be appreciated. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it has to be meaningful. On this list, we have a long list of meaningful gifts for your boss that comes in the form of funny items that will surely put a smile on your boss’ face.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best funny gifts for boss birthday?

A boss’s birthday will be celebrated annually. So, you really need to find something unique in order to avoid getting the same old boring stuff. This year, we highly recommend you to try and buy funny boss gifts. Please consider giving this dammit doll as something random for them! Don’t forget to add some funny greeting cards as a bonus. 

What are the best funny gifts for boss leaving?

Now this event is supposed to be a tear-jerker. However, you can avoid those sentimental moments by giving something hilarious before your boss departs. A cool wine glass with funny quotes accompanied by a hilarious greeting card would be a good combo for your funny boss gifts. 

What are the best funny male boss gifts?

If you got a male boss, you can find some funny boss gifts that reflect their masculinity. For that matter, you can consider buying this funny bobblehead. It will be a perfect clone of your superior. If you’re not satisfied with that, you can also purchase this funny constitutional tie for them to wear!

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