19 Cool Gifts For Archaeologists

When the gift recipient you’re shopping for has a unique occupation, such as an archaeologist, knowing what they’ll actually enjoy receiving might feel impossible to figure out.

We totally get that. That’s why we’ve curated a definitive list of 19 incredibly cool gifts for archaeologists that you can hand over knowing you’ve made the right choice!

Gift Ideas For Archaeologists:

#1 Archeology checklist, hat, gun, whip. Indiana mug

Archeology checklist, hat, gun, whip. Indiana mug

We’ll go ahead and bet that the archaeologist you know is either a fan of, or often compared to, Indiana Jones. For that reason, we can’t help suggesting this amazing checklist mug! Reminding them to make sure they have all the ‘essentials’ with them on their travels, it’s the perfect way to serve them their morning coffee. What’s more, it comes in two different sizes and has a chic black and white print. So even if they simply want to display the mug at home or in their office, it’ll look great!

#2 Archeologist Gift – Custom Portrait as Cartoon Character

Archeologist Gift - Custom Portrait as Cartoon Character

You can call off the search for seriously cool gifts for archaeologists thanks to this incredible custom cartoon character portrait. A truly unique and thoughtful gift, personalized artwork will be made using a photograph of the lucky recipient. Simply send the artist a clear image of the archaeologist you’d like them to base the drawing on and you’ll receive a digital file of the finished portrait in return. From there, you can print it however you’d like. Gift it to them on canvas, a t-shirt, even a cushion cover, the options are endless!

#3 Dinosaur Paleontology Charm Bracelet

Dinosaur Paleontology Charm Bracelet

Some gift ideas for archaeologists are classic for a reason. That’s why we highly recommend you turn your attention to jewelry the next time the paleontologist you know has something to celebrate. In particular, this stunning, silver-plated dinosaur bracelet.

It features nine beautiful charms, each shaped like a different species from the Mesozoic era. We guarantee they’ll treasure this unique gift and receive an unending stream of compliments every time they put it on. Gift wrapping for this item is also available from the seller to make it extra special.

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#4 Roman Glass Pendant

SPIRA Handcrafted 925 Sterling Silver Green Roman Glass Rope Pendant Chain Fast N Free Shipping! Casual Silver Necklace Ancient Roman Glass

Those searching for truly unique archaeologist gifts will love this beautiful Roman glass pendant. Owing to the historical nature of the ancient Roman glass used to create these necklaces, the center of each piece is one of a kind. Additionally, the casing and chain are made from sterling silver for a beautiful, quality finish. The perfect gift for very special occasions in your archaeologist’s life. 

#5 5-in-1 Tool Pen 

5-in-1 Tool Pen

Archaeologists are nothing if not handy. For that reason, we figure having 5 simple tools always on hand will be a huge benefit to their daily lives. Happily for us, this 5-in-1 tool pen makes that entirely possible. It includes a screwdriver, a smartphone stylus, an integrated bubble level, a ruler, and, of course, a pen. No need to carry those tools around separately taking up valuable space in pockets or luggage, this simple, streamlined tool can be transported compactly just like any other regular writing implement.

#6 Archeologist T-Shirt 

Archeologist T-Shirt

Being an archaeologist means they’ll use a whole bunch of words and terms daily that the rest of us barely even touch on. Therefore, the fact that this t-shirt has them all gathered in one place for them to wear with pride makes it one of our favorite gift ideas for archaeologists. This high-quality cotton t-shirt comes in five different colors too.

#7 Prehistoric Animal Art Stone pencil holder 

Prehistoric Animal Art Stone pencil holder

When it comes to styling up a workspace, we can think of few things more perfect for the desk of an archaeologist than this amazing, prehistoric animal stone pencil holder. And, though it may look like a heavy stone, it’s actually made from papier-mâché which is then painted with acrylic. Another reason we love this item is that the images depicted have been inspired by the cave paintings of Altamira. That fact alone is sure to make this a winner in the eyes of the archaeologist you’re treating!

#8 I Found This Humerus Archeology Coffee Mug 

I Found This Humerus Archeology Coffee Mug

Need genuinely funny gifts for archaeologists? This coffee mug has you covered. Not only is it made from high-quality ceramic with an equally high-quality print, but it’s also guaranteed to make them laugh with its clever play on words. A humerus joke? Couldn’t be more perfect for the archaeologist in your life.

#9 Ring based on real Archeological Findings Handcrafted Sterling Silver 

Ring based on real Archeological Findings Handcrafted Sterling Silver

As we all know, archaeologists live to discover unique artifacts from our history. So, what could be more perfect than a ring that’s been handcrafted, based on the designs of actual archaeological findings?! We’re convinced they’ll adore this ring, and what’s more, you can choose between silver or gold, and even have it engraved for just a little extra.

#10 Only A True Archaeologist Can Rock The Fedora T-Shirt 

Only A True Archaeologist Can Rock The Fedora T-Shirt 

One of the best, funny archaeology gifts we’ve come across so far has to be this hilarious slogan t-shirt. As we’re sure the archaeologist you know will have already informed you, ‘Only A True Archaeologist Can Rock The Fedora’ . just like Indiana Jones. They’ll love to wear this t-shirt knowing that only they have the true right to wear it (and that iconic hat) with pride!

#11 Funny Archeologist Definition Coffee Mug Gift 

Funny Archeologist Definition Coffee Mug Gift

Another fun mug idea for archaeologists is this clever definition mug. It’s as useful for letting everyone around them know just how you sound out their job title as it is for housing their hot beverage of choice. What’s more, it includes a small collection of very funny and additionally helpful facts about archaeologists to boot. Number 3 is our favorite, we wonder what theirs will be?

#12 Archeology Shirt 

Archaeologist shirt

For many of us, work is not something we particularly enjoy. For archaeologists, however, their chosen occupation is usually derived from a great passion. That’s what makes this t-shirt such an ideal gift for them. It comes in 9 unique, earthy colorways and is made from quality materials so it’s super soft to the touch!

#13 Archeologist T-shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt or Tank Top 

Archeologist T-shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt or Tank Top

Whether they’re traveling for work or simply enjoying some well-earned time off, every archaeologist needs clothing pieces they can relax in. And, if those clothes happen to be as well suited to their job as these beautiful sweaters, t-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops are, that’s even better!

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#14 Personalized Socks – Set of 5 Pairs 

Personalized Socks - Set of 5 Pairs

Speaking of comfortable clothing, this set of 5 pairs of socks are must-have gifts for anthropology lovers and archaeologists who are busy on their feet all day. Why are they so great? They’re made from 80% Pima cotton and can even be personalized with the recipient’s initials, or any other monogram for that matter. Choose from eight characters across the ankle, twenty characters across the toes, or both!

#15 My Career Is In Ruins – Water Bottle 

My Career Is In Ruins - Water Bottle

Useful yet cool gifts for archaeologists can be hard to come by, luckily, we’ve stumbled upon this hilarious water bottle. Staying hydrated is incredibly important, especially when the demands of your job sometimes mean you’re working in very warm climates. Now, they can transport their H20 in this, very funny (and very accurate!) reusable aluminum water bottle. Bonus: it’s nonreactive and has no BPA.

#16 Origins of Writing Pack 

Origins of Writing Pack

Who would be more into the origins of writing than an archaeologist? This beautiful pack includes a replica cylinder seal depicting the sun god, Shamash. It comes inside a beautiful wooden box with a clay tablet and can be used to create their own clay prints. Additionally, they’ll receive a Cuneiform writing table, a resin replica of a tablet inspired by one of the British Museum’s collections.

#17 Rather Be Excavating Funny Archeology Travel Mug 

Rather Be Excavating Funny Archeology Travel Mug

Whether they’re on the road or simply working from home and in need of a hot beverage, this ‘I’d Rather Be Excavating’ travel mug is one of our best cool gifts for archaeologists. They know where they’d rather be, and now, everyone else will too!

#18 Funny Archeologist Gift – Only Dating I Get Is Carbon Dating Stemless Wine Glass 

Funny Archeologist Gift - Only Dating I Get Is Carbon Dating Stemless Wine Glass 

You’re guaranteed a big laugh when they open this one! Its fun play on an archaeology term won’t go unnoticed and they’ll certainly appreciate that the gift that made them laugh can also house a good amount of their favorite evening beverage! Just what they need after returning from a long work trip.

#19 The Heritage Bee Farm Ultimate Gift Basket 

The Heritage Bee Farm Ultimate Gift Basket

It’s no secret that the archaeologists we know love all things steeped in history, that’s why we know they’ll enjoy this heritage-style gift basket. It’s filled with ‘Old Time’ style items such as jarred honey, handmade soap, and organic beeswax candles. It’s the ultimate gift basket for a birthday, holiday, work anniversary, and more.

#20 Rock Pick Hammer Kit

Being an archaeologist cannot be separated from the work of digging soil or buildings to find treasures from their research. Usually, things related to ancient objects are their target. Therefore, a gift in the form of equipment such as a rock pick hammer kit will greatly facilitate their work. Isn’t it delightful when the gift we give turns out to be useful and much needed by the recipient?

#21 Women Archaeologists Notebook

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We think every job requires a record to keep us on track, and an archaeologist is no exception, especially if they are a woman. If you have an archaeologist woman who likes to record all her findings, we just found a perfect gift. A notebook that is packaged nicely with quotes on the book’s cover will make them smile reading it. Indeed, only great women can become archaeologists with a hefty workload, right?

#22 Outdoor Wide Brim Sun Protect Hat

Outdoor Wide Brim Sun Protect Hat

A hat is probably a must-have item for an archaeologist since their job demands a lot of being outdoors. Hence, giving a hat as a gift is a mindful idea. You can add this outdoor sun protect hat to their collection as it will be helpful to them. It has a wide brim that helps reduce direct sun exposure to their heads and faces. Your archaeologist friends will surely be pleased with this thoughtful gift.

#23 Archaeologists Black Rope Bracelet

TALE Lucky Black Rope Bracelet With Copper Charm Beads

Make your archaeologist friend feel valued by giving this bracelet as a gift. Inscribed best archaeologists, wearing this bracelet can make them proud of their work. It is a hand-made braided bracelet that is suitable for various occasions, even while they are working. The rope is adjustable so that the bracelet can easily fit their wrist.

 What gift to buy for archaeologists?

Here are the 10 best ideas to give for your archaeologists’ friends:

1. Rock Pick Hammer Kit

2. Origins of Writing Pack 

3. Archeologist T-Shirt 

4. Outdoor Wide Brim Sun Protect Hat

5. My Career Is In Ruins – Water Bottle 

6. Prehistoric Animal Art Stone pencil holder 

7. Rather Be Excavating Funny Archeology Travel Mug 

8. Best Archaeologists Black Rope Bracelet

9. The Heritage Bee Farm Ultimate Gift Basket 

10. Archeology checklist, hat, gun, whip. Indiana mug

If you still have no idea what to buy for your archaeologists’ friends, don’t worry! We have created a full list of the coolest gifts for archaeologists that will become the greatest reference for you. Check them out before they are running out of stock! 

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