26 Cool Gifts For Butchers

So you’re searching for seriously cool gifts for butchers? You’ve obviously come to the right place! Below we’ve listed 23 amazing butcher gifts that you’ll love to give, and they’ll love to receive.

From light-hearted and laugh-out-loud funny items, to more sentimental, heartwarming gifts on the theme of their unique occupation. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we have it here.

Coolest Gift Ideas For Butchers

#1 Meat in Your Mouth Funny Butcher T-Shirt 

Once You Put My Meat In Your Mouth You're Gonna Want To Swallow

If the butcher you know loves to barbecue at home after chopping up their favorite cuts of meat at work, this printed slogan t-shirt is just what you’re looking for! It comes in five different colors and is made from 100% soft cotton.

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#2 Distressed Multi-Pocket Leather Apron

Distressed Multi-Pocket Leather Apron

Aprons might seem like obvious gifts for butchers, but we guarantee you’ve never seen one as chic and well made as this. This attractive multi-pocket leather design is available in black, brown, or cream leather, plus, any apron you buy can be personalized with up to four characters of text. Why not have their initials or nickname added to make their gift extra special?

#3 Handmade Damascus Steel Trusted Butcher Cleaver 

Handmade Damascus Steel Trusted Butcher Cleaver

We’ll admit, we’ve honestly never thought of a butcher’s cleaver as a thing of beauty before. But now, looking at this stunning handmade Damascus steel knife with a dark wood handle and decorative leather sheath, we’re well and truly converted. We can bet the butcher in your life will be more than happy to add this beautiful creation to their line-up of work tools. Additionally, this knife has a full tang for even weight distribution and a stronger chop!

#4 Cow Neon Butcher Sign 

Cow Neon Butcher Sign

We’re certain they’ll adore this incredible neon cow sign available in 14 amazing colors and nine different sizes. It’s perfect for brightening up the interior of their business but can also be displayed in the home. We also love that, unlike regular neon lights, these custom LED neons are energy-saving and will not wear as a result of moisture or temperature. Plus, all materials used to make them are 100% durable and recyclable!

#5 Urban Map Glass

Urban Map Glass

Of course, not every gift you treat them to needs to be butcher-themed! When you’re looking for something a little different and truly special, we highly recommend these urban map glasses. Select the lucky recipients’ city from the list and receive a glass etched with an intricate map and coordinates.

#6 The Butcher II – Meat Cleaver Pendant

The Butcher II - Meat Cleaver Pendant - Unique gifts for butchers

We might not usually consider jewelry when we think of butcher gifts, however, this beautifully made meat cleaver pendant is showing us why we should. This special piece is part of the artist’s ‘Mini Weapon’ series and is made with sterling silver and copper for authenticity. A gorgeous item that even non-butchers will want to own and wear!

#7 Rub My Meat – Seasoning Rub 

Rub My Meat - Seasoning Rub

When it comes to selecting butcher gifts, don’t forget about the fact that they may well love to cook the meat they sell as well as chopping it up! In that case, we highly recommend this spicy seasoning rub to heat things up!

#8 Funny Nutritional Facts Butcher Coffee Mug 

Funny Nutritional Facts Butcher Coffee Mug - gifts for butchers

It may seem like a gift you’ve bought hundreds of times but trust us, this mug is different. Being a butcher is hard work and this fun tea or coffee cup breaks down everything it takes to do the job. From 1000% hard work to 0% laziness and, of course, 110% caffeine.

#9 Personalized Butcher Shop T-Shirt 

Personalized Butcher Shop T-Shirt - gifts for butchers

Looking for unique t-shirt gifts for butchers? This listing has you covered. They’re certain to love these distressed, farmhouse-style t-shirts complete with a dye-printed butcher’s logo for extra comfort and style. You can even have it personalized with their name, the name of their business, or both.

#10 I love Steak T-Shirt 

I love Steak T-Shirt

Another t-shirt we highly recommend is this unisex, ‘I Love Steak’ design. Thanks to its neutral white shade and simple slogan print, it’ll be an instant wardrobe staple for the butcher you know. It’s also made from 100% cotton for a comfortable, lightweight, and breathable fit.

#11 Personalized Chopping Block 

Personalized Chopping Block

Every butcher needs a great chopping block and this chic personalized one might be the nicest we’ve ever seen. Not only can you choose your butcher’s preferred wood type from a list of seven different options, but you can also have it personalized with the engraving of your choice.

#12 Bill The Butcher Gangs of New York Art Print 

Bill The Butcher Gangs of New York Art Print - gifts for butchers

Hands down, this has to be one of our all-time favorite gifts for butchers. Whether they love the movie, Gangs of New York, or you just know they’ll love this artwork by association with the ‘Bill The Butcher’, name, this will be an unforgettable present.

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#13 Butcher Gift – Custom Caricature Portrait From Your Photo 

Butcher Gift - Custom Caricature Portrait From Your Photo - gifts for butchers

What butcher wouldn’t love to see themselves not only working at the job they love but doing so as an animation?! Well, thanks to this custom caricature portrait gift, they can! It’ll be created from a photo you provide of the butcher you’re celebrating. What’s more, you’ll receive the portrait as a digital file meaning you can have it printed onto anything you like, even business cards to promote their services!

#14 Butcher shop Custom Street Sign 

Butcher shop Custom Street Sign - gifts for butchers

Whether they use it as a decorative piece indoors or outdoors, this amazing street sign will be the star feature and focal point of any space it’s in. Simply choose the size and color, then pick the street name and suffix you’d like it to display. These make truly impressive and thoughtful gifts for butchers.

#15 John Boos Butcher Block 3-Piece Care & Maintenance Kit 

John Boos Butcher Block 3-Piece Care & Maintenance Kit

Taking care of the equipment they use daily is an important yet loathsome job for butchers. Make that task much more enjoyable by presenting them with this luxury, food-safe, 3-piece care and maintenance kit by John Boos.

#16 Funny Gift for Butcher Coffee Mug 

Funny Gift for Butcher Coffee Mug - gifts for butchers

When the spelling of your occupation always seems to be written out wrong! This butcher mug is guaranteed to make them smile the moment they open it up. What’s more, the smiles will continue as you pour them a coffee into their new favorite cup!

#17 Butcher & Sarcasm Funny Butcher Tee 

Butcher & Sarcasm Funny Butcher Tee - gifts for butchers

This hilarious slogan gift proves that fun T-shirts are great gift ideas for butchers, especially sarcastic ones! It’s perfect for birthdays, work anniversaries, Christmases, and more, plus, we can bet it’ll quickly become their favorite item of clothing to wear on days off.

#18 #Butcher Shirt 

Butcher Shirt - gifts for butchers

We love how simple and to the point this ‘#butcher’ t-shirt is and can guarantee they will too. Its chic black finish is punctuated with a simple hashtag and their occupation, letting the world know how happy they are to do what they do. That said, if black clothing’s not their favorite, you can choose from six other colorways to suit their style.

#19 Awesome Butcher Apron 

Awesome Butcher Apron - gifts for butchers

Searching for more fun gift ideas for butchers? Look no further than this ‘This Is What An Awesome Butcher Looks Like’ apron’ Whether they wear it at their place of work, at home in the kitchen, or whilst they’re outdoors barbecuing, it’s sure to be a hit!

#20 Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Since we’re betting they love the hands-on approach that butchering requires, we can bet they’ll love this make your own hot sauce kit to accompany their favorite cuts fresh off the grill!

#21 Butcher Cow Leather Wallet

Butcher Cow Leather Wallet - gifts for butchers

When you really want to impress them with a thoughtful gift, we recommend this chic black (or brown) leather wallet. Not only does it look super stylish with its soft leather finish and silver cow emblem, but it’s also practical with eight card slots, four clear view ID holders, and two note compartments.

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#22 Hanging Note Paper Roll 

Hanging Note Paper Roll

We love stylish yet practical gifts for butchers, just like this incredibly handy kraft paper roll on a sleek copper bar with leather hooks. Perfect for a butchers’ frequent need to update pricing, and looks great for menu displays. Alternatively, they can swap out the craft paper for peach paper to wrap up joints of meat for customers!

#23 Gusto’s Gift Set – The Barbecue Box

Gusto's Gift Set - The Barbecue Box

Few things make a better gift for butchers than this luxurious gift box full of spices all designed to improve the taste of their favorite meats. It comes with everything from beef and steak seasoning to smoked applewood salt. It even contains a professional thermometer housed in a chic black velvet bag.

#24 Cut Resistant Stainless Steel Butcher Gloves

Schwer Highest Level Cut Resistant Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Chainmail Glove for Meat Cutting Butcher Glove

It is time to give more protection for your lovely butcher by giving this cut resistant butcher gloves. Stainless steel metal mesh will protect the palm until 9 level cutting. The adjustable strap on the wrist can give a comfortable feeling whenever the butcher wears it for work. It is not only protects the palm from cutting but also from any sharp material like from the clam or thorn that may happen in the kitchen.

#25 The Grillfather BBQ Cooking Hat

Chef Hats for Men Funny Black

Surprise the butcher during this holiday season with a new cooking hat. Well, it is not an ordinary cooking hat. The Grillfather BBQ Cooking Hat is one of a kind. A cool design to be worn. The material is made from high quality  polyester, so it is pretty comfortable to wear. 

Then, it is time to change the old hat with this modern look and sleek design of cooking hat. Get more spirit with this special gift.

#26 Meat Grinder

Metal Food Grinder Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixers

What’s a greater surprise for the butcher unless something to make it easier for them to work?  Let them have this meat grinder from Kitchen Aid. This versatile tool comes with various functions to process the meat. He/she can make a beef burger, sausage with three different sizes, minced meat, and even grating the cheese. 

No worry for the cleanliness since this tool is easy to clean. Each tool is easy to remove for cleaning it.

From the essential ones until something to make the butcher’s off day becomes more fun and joyous, these cool gifts will be something your lovely butchers feel grateful for. Let’s make them feel happier and warm after a long work seeing the meat. 

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